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    Promotions and Demotions - Week 1


    Promotions and Demotions - Week 1



    Health100 - AdmL3 to Adm L2

    DareDevil - AdmL3 to Adm L2

    Shikaku - AdmL3 to AdmL2

    Codithmint - Member to Sr. Member

    GoonSquad - Member to Sr. Member

    xGamerMike - Member to Sr. Member

    Nickname - Member to Sr. Member

    MinQuan - Member to Sr. Member

    _Sykotic_Angel_ - Member to Sr. Member



    Duckii - AdmL1 to Adm L2

    xxxl<40><STEAM_0:1:XXXXXXX><CT>" say "lol duckii im reporting you now"

    [xG] Duckii<75><STEAM_0:0:35444450><TERRORIST>" say "u cant really do so ^_^"

    xxx<40><STEAM_0:1:XXXXXXX><CT>" say "yes i can "

    Homeland_Assassin - AdmL3 to Sr. Member

    Rabid_Turtle - AdmL3 to Sr. Member

    Firesniper - AdmL3 to Member

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    Yeah, right after the DMs most likely forum ban u for gravdigging >.<








    That's far too late now.

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