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    DepressedNeonNepp - Team Fortress 2

    Unfortunately, your membership application has been rejected at this time. This decision was made jointly by @Caleb956 and I for the reason the we feel like you need to keep showing your personal growth before you can be accepted. The past few weeks have been good for ya, but we need to see that your outlook towards the community has improved. While you might view this as a meme, many of us view xG as a family. I just want to make sure xG gets the respect it deserves from you before you're allowed to wear the tag again. Please feel free to re-apply after 30 days if you want, and try and build back some positive rep on the forums and on discord!
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    @Roy Please try not to gravedig posts, (posting on dead or irrelevant posts)
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    Issue was elasticsearch updated to 7.0.0 and the JAVA_HOME environment variable was being set to some weird default. Changed it to point to the actual location on the server and search index is being rebuilt. Should be resolved now or once the index has been fully rebuilt. EDIT: Still not resolved I'll keep looking. EDIT2: Looks like may be related to 7.0.0, I've downgraded and rebuilt the search index completely. There are still errors but the activity is showing up now. I have made a bug report.
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    News post, What works easier

    So you're suggesting like the first Tuesday of every month guaranteed aside from the very first day of every month. Virr made up a test schedule and for all of 2019 at least the news will never collide with promo/demo in the sense that they will both be on the first day of the month. That's still a good point to consider, thanks.
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    Suggestions Thread

    It was set to 5, not 4, but I bumped it up to 6 now (on jb and surf).
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    agreed pretty much with every point here, just don't abuse someone when you're drunk
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    Bringin it Back - Tabletop CN 5/4

    if we dont play munchkin im gonna rage
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    Regarding Negevs: Unbanning them won't kill the scrim playerbase. In the event there is a magical amount of fun-killing abuse, then people will just agree to stop using Negevs or soft ban it in agreement beforehand; scrims won't suddenly die because people are incapable of agreement. To "abuse" a Negev, you literally have to echolocate yourself for about 15 bullets and stay vulnerable in a slow, crawling approach to retain its laser accuracy. If players are inept enough to not be able to fire at an essentially still target, they should honestly improve. Negevs are easily countered by waiting out bullets (through smokes/wallbangs/aggressive prefiring) and by not standing as still as possible into bullets which you should be easily aware of if you possess two eyes and ears (sorry @Rabid). In terms of the newer/worse players, they would have likely died either way, and isn't it already not fun to be completely trashed by the better players? There isn't really a noticeable difference in enjoyment until you're able to actually kill anyone, and dying to a Negev, getting one-tapped by an AK, or dying to an AWP aren't very different in that regard. There are far more annoying guns and situations to die to/in, and if anyone were to be genuinely angered by a Negev they shouldn't be playing a videogame which you die to death in. If we wanted to unban them with restrictions, there was literally a gamemode which limited the amount of times a gun could be purchased, and if that's unable to be smoothly implemented there are plugin options. Regarding Zeese: No money gained for a kill and you deserved to die scrublord, just hug corners less :^) Regarding Autos: Is really only strong in one-by-one peeks or weak rushes with low player awareness. The AWP easily outperforms it offensively and defensively, and a worse player who uses an auto would likely end up in a still, vulnerable position. Either way, you're going to die to a scope, run back, or kill them. It's not much different in the role of an AWP except that it allows people more forgiveness for a miss. Again, +1 to all. Don't BabyRage because you die in a video game :^)
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    enable more guns on scrim server

    +1 allow if you die to negev, then you deserved to
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    It's ok ScottNi we still love you.
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