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    DepressedNeonNepp - Team Fortress 2

    Unfortunately, your membership application has been rejected at this time. This decision was made jointly by @Caleb956 and I for the reason the we feel like you need to keep showing your personal growth before you can be accepted. The past few weeks have been good for ya, but we need to see that your outlook towards the community has improved. While you might view this as a meme, many of us view xG as a family. I just want to make sure xG gets the respect it deserves from you before you're allowed to wear the tag again. Please feel free to re-apply after 30 days if you want, and try and build back some positive rep on the forums and on discord!
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    Neutral. You're a cool dude but I think it might be good to wait a little bit after just getting back to the servers to reintroduce yourself to everyone and readjust ?
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    agreed pretty much with every point here, just don't abuse someone when you're drunk
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    Smokes&Flashes, for ya bozos

    Show me some Vertigo smokes and I'll learn them like the back of my hand.
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    custom player models?

    This would seem nice at first glance, but would most likely just end up being a complete disaster. Changes in player models can sometimes throw people's aim off, making it slightly harder the find, say, the head hitbox of someone using the watermelon head that we all know and hate. (I am aware that the watermelon is not a player model reskin, but rather just a hat, but I thought it was the easiest way to prove my point.) That being said, I would rather not have them on JB, but if we could add them to surf it could be a nice little addition to the hub.
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    Forum Updates - Suggestions

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    -1 I feel like he may abuse +1 tho. I've already talked with Segal about this one so i'll leave it at that. You have our blessings Tea Cake, as long as you still stay active in TF2.
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    Negative ghost Rider
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    AM I GAY

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    Smokes&Flashes, for ya bozos

    imagine thinking nades do stuff, just out aim them flashes and smokes are for pussies
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