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    plowcord625 - Team Fortress 2

    Not member so can't vouch officially but he's one of the nicest, sweetest, most caring dudes around. Used to wear a xG tag not knowing, and untill we realized, nobody thought anything of it cause he was such a good example of what a member should be.
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    Ban Jadow

    Ban Jadow
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    you get a gold star ⭐

    Dustbowl 6 CP

    lets add this to tgh right now, it sounds perfect
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    plowcord625 - Team Fortress 2

    +1 chill, doesn't really exist anymore, but he's cool A: like 1 lol M: 7 ish idk good luck nerd
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    +1 I remember playing with you on surf, you were really chill and fun to play with. I hope that's valid. A:8 (when I played) M:7 (also when I played)
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