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  1. Monika

    Horrible xG Member

    "CS:GO group" everyone in xg either plays CS:GO or can be vaguely connected to a person who plays CS:GO, what?
  2. Bye Bye~


  3. Oui Oui SnowyMignon

  4. @Vargas is actually just me but 100% more furry

  5. Monika

    Is Virr real?

    He's real alright! He is a big strong viking and likes little smol boys like me. P.S. He is sexually attracted to anyone who lives in Michigan, it's a fact!
  6. Monika

    Remove Delfino Airstrip

    -1 I frankly don't understand why people really want trade maps to be proper maps. The first in foremost purpose a trade server is in its name: to trade. The map is just a nice thing to past the time by and socialize with people until finding a trade. Additionally, Delfino to me has always been this fun arena map where you see pyroshark bs + those awesome sniper duels. I think it serves that purpose as well and definitely deserves its spot in TGH.
  7. Monika

    Im B[l]ack boiiis

    OG BLAFRICAN IS BACK! #MakexGGreatAgain
  8. Monika

    Im out

    The man Ege we were the DM crew back in the day. Lot of fun times had on jb and managing tf2 together. Maybe one day I'll actually get to the list of anime recommendations from you *maybe*. Till next time you fucking retard
  9. Monika


    See you later other Tim Miss the cs:go ts so much
  10. Got into my top college! feelgoodman

  11. Monika

    Just checking in

    I'm old enough right?
  12. Freaking Californian eating the pho everyday
    1. SnowyMinion


      I didn't eat pho yesterday tho
  13. Fricking weeb
  14. I have no friends
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    3. Vargas


      Steal some new ones
    4. Egossi
  15. xG sure is quiet lately...