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    Add Non Gaming Maps To TGH

    I think non-gaming maps should be added. Yes, it goes against the theme of the server, but when your theme is a fairly niche thing that not many maps are made for anymore in a game that is dying at a rapid rate, I don't think it matters. Anything that brings people in and keeps them coming back should be more important right now than maintaining the integrity of the server's theme, especially when that theme is not bringing in the same people it used to. But hey, what do I know?
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    Add Non Gaming Maps To TGH

    I can't believe people are voting yes for this the whole point of tgh is ment to be maps based on video games and people playing on the maps casually and just doing whatever, making the server have random ass deathmatch maps ruins the entire point of the server. The servers not ment to be deathmatch server #2314, it's trade gaming history, for gaming maps. Random people who join are going to be more likely to stay if we play on cool gaming maps instead of generic deathmatch maps, like if back when i joined tgh the server had deathmatch maps and when I found tgh it was on a random deathmatch map I probably wouldn't have even joined the server at all. also if this vote actually goes through I wouldn't be surprised if we get a ton more random deathmatch maps added to the server and half of the servers map list would end up as random deathmatch maps more than actual tgh which to me is just a joke The only non gaming maps I would like to see come back are both cyberpunks and any non gaming maps that were on the server in the past because they actually have history with the server. (with the exeption of masscc being kept as a map we can go to with a command by a higherup or whatever)
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    Discord emote suggestion thread

    :CPMaracas: or something like that idc I just need this emote
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    you get a gold star ⭐

    Add Non Gaming Maps To TGH

    As long as you don't add trading plazas and other server's main maps it should be fine, I even have my own custom map I could try to get added, though it's practically put together with duct tape
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    Septik be like
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    CSGO skins and steam gift giveaway!

    nutty be like
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    Add Non Gaming Maps To TGH

    Whilst this may be the most controversial poll there's been in a while, I'd like to hear opinions about it. As you all know, the population for Team Fortress 2 as a whole isn't what it used to be. This also means that less custom maps are being made and very few of which resembling old video games (that also fit the TGH Deathmatch gamemode) TF2, as some would say, is getting stale due to a lack of new content. I would like propose that we start adding non video game history maps to TGH in order to keep the game fresh and exciting. Here are a few maps (minor details may need to be changed) that I've found that may interest you all: Cobblestone Courtyard | Team Fortress 2 Maps GAMEBANANA.COM A Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Map in the Deathmatch category, by sp744 Download : Sanctuary | Team Fortress 2 Maps GAMEBANANA.COM Overwatch Nepal Sanctum Layout... A Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Map in the King of The Hill category, by Alfa1337 (loosely based on Overwatch Nepal Sanctum anyway) Download : koth_frostbite_beta2 | Team Fortress 2 Maps GAMEBANANA.COM A Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Map in the King of The Hill category, by Spartan1179090 Let me know your thoughts!
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    Selfie Sunday

    @shwash lurking in the hotel
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    Add Non Gaming Maps To TGH

    It won't be just random trade maps. It'd be proper deathmatch maps, as stated on my post
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    Ping me when Deathrun is alive
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