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  1. Boring
    YeEternalTuna got a reaction from hongkongatron in @YeEternalTuna lets play some overwatch bro!   
    sorry, I'm playing tf2 at the moment!
  2. Winner
    YeEternalTuna reacted to hongkongatron in water   
    bro i;m just kidding i love water its the best
  3. Not Funny
    YeEternalTuna reacted to TBOHB in water   
  4. Drunk
    YeEternalTuna reacted to hongkongatron in water   
    hate this shit
  5. Furry
    YeEternalTuna reacted to Dannypicacho in finally something interesting happened   
    forum thread popping, petty drama; it's like late 2017 all over again
  6. Informative
    YeEternalTuna reacted to Goblins in Update on my knee: I'm able to walk using one crutch now and I have another appointme   
    update: doctor diagnosed him with the gay
  7. Agree
  8. Losing It
  9. Agree
  10. Gross
  11. Gross
  12. Sad
    YeEternalTuna got a reaction from Meaty in Is degenerate an occupation?   
  13. Like
    YeEternalTuna reacted to Tatost in So what are y'all doing for the fourth of July?   
    killing the retards that were setting off fireworks last night before the 4th of july even fucking started.
  14. Sad
    YeEternalTuna reacted to Bumpy in So what are y'all doing for the fourth of July?   
    I'm going to sleep.
  15. RIP
    YeEternalTuna reacted to realBelloWaldi in So what are y'all doing for the fourth of July?   
    nothing, nobody cares where i live
  16. Ding!
    YeEternalTuna reacted to LeaveMyComputerOn in Guys, I cannot stress this enough but you MUST drink your recommended daily amounts o   
    You should listen, I went a week without drinking anything but pop, beer, and slush when I went to cuba, turns out you need to drink water and oh boy, I had to take a week off to "settle my nausea".
  17. Creative
  18. Bad Spelling
  19. Sad
  20. F!$k Off
    YeEternalTuna reacted to Egossi in check oup my mixer tape 😀   
    That was a really shitty song you should kill yourself 
  21. Are You Insane
    YeEternalTuna reacted to Kypari in #makexGGreatagain   
    First step is to ban you right? @Shadower
  22. Like
    YeEternalTuna reacted to Red in Next up: The TF2 division itself steps down from being a division.   
    we'll all step down when ur furfag ass steps down from admin.
  23. Winner
    YeEternalTuna reacted to Shadower in God what happened to this group   
    my point has been proven lol
  24. Ding!
  25. Gross