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  1. daily reminder that dehydration ain't no joke, drink water

    1. Chaonic


      Dehydration nowadays is extremely rare. As long as you drink, when you are thirsty, you are good.

  2. people above and below now have quadruple mega ultra beast gay, no reversal, no no u's, no shields, u gay now my guy
  3. ironic tik toks are just as bad as normal ones, you can't change my mind

    1. Shadower


      someone doesn't understand the concept of irony

  4. So, it's looking like that time of the year again, the time where it all comes to a magnificent close and we move on to the next chapter. 2018 was packed with all sorts of surprises, some good, some bad. Ended a 3 year long relationship, went from Non-Member to Admin in the span of a month, met a bunch of neeto people who later became my friends, watched a lot of interesting characters come and go in xG, and so on. A lot has happened in the span of a year and I feel like becoming a part of xG has changed me into someone completely different than who I was last year. And while not everything that happened was good, I don't regret a thing. I'm glad things have turned out the way they have for me, and I'm glad to be a part of this community. Alright alright, sentimental stuff out of the way, I wanted to ask you all what your New Years Resolutions are, if you have one. What are you gonna change about yourself? What will you improve on? Where do you see yourself this time next year? My New Years Resolution? Why, I'm so glad you asked! I actually don't have a resolution, because I'm pretty much the best guy I know. B) ...Okay but really, my resolution is to try and step more out of my comfort zone this year, do things I was too afraid to do, and take the initiative. You know, that kind of thing. I often struggle with stepping outside of my comfort zone, and have relied too much on others to do things for me. I need to become more independent and responsible, and I feel like it'll most likely pay off later down the line. Anyway, whether you have a resolution or not, I wish you all a happy new year, and hope all goes well for xG this year.
  5. Hello hello everybody, I have returned! I apologize for my sudden dip in activity, I've been very sick and quite busy of late, with all the holidays and work and whatnot. But now I'm feeling better and my schedule should be all cleaned up, so I think I'm all set to start coming back on. I will be going back to college this winter, but I don't think it should affect my activity too much. Anyway, how was everyone's Christmas (if you celebrate that, that is)? Did you get what you wanted? What are your plans for New Years Eve? Again, I apologize for my nonexistence recently, I promise I'm here to stay now. Hope to see you all around! :3 -Precious
  6. While I agree this probably isn't our best map, there are MUCH worse maps on tgh, like Delivery and Nimbusland, which still exist for some reason. Regarding this map though, I do know it causes a lot of issues for some people. While it is widely debated what makes a map bad, I think we can all agree that if a map can't load for multiple people, it's bad. Some maps kill the server because people believe they are boring, but Echidna genuinely kills the server because only like 50% of people can load it correctly. I personally don't mind the design of the map [though it can get stale quick especially if the krusty krab is being camped] but I do believe the map has its issues, and needs to be removed until they get fixed.
  7. I don't fuck with anime but I'll play minecraft with you don't worry it's not gay just wear socks
  8. context: it always matters unless it applies to a person you don't like.

  9. Precious


    So I was going to stay quiet and not get involved with this but it's whatever, I have a say in this stuff too. So let's put aside our pasts and discuss this maturely. On one side, I don't think you'd be bad for the role. You're pretty active and you seem to know the rules well enough, and that's good. Those are just some of the most important parts of being a good staff member. You also seem to cooperate well with others and staff when they ask something of you, which is also good. On the other side though, I've also known that you have a short fuse. I mean no offense by this, I can lose my patience very easily as well. However, if you can't keep your cool in serious situations, it can cause you to lash out and do really regrettable shit. I should know, it's gotten me demoted in the past. I'm not saying not saying you have a toxic personality or anything, I think you're actually pretty friendly and funny. But I know at least one time where you lost your cool and it got you in deep trouble. You and I both know what I'm talking about. HOWEVER, that was just one time. I don't know you very well and haven't known you for very long. But recently, I have seen you act friendlier and more considerate on servers. Even when there were people on that you don't like (like me) or people would confront you about rules, you seem to keep your cool and not let it bother you too much. I think these are noteworthy improvements and I'm not going to lie and act like you haven't changed just because of a dumb feud we had. Overall, I do think you've come a way and shaped up. I'm not going to -1 you just because of one bad experience. However, I also believe it's too early for me to +1 this. I want to see you keep being a good boi, then maybe I'll change my mind. My vote remains neutral... for now.
  10. Precious


    Hello hello Semper boi. :3 Semper is super chill, friendly towards most, is very active, and knows/follows the rules well. Honestly I was hoping he would apply, I think he would be a great moderator and a good addition to the staff roster. Plus, who doesn't love red pandas? +1 from me
  11. feeling bored, someone tell me something to draw and i may or may not draw it idk

