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    The Break From School Continues, A July Update!


    Hello Xeno Gamers!


    Is it hot here or what?

    What's New This Month?

    • Banners are still being fleshed out and I may decide to do a standard animation similar to what @virr did to the Promo/Demo banners. I'm reverting it from last months idea for now because after talking to @virr I couldn't think of a good way to flesh out the idea of "community liked game" as our banners.
    • Raffles will now have the winner(s) announced monthly, so congrats @james8470 for winning Ziggurat! The upcoming game is thanks to @Rabid for providing it, Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition | Xeno Gamers
    • Badges now include the JonTron badge! Buy a piece of JonTron for 5000 credits in hub. Badges
      For any discussion related to badges, you can direct yourself here: Badges Megathread!
    • Ratings now include Eggplant, Are You Insane, and Thinking! Show your love by giving your best friends eggplant emojis!
    • Steam donation bot is now working! Expect a guide on that in the next week on how to turn your junk into juicy credits!
    • CS:GO Minigames are officially every friday 9pm EST, so come join us for trivia, shenanigans and memes! We are using our new Events tab and will use it for our servers + community night events!

    • New TF2 Donator Powers! New things such as disguises, projectile particles and more! xG-News - Tf2 Donator Update! | Xeno Gamers for all the details!
    • Shoutbox has a brand new look! What do you think of it?agyazo.com_10d852fbcb199c09fd32d305e8c66cd2.thumb.png.5326c7d512f53cd80b608c2ff4304ef3.png
    • Minecraft has a new post on information + rules for our Towny server! Check it out here Information and Rules. | Xeno Gamers
      Also, to get the xG tag on our servers, be sure to post your username and UUID on this thread: Member of xG? Need your tag in game? Post here! | Xeno Gamers
    • Trending is now a new feature on our forums! It's to show threads that are currently active on the top of the page, without having to sticky it. Do you guys like the feature? Let us know! agyazo.com_f473003cc0598da4019323b627cb157f.thumb.png.c28e653ad9f8339ae07a8631f41fc4d1.png

    What's Coming Up Soon?

    • Youtube video consisting of xG members raging is now fully stocked, expect part 1 very soon! @Jacob and I will be editing it this week!
    • Minecraft Donator perks are coming! The higherups are deciding on the pricing structure and it will be released soon!
    • More Raffles! A few big games are coming up soon!!


    Hope you're all having a great summer!





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    wew this is pretty neato but ever since I got that new shoutbox look the websites just been breaking more and more for me and I have no idea how to fix it.

    Other than that this is A M A Z I N G N E W S . Can't wait to see that YouTube video! :D

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    A few things got uncentered so I'll worry about that tomorrow after work, hope I didn't leave anything out!


    are we getting our hat packs soon?/

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