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    Favorite TGH Map Types?

    While I was on our Trade Gaming History server earlier today, I was talking with some other people about what maps they liked and disliked on the server. Needless to say, everyone had their own opinions. Some people said they really enjoyed the competitive, serious maps like Bunker, while others really liked maps like Hyrule for how chill they are and how much there is to explore. And some liked a mix, maps that aren't too serious but still promote fun and quick PvP. I'm making this poll because I'm curious to know, what kind of maps do you all enjoy most on TGH? The serious, choke heavy maps like Bunker? The chill ones like Hyrule? The happy mediums like Rogueport? I'm hoping to not only know where the majority lies, but I also think it'd be great to know for the future, so we know what the general community prefers before we add new maps. If you'd like to go more into detail about what you like in a map, please do let me know! Everyone's input matters!
  3. Precious

    Live And Learn.

    Let me start off by saying that I am by no means trying to start drama or attack anyone by making this. I am simply making this to discuss something that has been bugging me for a while now. Buckle up boys, this is gonna be a long one. Now, with that out of the way, I'll get on with what I was going to say. In recent weeks on both the servers and forums, I've seen people making some hasty decisions in the moment out of pure anger, sorrow, or loneliness that they later on regret, and it lands them in hot water. And I'm not innocent of this. In the past, I've said and done terrible things to people I care about because I am driven in the moment by blind rage. It's how I nearly lost my friend Skelly, how I got demoted to Moderator, and how I almost got completely demoted down to Non-Member altogether. I admit that perhaps one of my greatest flaws is that I sometimes let my emotions cloud my judgement, and only realize the fault of my actions when the damage is already done. Not a day goes by when I wish I didn't take my anger out on Skelly. Not only can I never be trusted the same way again by the other staff and higherups, but I also nearly destroyed my friendship with a guy who didn't deserve what I said to him. But could've would've should've, the past is the past and nothing can change that. All you can do now is try to improve, so that your future may be brighter. When I first got demoted, I was once again almost driven by emotion, this time sorrow, to leave xG and never come back. But I slept on it, and gave myself some time to clear my mind before making a decision. I didn't end up leaving (obviously, or I wouldn't be here writing this), instead, I did my best to make things right, both with the higher ups and my friends. Now look where I am! I'm right back where I was, and I've learned lots of great things to help me improve. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I understand that in the moment, it's easy to let your emotions control you. Something might make you angry and you might take it out on others in xG. You might feel depressed or lonely, and feel like no one here on xG cares for you, so you leave. But believe me when I say you don't want to do that. Clear your mind, go for a walk, take a nap, get some food, listen to music, or do whatever you must to soothe yourself. It's easy to let your emotions get ahold of you, but it's difficult to come back to xG and get membership after you stomp out in blind rage. In my opinion, xG is one of the friendliest communities I've ever been a part of, and I've made so many good friends and had so much fun. Don't let your emotions ruin what you have here. If you feel lonely, I promise there is someone, somewhere on our servers that cares about you and will miss you if you go. Heck, I miss everyone who goes, even if I didn't particularly know/like them. I like to believe we have something here for everyone, and it sucks when someone leaves because they feel left out or unappreciated. Hehe, look at me, trying to sound all deep and smart and stuff. But I mean it, don't let your emotions control what you do. Every mistake can be fixed, every bond can be mended, and every wrong can be set right. Don't let one tiny setback drive you to destroy everything you have here on xG, or in your life, for that matter. Because no matter what you believe, we care about you, and will miss you if you go. If no one else will, then I will. That's a promise. -Precious
  4. elites from the halo series are hot there i said it

  5. Precious

    Goodbye, again.

    Don't be like that, dude. I'm sure that no matter what you think, odds are, someone somewhere on the servers cares about you and will miss you. I can name one; me. I care when anyone leaves the community, even if I don't know much about them or like them. I believe xG is one of the friendliest communities I've ever been a part of where it's very easy to make new friends and socialize, so it really sucks to see someone go because they feel left out. Being a part of a friendly community is only half the work, you have to be willing to put yourself out there if you want to be known in the community and make friends. That being said, I do hope you come back, I believe everyone has the potential to be a fantastic member of our community.
  6. Precious

    Taking a break

    Best of luck on your adventures, Queen! I hope to see you back here real soon -Precious
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    k then
  8. skunk boys are best boys don't @ me

  9. Precious

    Promotions and Demotions #207

    congrats @SegFault and @Tekage ! Also welcome to all of our new members!
  10. Precious


    *sniff sniff* hmmm... you smell a bit odd, just take a bath and you can stay :3 hehe, on a more serious note though, aidy is a pretty cool guy, he's friendly, funny, follows the rules, and is quite active. it's weird, I thought you were already a member! either way, I'm glad you decided to apply, and I think you'd make a fine member of xG. A:8.5 M:8.5
  11. wtf is michigan, a few days ago it was like around 50 degrees and cloudy and I had to start wearing a jacket, now it's back in the high 80's and sunny, whyyyy

    1. cook


      Gotta learn to love it. If you're a man.

    2. Aegean


      Same up here in Ottawa m8

    3. Goblins


      I had my A/C off for like a week, and now I'm sitting here with it on. I can agree that Michigan is a bipolar bitch.

