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  1. Ah this will be fun: before i had a steam account I would use the name goldz, but eventually swapped to Bluez because I just like that color more lol. Maja is when I was trying to be cool and messed with google translate. My name that I stick with now, and likely will permanently, is a name a picked in an attempt to alias. I tried to pick a name that seemed weird, short and memorable. Don’t know if it succeeded. pizza is cause I like pizza
  2. About time I did this... EDIT: Bonus points if you can find the ridley amiibo
  3. nuen

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    Thank you, all of you, for the past 2 years. Cheers.
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  5. shut up, i came out of chicago and im the ultimate lifeform
  6. inb4 half the posts on this thread boil down to this (i literally have the same situation)
  7. lmao, actually back in chicago during that time, used to live there. im 15 tho, so obviously not. also grape doesnt know where chicago is LOL.
  8. Thanos wins in endgame.