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  1. Hi Everyone, before I begin I want to preface the following. I am not a perfect person, -I've spammed -I've been toxic -I am not perfect I don't want to come of that way, especially as I don't plan on coming back here anytime soon. I'm gonna talk about my time with xG, if your not interested. Don't read it, I don't care. Introduction: I joined xG in early 2017, as a suede-toxic idiot, who didn't hesitate to argue, some might still call me that. As much as I disagree to that, they have the right to their opinion. I eventually tried to go for member, and after that failed, I changed my act a bit, and eventually got member. I've only been in TF2, and the Discord regarding xG Over the almost 2 years I've been here, this is what I have to say: Administration: While this was more true in the past compared to now, TF2 administration is a roll of the dice, sometimes people will get muted for a phone ringtone going off the backround, or maybe their mic isn't the best quality, regardless, mutes are questionable to say the least. Arguments on mic will often get one of the two parties muted, what decides who's muted? Not how right someone, how toxic they are, etc. It's how close one is to the admin, as an example, a man simply said he liked a map, someone (a member on the server) started yelling at them, not only saying they hated the map, but the person as well, for no other reason then they liked the map, when an admin was called, the former was muted, because he asked to rtv to that map, and when he asked why he was muted he was gagged. While I'm not gonna name names because I don't want to start conflicts with the ladder again, this behavior wasn't limited to then. One time I was muted when I never spoke, I was then unmuted, when the admin realized that it was simply voices in his own house. When it comes to the discord, the toxicity is off the charts, however, once again, I won't name names. Like mentioned before though, the rule of "whoever the admin knows better wins the argument" is still here as well. Admins following rules: -Admins commonly abuse power, never game breaking (without a vote at least),but regardless it's a problem. -(While this is less of a problem now) Admins quite frequently had lewd sprays that were disgusting, and wouldn't censor some extremely lewd, or outright disgusting sprays, because "they didn't show anything." -Admins will sometimes forget their tags, causing many people to be confused. -etc. "Your a member! And your a member!" The requirements to become a member a minimal, and it feels like anyone can get it if they put a seconded of effort (myself included). Conclusion: I'd love to write more, but I gotta go. As much as I love going on the maps, and hanging out with the people on the servers, it's just not worth being here anymore. Also, remember how I said I wouldn't name names? Well, I figured that since I'm leaving, (at least for now), I might as well just give a quick final statement to people, so enjoy. -Seg-Great example of a mod who can do his job, but have fun with it. Enjoy your pyramid scheme, dealer. -Pencil-No! -Grape-Despite how it may seem, I like your content, keep it up. -Tatost-Quit the attitude, I've seen you be chill before -Myagic-I don't really know you well, but congrats, your the last magic standing. -Brutarri-Don't ever unequip the duck journal. -Bonfire-Your chill, but I just to make sure my last words to you are "Gay Bonfire Gaming" -Kypari-Thanks for being calm and collected about how you administrate, keep it up. Cheers.
  2. Bluez_

    New server time!

    why don’t we just make an mge server where your always forced to use the rocket jumper and market Gardner and all the maps are just surf places. That would be pretty positive.
  3. Bluez_

    New server time!

    I’d actually love to see an MGE server, it’d be fun to finally show those gamers whose to most epic out of us. (vote for mge plz)
  4. Bluez_


    You think TGH is bad? Check Pokémon. They can sit 5 feet away from spawn and see the other side of the map, the sight lines are awful, but that comes with with makin Pokémon city maps.
  5. Bluez_


    I’m pretty neutral, but I think that he should do less body shot damage, just saying, it’s pretty annoying to just get killed over and over again by some guy on the other side of the map. But it’s also fun to be that guy. So, he cool.
  6. Bluez_


    +1 Active, Chill, and best of all, has 3 dimensions.
  7. Bluez_

    Is Blizz right?

    lol I never said that. Please remember that you have harassed me a lot. I’m not saying I’m a saint but still. You frequently scream in the mic, harass me and other players and overall don’t act very nice on the server. About today, I didn’t target you, everyone else was just friendly. And even so, targeting isn’t harassment, and coming from you it’s quite hypocritical to complain about targeting. Dont lie about things I’ve said. -Blizz
  8. Bluez_

    Get rid of spawn protection

    There’s not even a visual indicator. +1 until that’s changed.
  9. Bluez_


    -1, I’ve only really had bad experiences with them, and overall seem to be quite toxic and can get quite salty.
  10. Bluez_

    xG Match.com

    Just found this. What the hell is this thread?
  11. So, it seems school is coming up once again... I'm certain that this is the most busy year of my life, so I won't have much time to be on TF2, let alone xG. I also just kinda want to take a break from TF2, I love the game, but I want to make sure I don't burn out. School for me starts in like two weeks, so once that happens, my presence will lessen. Before I leave I'd like to clear some things up. -Personal Stuff I've lied about my age in the past, and would like to specify that I'm 14, while that's common info to some people I'd just like to clarify. I'll be busy not only due to school, but track/XC, work, and more. -Server Behavior I would like to clarify right now, to anyone who doesn't know, that my personality on the servers, and often on discord, is 90% sarcastic. I'm not using this as an excuse for anything I've done wrong, but I would like to say this. I would like to apologize for any problems I've caused on the servers, while this may come off as 2 denominational, I mean it. Thanks to the TF2 Mods/Admins for dealing with me. -Names To anyone who doesn't know Blizz, is only my most recent name, I've gone by these names in the past. -Bluez -Magia -Maja -Rero -Marth -xG, and Bluez Honestly, as far as a member goes I'm pretty trash, I feel like I don't represent the community that well, and often break the rules, not mention I seem to get in fights quite often. Hence why I rarely if ever use the [xG] tag in my name. Like I said, I still got some summer left, but I'd just like to drop this before I leave, hope I can answer any questions or criticisms. -Blizz/Bluez
  12. Bluez_

    Remove trade_pso_seabed_v2

    My community rep is -2 because of this now lmao.
  13. Bluez_

    Remove trade_pso_seabed_v2

    Just going to clear this up, while I use the whole bunker joke thing a lot, I genuinely like the map, just felt like I should clear that up. It’s quite fun (IMO) to do pushes and so on, it’s just fun to have any sort of objective on a XG server. Yes the corridors do limit classes and can halt fun at times, but that chaos is exactly what makes the map fun for me. Maybe I’m just an idiot, but that’s my take on bunker. It’s ok to like a map, have fun with it, and want to keep it, even if it is a bad map. Because let’s be real. Bunker Sucks.
  14. Bluez_

    Remove trade_pso_seabed_v2

    Listen, as much as I would like to keep my bunker, I see a missed opportunity. you should have named it #dunkthebunk
  15. Bluez_

    Remove trade_pso_seabed_v2

    I would start a counter rally to support bunker when I get back tomorrow, but I jammed my finger. Can’t play that well if at all.