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    New Last CT Music Suggestions

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    Goodbye or something

    Yeah, it was you and I as DM, and Bello as our German DL.
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    Rising epidemic of harassment

    I think this is a good point, but 10 mans are a drop in the ocean that is what is going on in xG discord. I understand that im to blame for this as im the one mostly in charge of the discord server and i've been really lenient on punishments, but holy fuck people really need to learn some basic manners. We're just shy of 800 people in discord (790ish last time i checked) and people are going around expressing their not so positive opinions about people that they "think" arent involved in the community any longer. This is not okay. I can understand if drama is fun and exciting, but if you spend your majority of your time talking shit about new, old or current community members in the public, official xG discord, and you think thats an okay thing to do you really need to take a good look at yourself and think about what you are saying to other people. This extends to a LOT of people in the xG discord as a whole i think, and im hopeful that we can just be a tiny tiny considerate and nice to others in the future.
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    New Last CT Music Suggestions

    we understand you want to live out your schoolshooter fantasy danny, but please, have some class
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    CSGO Katowice Pickem Predictions

    C9 win
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    A question for YOU! (:O)

    Remove default dance :^)
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    Rising epidemic of harassment

    Well now I know who to make the member protest on. +1 get Virr out of this community
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    +1 for slap on mg back

    I'ma just slap a +1 right here. Slaps are what every server needs tbh. (jb slap?)
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    CSGO Katowice Pickem Predictions

    Are you tryna tell me that there won’t be any faze winning. Look at me, I’ve watched enough Fox News to know faze is best smoke weed everyday die c9 libtard fuckup Danny go burn in hell libtard
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    CSGO Katowice Pickem Predictions

    Fox used to play for Faze back in 2017 ?
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