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    Fall is Coming, An August Update!




    Hello Xeno Gamers!


    School's back.

    What's New This Month?

    • Banner's theme is a teaser to the next raffle, can you guess what it is?
    • Raffles right now are NBA2k17 NBA 2K17 | Xeno Gamers + Poker Night 1&2 Poker Night 1 & 2! | Xeno Gamers. Make sure you enter!
    • Minecraft is temporarily turned off to the public until we can make all the fixes necessary so guests, members and staff can play without issues again. Server is scheduled to open beginning of September.
    • Ratings now include Furry, Losing It, Make xG Great Again, Gross, and Random. We will also be removing the Fuck Off rating, after discussion with the higher ups and getting feedback from various members about ratings. #TheResistance prevails for now and Fuck Off will not be removed.
    • TF2 Rotation Server is being fully funded and managed by @Bone! Have any ideas on what game mode we should try out? Gamemode Rotation Thread | Xeno Gamers The main idea of the server will be trying out and keeping any game modes that are popular to be a permanent addition to xG.
    • TF2 Donator Abuse rules have been clarified by @Bello, for any donators or staff of TF2, I would definitely recommend reading it. PSA: Punishing Donator aboose | Xeno Gamers
    • CS:GO revival has begun, we got new staff and will now focus on activity these upcoming months. Be sure to join us for evening jailbreak or minigames shenanigans, with surprise guest appearances by our joke day master @DrLee.
    • Giveaway Bot is out on our TF2 and CS:GO servers, read xG-News - Bots and Giveaways | Xeno Gamers for more info and start winning today!
    • Inviting your friends to the xG steam group will automatically give you bonus credits! It also saves the user who you invited to prevent potential abuse of the system. Thanks again everyone for helping xG grow!

    What's Coming Up Soon?

    • A new Youtube channel will be made for xG, expect this within the next week.
    • More community events + tournaments (not only games we have servers for) with custom badges! Have any ideas? Post a suggestion in General!
    • Will look into getting streams featured by xG more detailed (i.e. only xG members) + we will provide stream banners, offline pages etc. Any designers interested in helping out may message me for more info.
    • Build of the Month events on minecraft will begin soon.


    Best of luck in school everyone!


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    Wow... It is a sad day for anti-fascists!!! We will not stand by this, and we will counter by censoring you, you... RIGHT-WINGER!!!!!!!!



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