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    Rust + Discord, A Mini Update!




    Credit to Rukibah for the Buff Chicken Painting. Praise the Buff Chicken!


    When are we getting a discord server? We now have an official discord server! Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Get on our discord first, sync your forum account to discord after you're on, and all your titles from the forums follow you as roles on discord! It's that simple!


    • For staff who were very adamant about not using teamspeak because it is "outdated" and because it "doesn't have as many features", you are expected to be active on our discord now. We have constantly tried giving incentives to use our teamspeak, but now we were pretty much forced to move to discord to make our community whole.
    • That being said, community channels on discord will NOT be sold, we have already given a few voice + text channels for a few staff and members for free, and anyone who wants a channel (even if you're not staff) is expected to be active on those channels, or they will be removed for wasting space.
    • Anyone who bought teamspeak channels will get exclusive badges for the forums, and something special on discord in the future. (will be discussed among higher ups first) Active members on discord will earn credits on the forums as well very soon.



    We are testing out our brand new server, it is a modded server and these are what you need to know.

    • 2x Gathering/Crafting Speed
    • /TPR enabled
    • /set home "Name" enabled
    • /remove enabled, which lets you remove things in your own house if you placed it + if you have access to the cupboard in your area.

    Hope you guys enjoy! Let us know what you think of these changes!



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    HAHA I remember when I bought a Rust server for xG and tried to populate it but people were telling people not to go on it because it "wasn't an xG server" or whatever.... gg


    What's the forum tag you get for having bought a TS room?


    And Discord is a lot nicer than TS IMO.

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