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    Crank up the AC! A July Update


    Hello Xeno Gamers!


    Hehe this heat doe?

    What's New This Month?

    • Banners are being changed to raffle prizes, memes and holiday themes depending on the month, I'm reverting it from last months idea because after talking to @virr I couldn't think of a good way to flesh out the idea of "community liked game" as our banners.
    • Raffles will now have the winner(s) announced monthly, and the upcoming game is thanks to @Rabid for providing our next giveaway, Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition | Xeno Gamers
    • Badges now include the JonTron badge! Show your love to JonTron for 5000 credits in hub. Badges For any discussion related to badges, you can direct yourself here: Badges Megathread!
    • Ratings now include Eggplant, Are You Insane, and Thinking! Show your love by giving your best friends eggplant emojis!
    • Steam donation bot is now working! Expect a guide on that in the next week on how to turn your junk into juicy credits!
    • CS:GO Minigames are officially every friday 9pm EST, so come join us for trivia, shenanigans and memes!

    What's Coming Up Soon?

    • Youtube video consisting of xG members raging is now fully stocked, expect part 1 very soon! @Jacob and I will be editing it this week!
    • Minecraft Donator perks are coming! The higherups are deciding on the pricing structure and it will be released soon! Found a bug? Report it here!


    Thank you for being a part of what makes xG great!

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