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  1. nuen

    Favorite/Best Game

    I made a thread similar to this about peoples favorite games during childhood. Now I want to know what's your favorite game, and the best game you've played (yes there's a difference). A favorite game is your well, favorite, often because of personal reasons or other stuff. Best game means in actual quality of the game. So basically guilty pleasure game and best game (You don't need to give a paragraph on why). Favorite Game: Fire Emblem Fates, yes I know it's not exactly the best or most common pick, but I have a long story on why I like this game so much. Best Game: TF2 or Smash (Ultimate, specifically)
  2. It feels odd to be the first commenting on this, but still. Thanks for being one of the best mods we had on the server, you found a great way to still moderate while keeping conversations nice and friendly. I know what it like to have life take over in these kinds of situations, best of luck in your future endeavors. Cheers.
  3. nuen

    Ascend Beyond Waves

    I know this is late but... Y o u a r e t h e o c e a n s g r a y w a v e s...
  4. nuen


    I don't think people should be banned for stuff like this, but you were warned... so...
  5. nuen

    xG Gamer Revival

    If you could bring one gamer back to the servers/forums, who would it be? Game doesn't matter.
  6. Hey guys im leaving becus u called me smelly. jokes on u pal, u r. im never coming back, ever, ever, ever, ever (unless i do). fuk u furr fagets. }:)

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    2. Goblins


      You can't leave 😕
      Still gotta go sicko mode on you with Isabelle

    3. nuen


      @Goblins Just lost my pro controller at a friends house, what the hell is with this match and not having controllers.

    4. Goblins


      We will just have to use the chucks in order to settle this feud.

  7. TP is the 2nd best Zelda game. Seriously Underrated. Number one is BoTW, don't @ me. (I've played the entire series except for zelda 2, the four swords games, and the ds ones)
  8. Everyone had that one game that, when they were a kid, they thought it was the shit. Personally, I got to with Black 2, first game of all time for me (unless you count wii sports, that's not a game, it's a piece of art). I just want to know what that game was for other people here. Also, I think I have like 450 hours clocked in on Black 2, nice.
  9. I would make fun of him, but I’ve done similar stuff...
  10. Old jokes aside, making a new name really won’t change much if people know it’s you, new people make like 1-2 posts here then dip, so you can probably just stick to one account. The reason I did my whole thing where I made a new account and tried to join (I made a rant on my main account just to make it more convincing, don’t even agree with half the points lol) was to prove to myself and others that I’m different then before. Do what ever you want to do, but take it from a guy that’s gone by like 10 different names, it doesn’t change much.
  11. nuen

    i made pizza11!1!!1!1

    I know I'm late... but... Did somebody say... P I Z Z A ?