  12. Precious


    A nice, sweet, cute boi who is almost as precious as I. He doesn't talk much but he knows the rules, is quite active, and is very polite. I'm happy you finally decided to apply! A: 8 M: 9 *boop* :3
  13. I'm too scared and lazy to get another job reee, someone else go get one for me and send me the money for your hard work

    1. cook



  14. Precious

    Promotions and Demotions #206

    welcome welcome all! I hope all of you new members enjoy your time here :3
  15. Precious

    This far from the end.

    aww rip. Even though I didn't know you too well, it always sucks to lose a member. I wish you the best of luck on your future adventures, and I hope you come back real soon
  16. Precious

    It's Time To Go.

    Let me just start off by saying, I'm really sorry to everyone I'm letting down by making this, but it was a long time coming. I've had some great times here on xG and made some amazing friends, which is why it hurts me even more to do this. I hope you all can forgive me for this, and I hope we can all still be friends afterwards. I promise this has nothing to do with drama, I just want to make a proper goodbye before I leave. Thank you all so much for everything you've all done for me, I'll never forget it. I'm sorry everyone, but it's just time for me to go. -On vacation! That's right, you just got pranked bro!! xddd Heh, sorry for the scare, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. Anyways, I am taking a brief vacation to stay over at my cousin's cabins for the holiday weekend. I'm leaving tomorrow morning and will arrive back home sometime either Sunday or Monday, depending on how things go and if I have to work or not. During this time, I probably won't be able to hop on TF2, though I might be able to check in on the forums and discord here and there. What are you all doing the holiday weekend? I'd love to know :3 Again, I'm not actually leaving xG, just gonna be gone for a couple of days. I'll see you guys soon, and I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend!
  17. oof I could never sleep in a cabin again, a spider tried to murder me in my sleep smh

  18. Precious

    Make TF2 Great Again

    Thank you for making this Kypari, it's a good reminder of what we as staff should strive to be. Truthfully, I feel like the staff lineup we have right now is the best it has ever been. Of course no staff group (or any individual staff member for that matter) is perfect, I've made my fair share of dumb decisions and mistakes, we all have. But after being here for over a year, I feel confident in saying the staff roster right now is the best I've seen yet, and I hope we all continue to grow and improve to make xG even better. I've heard some people say 'Make xG Great Again'. Nah mate, to me, xG has always been great. Not kissing up (jk give me DM), I believe the xG community is one of the best TF2 communities there is, and I'm honored to be a part of it. I've had a lot of great times and made several good friends, and I hope to have many more in the future.
  19. yo which sounds like more fun to work at: an art/craft store or a book store

    1. QueenOfHearts


      Book store


    2. YeEternalTuna


      Yeah I'd go with the book store

    3. MJP


      Arts and crafts. It might be the inner child in me but it sounds so much more fun.

  20. Precious


    Have a good time
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    [applicationformfield_7] - [applicationformfield_6]

    Yeah i'm just gonna +1 this, his behavior is absolutely ridiculous
  22. Precious

    I just got grounded

    rip sorry my guy
  23. Precious

    Good luck this school year!

    Yeah good luck everyone, I'm not taking college classes this semester due to complications, but I am getting a second job soon. I wish best of luck to everyone going back to school though, be it high school or college or whatevs :3
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    Who might you be referring to?
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    Before I say anything, I just wanna say that I mean no offense, and I still look to you as a friend MJP. This is simply my honest opinion, and I hope you can respect that. Honestly, I'm not sure how to feel about this. While I genuinely believe you're funny and chill and generally nice to have around, I also believe you could step it up in terms of maturity and rule following. I personally have no problem with you, but I know you've caused issues on the server in the past, both on the server and off of it. I've also noticed how you try to avoid coming on when staff are on, or at least when certain staff are on. I understand wanting to avoid a server if there's someone you don't like there, it's best to try and avoid drama. However, when all of those people are staff, it makes you seem very suspicious, like you're trying to get away with things that you shouldn't normally be able to get away with. It doesn't help that I have heard you say in the past that xG is "too strict" with its rules. If you want to be a part of xG, then you must understand that the rules exist for a reason, and they really aren't hard at all to follow. When you continuously just keep dodging staff, that tells me that you're not mature enough to behave yourself alone. In the past, I have also heard you talk about staff you don't like when they're not around. This is not only disrespectful and immature, but also how drama begins. I know you say some of them have mistreated you in the past and abused their power. If that's true, then you need to be the better man. Don't respond to them, don't talk about them behind their backs, and don't do more things that they can use to beat on you for. If you truly feel that a staff member is abusing their power, you should make a thread about it here or message a higher up staff member, instead of avoiding them and badmouthing xG. That being said, I know you can be a better man. Like I said, you're already pretty funny and friendly, and I've seen you behave yourself before. I'm certain that if you keep up the good behavior, follow the rules to the best of your ability, and stay out of drama, you'll become a splendid member of our community. And again, if you feel you have been mistreated by a staff member, the mature thing to do would be to contact a higher up or make an abuse thread with evidence. For now, my vote will stay neutral. I want you to make me regret not giving you a +1 I wish you the best of luck!