    1. Semper


      a red panda rolling around in snow

    2. Tatost


      a red panda rolling around in the blood of its enemies

    3. realBelloWaldi


      draw a fortnite default skin

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  12. so how does everyone feel about season 7 of Fortnite

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    2. Tatost


      @realBelloWaldi I can't tell if that's sincere or a joke lmao

    3. Kypari


      @Tatost Pretty sure it's serious, Epic Games keep introducing things to dumb the game down for new players and now competitive Fortnite games are literally planes all flying in the air in a tiny ass circle

    4. Tatost


      I haven't been paying attention to Fortnite, I have never played the game and I intend to keep it that way.

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  13. the guy below this post is triple gay 👇

  14. After seeing the title of this post, I thought it was gonna be another one of those overly dramatic rants about "everything wrong with xG". I was pleasantly surprised.
  15. Aww rip. It's okay bud, we all get caught up in real life stuff, you don't have to apologize for anything. I do hope you stick around, and I wish you the best on whatever you do next. :3
  16. Do you ever say anything that isn't pessimistic or cynical? Anyways, gahh this is rough to see Caleb. I remember the first time we really got to meet each other, you were asking people to tell jokes and I told a few and you added me. You've always been such a cool staffy boi and an inspiration for me to do better. While it's sad to see you go, if you believe you're doing the right thing, I respect that. Thanks for always being a good friend cleb, I hope we meet again soon
  17. I don't believe TF2 is dead but I do believe it is dying. It has been on a steady decline for the past few years, with content updates coming less and less and fewer things being added with each update. Some things feel very out of date or unbalanced, and need to be updated. It's frustrating to see the state of the game now, it's almost as if Valve has completely forgotten it. The game gets very stale very quickly because there's hardly ever any new content, and the content they add is never what the game needs. At times, it almost feels like the only way to still have fun is to make your own fun, by going onto modded community servers full of ideas that could be added to the game, but never will. I know the game is old but I don't think that means it's a lost cause. I do believe that if all of the original developers came back and Valve put a little more time and money into updating the game with new and fresh content, it would pay off for them. New players and veterans could be lured back and more money could be made, but no. Valve is content to just collect money from TF2 until it runs dry, at which point, they'll probably shut it down. I don't see TF2 living on for much longer. Maybe a couple more years, but not much longer than that. Small cosmetic crate updates won't cut it, the only thing that could save the game from a slow painful death at this point is to release a major, game changing update, bigger than the Jungle Inferno one. But I don't see that ever happening due to how incompetent Valve is now. TF2's glory days are long gone, and I believe it's only a matter of time before it fades entirely.
  18. Okay okay this is for all the big bois on the servers who have jobs irl. All you jobless kiddies, be G O N E. So, what's the worst thing your boss or coworkers have ever caught you doing? Did it happen at or outside your workplace? Did it affect your relationship with them? Did you end up getting fired for it? I'll start: I work for my uncle at a radio station. He's a really cool, chill uncle who's pretty relaxed about everything in and out of work. About a year ago, during a Halloween party, I was getting really into it and decided to take some jello shots. It was a neighborhood party and I knew some of my family was going to be there, though I didn't know my uncle was going. So after I downed 3 jello shots with some friends, I turn and see my boss staring at me with his jaw dropped to the floor. I was a minor at the time, and here I was taking shots in front of my pure uncle who was also my boss. I thought for sure he was going to fire me, and I started apologizing up and down, trying to explain the situation. But... he didn't really care. He was just surprised to see me doing it and we had a good laugh about it all. We had fun and neither of us spoke a word about any of it to anyone at work. I'm honestly super lucky to have an uncle/boss as cool as him, because any other person probably would have fired me after that. But anyways, that's probably the worst thing I've ever done in front of my boss. Shhh no tell anyone, this is our little secret. >:)
  19. Fun fact about me? Uhhh well I only have one kidney. Lost my other one when I was really young to cancer, but I'm doing well without it. That's not to say it hasn't caused health problems over the years, but it's whatever, if I survived that shit, I can survive anything yo B)
  20. I'm pretty excited, though I'm not sure what to ask for, or what to buy for my family and cousins. I love the Christmas aesthetic so much, all the snow and color and jolliness is pretty neeto. My favorite holiday next to Valentines Day.
  21. Alcoholic: Hard to say, I'm not into drinking much, though I like some types of Wine. Non-Alcoholic: Strawberry Soda. My absolute favorite :3