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    I have never once considered, nor heard of anyone calling the word in question a slur, therefore we have spoken about the rules within the rust server, and things will be handled differently from now on. ~Closed
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    Member's Name Guest Information Admins In-Game Name: Bumpy (also uses the server console to talk) Admins STEAM-ID. (Bumpy) Your In-Game Name: Mikitria Your STEAM-ID. Mikitria What server did this happen in?: xeno gamers 100000x on rust What exactly did the abuser do?: supported someone saying the f-slur Did they state a reason prior, if so, what was the reason?: "welcome to rust" Did it affect other players?:yes Explain the entire situation here: A member named "jahkiboy" on the Rust Xeno Gamers 100000x sever was talking suicidal and everyone was just trying to ignore or just tell him to not take it seriously. A new person named "{SaO} Mystic Nut joins and starts making trouble. Mystic then ends up calling another member the f-slur. I knew that slurs weren't allowed and were a bannable offense. This was even stated by Bumpy (I show it in my screenshots). I then report it to bumpy himself because i knew that months prior he banned my friend for just saying curse words. no slurs or anything. Bumpy then ends up not taking any action and just making jokes about it.
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