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    Promotions and Demotions - Week 7


    Alright, so the day has finally come to introduce [xG] Leadership Structure 1.0!!!

    Here is how the structure will flow in the clan:


    Leader [xG:L]

    - When no other questions can be answered, the final say comes to these guys.

    - They run everything in the clan and make sure it flows smoothly.


    Co-Leader [xG:C]

    - If any issues cannot be solved by a Division Manager, the decision will come to them.

    - Handle Member Management, Admin Abuse and much more!

    - They will discuss ideas and opportunities for the clan.


    Division Managers [xG:D]

    - The head-admin of their respected division.

    - They are in-charge of promoting and demoting admins.

    - They handle the bans of their respected division.


    Admins [xG:A]

    - Have the most powers in the division's server other than the manager.

    - Can suggest admins to the managers.

    - Vote for approval / removal of a member

    - Perma ban power.


    Moderators [xG:M]

    - Admins in training.

    - They are the closest role model to a regular member.

    - They have successfully completed the Admin Training Course.

    - Any problems in a server will be solved by them.


    Member [xG]

    - A xG member is a role model to all the other players on the server.

    - The voice of an xG member is more powerful that other players because you have been selected to join this awesome clan.

    - You can participate in votes, give up ideas , contribute etc for the good of the clan.

    - You will also have a chance to get promoted, if you are respectful, mature and trustworthy.


    Alright, and now the promotions and demotions for this week!


    Member Promotions

    Fair_Sirs - Member to CSS Moderator

    Ssully101 - Member to CSS Moderator

    Arthman - Member to CSS Moderator


    Admin Promotions

    Health100 - CSS Moderator to CSS Administrator

    Aegean - CSS Moderator to CSS Administrator


    Division Manager Promotions

    Edison Glass - Minecraft

    Health100 - Minecraft

    Llama - Team Fortress 2

    Samantha - Counter-Strike: Source

    Silence - Counter-Strike: Source


    Leadership Promotions

    Silence - Leader

    Llama - Leader

    Duckii - Co-Leader

    Ero_Sennin - Co-Leader



    Nivek_Relyk - He left the clan, no idea why he still has admin.



    Edison Glass - CSS Moderator (Talk to Samantha for more info.)


    Alright guys, lets hope this makes our clan the best in the world!


    Remember, be active on the forum and Mumble to get promoted!

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    Yeah, right after the DMs most likely forum ban u for gravdigging >.<








    That's far too late now.

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