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    Drop the attitude cool kid. Also, stop holding ctrl or double clicking things when you are editing, it'll make your life easier 🙂
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    I logged on to dab on @SegFault's grave.

    legit though I forgot xG existed till one of my friends sent me this, I might actually come back to surf once summer starts, with seg being gone and all. Huge congrats to my bb's @-Diphikult and @Meaty, yall give me hope for the future.
    On a side not, while I was writing this I made a mistake and went back to add a letter I forgot, only for it to ONLY FUCKING HIGHLIGHT, WHY WOULD IT DO THAT? IT DOESNT DO THIS ON OTHER WEBSITES! (fr tho i had to re-write the whole thing, kinda annoying but nothing big)
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    i have idea. Here u go @SegFault
        The butter cream gang!!!! ha ha ha I love it. Ok, let me start this brief review by stating that I have not seen this movie for about 12 years so I am going to write it from the perspective of my younger self. This movie tells a story of four kids who start a gang in the name of good called, "The butter Cream Gang". This gang does not slang drugs, hurt others, or cause any kind of of trouble what so ever. They instead help those in need, volunteer they're time in the name of good, and live a life of morality. One day, one member of the gang has to move away and ends up in a real gang and becomes corrupt and troubled....how tragic right. He eventually returns home and the original Butter Cream Gang embraces him. Sadly he brought the real gang mentality with him and begins to trouble the town and more specifically the original gang he was once apart of. The whole movie is then a telling of how the Butter Creamers deal with they're long lost members antics and how good overcomes evil....so to speak. 

    Look, nobody is going to ever go find this movie and watch it because in all reality in was never intended for anyone beyond the age of 12. I'm writing this review because I remember watching it as a young kid and relating. This movie deals with the whole bully issue head on and growing up I hated bullies!!! So, I watched this movie and felt inspired to deal with my own adolescent demons ha ha. This is funny as shit to write because I 'm quite sure if I were to watch this movie today I would laugh my ass off at how cheesy and low budget it really is, but as I child I felt inspired by this movie to be better. So.....should you ever read this review (doubtful) and have kids over the age of 7 and under the age of 13,(even more doubtful) then go find this movie and let them watch. They will like it cuz they are to innocent to know how messed up the world really is and if this movie does one thing its to tell the young ones that doing the next right thing really does matter. Now, for all you adults who will never watch this movie.....don't. Cuz you and your inability to digress from life experience with make a fool of this humble yet nice attempt to promote good. 

    DID YOU KNOW? The ButterCream Gang was formed several decades prior to the storyline during the war. The local women were left unable to churn butter with their men gone. A group of boys began going around town to help them do this (hence the name) and other chores. Over the years, the group expanded to four members and eventually came to do all sorts of helpful things for the locals. See?..this movie derived from history!! Who knew.
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    @Jadow congrats on DL
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    Congrats @loftydrum, do us proud!
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    Congrats @loftydrum, do us proud!
  8. Losing It
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    also, @Arthman welcome back buddy xD [https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/488748860211068960/505362025598418965/7a5a7cb.jpg]
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    Congrats @loftydrum, do us proud!
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    Huge shout-out to my boys @Topaz and @RealChance! Id be strapped to find anyone better for the position than y'all! Also, congrats to the new members!
    Rip segal boio tho ;-;
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    Yippee. Congrats to @RealChance you are a pretty swell dude.