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  1. Bluez_

    Youtube Channel Banner Art Needed

    Leave it to me, I’ll make it tonight post it in discord.
  2. Bluez_

    Nintendo Switch Accessories

    You should be fine if you have a screen protector.
  3. Bluez_

    Why don't people use reactions

    The reason nobody uses them is because they are turning the frogs into toads. i think @frogs need to be anned.
  4. Bluez_


    Only played with this guy a few times, however I’m gonna have to -1 here. Like @Elcark , I only have bad memories of you. But take it from me, time can change peoples opinions on you. Good luck.
  5. Bluez_

    How do you change your forum name?

    How much did it cost @virr?
  6. Bluez_

    Make/Bluez, where are they now?

    Also my phone auto corrected the title, my name is Maja in the future.
  7. To the .5 of you that care I will not in game for a while, I will jump in maybe once a month and should be fully back when summer hits. Due to computer issues and school I can t play TF2. Sorry if this just seems shambled together. But still, see ya guys later! P.S Here’s a IRL photo of me
  8. Bluez_


    thanks, but i am 15 tho
  9. Bluez_


    OK I put 13 as a joke I’ll say it, I’m 15 end of story folks
  10. Bluez_


    In-Game Name: Maja Active Division: Team Fortress 2 Previously a Member in xG: No Identity: Steam Community :: Maja Banned: No Discord Account Synced: Yes Time Active on Servers: Late Spring of 2017 (This year) Age: 15 Reasons for Joining: I’ve been on XenoGamers for a long time, I’d like to become a member, it’s about that simple. I used to be pretty bad on the servers but I have learned over time. Thank you.
  11. *Something about Jungle Inferno
  12. Bluez_

    Heya, the names Ace

    Ace, just summed up everything I think about him in one package. But what about demomen with ham?
  13. Bluez_

    Promotions And Demotions #185

    Wow, odd to see patriot get demoted.
  14. Bluez_


    Well, as of right now, it doesn't seem like me or my crappy profile picture will be a member soon. Anyway, I appreciate the criticism, even though I prefer to be judged my my current actions more than my past.
  15. Bluez_


    I just want to say thank you to those who can vouch for my new attitude in the community, seriously. Though I can completely understand why people would -1, even though I think I have changed. As for my age, I do not like to share that, and I think that it's not a big problem for you guys to not know, as much as I trust you guys. Either way, thank you for just reading and commenting. I should be on the server later tonight.