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Participating Servers  (Miscellaneous Statistics)

Tracking 166,337 players (28 new players last 24h) with 13,270,427 kills and 1,237,115 headshots (9,32%) on 1 servers
Server Address Map Time Players
[xG] Trade Gaming History - XenoGamers.com[xG] Trade Gaming History - XenoGamers.com koth_aquaticruin_final 01:21:12h 17/32
[xG] Trade Gaming History - XenoGamers.com
Server Address Map Time Players
[xG] Trade Gaming History - XenoGamers.com[xG] Trade Gaming History - XenoGamers.com koth_aquaticruin_final 01:21:12h 17/32
Server Info
# Player Frags Assists Lat Time +/- Skill Position
1 United Statesim ael, fjordling 137 : 128 22 73 02:12:11h 1,258 461,015 11
2 Canadaxgm red 113 : 61 31 84 02:22:21h 1,353 296,368 30
3 United StatesxG:M Semper #SandCrusade 33 : 26 11 64 00:47:27h 460 130,921 75
4 United States(xG) Kelly The Soul Collector 29 : 27 9 68 00:29:17h 217 302,663 28
5 United States[xG:A] Soma 26 : 9 8 127 00:20:45h 110 617,790 3
6 United Statesvrb2642 21 : 15 9 127 00:12:45h 200 375,108 17
7 United States[xG] Citizen Ekat 5 : 40 3 98 02:05:37h 149 61,002 156
8 United StatesRudy_G 3 : 2 - 81 00:23:47h 9 1,072 987
The BLU 367 : 308 - 90 08:54:10h - 280,742 163
1 United States[xG:A] Krampus 74 : 80 19 76 05:16:37h 2,193 374,357 18
2 Player is banned by VAC for at least one gameUnited StatesLynn 62 : 65 6 65 00:48:37h 1,248 68,160 144
3 United StatesMOOK 56 : 39 12 65 00:44:11h 726 240,010 44
4 United Statesko1124 48 : 82 19 60 01:05:27h 853 112,339 82
5 United StatesElusion 38 : 18 17 80 00:57:23h 944 43,402 211
6 United StatesBags 35 : 42 8 61 00:23:41h 217 452,896 12
7 United StatesMirage 13 : 23 11 87 00:33:02h 390 2,453 605
8 United StatesCBass 10 : 17 - 60 00:14:20h 35 1,035 1,118
9 United StatesComic Sans 2 : 13 2 121 00:32:34h 54 36,912 233
The RED 338 : 379 - 75 10:35:52h - 147,952 274

Daily Awards (Overview)

Award Winner (Monday, Jan 21, 2019) Today's Leader
Absolutely Stunning Not awarded Not awarded
Air Strike United StatesBaba III (3 kills with air strike) United Statesko1124 (11 kills)
Amputator United States$16 Lobster Roll Donakonda (3 kills with amputator) United States[xG:A] Precious (1 kills)
Apoco-Fists Not awarded United StatesSkorchingboar (3 kills)
Armageddon Not awarded Not awarded
Atomizer United StatesBags (1 kills with atomizer) Canadaxgm red (3 kills)
AWPer Hand United StatesElusion (18 kills with awp) CanadaCorb on the cob (14 kills)
Axe Man Not awarded Not awarded
Axtinguisher United States$16 Lobster Roll Donakonda (9 kills with axtinguisher) United States$16 Lobster Roll Donakonda (2 kills)
Baby Face's Blaster United StatesTheComedian101 (8 kills with brawlerblaster) United StatesLuxuria (2 kills)
Back Scatter Not awarded United StatesLuxuria (5 kills)
Back Scratcher United StatesSquirm (2 kills with back scratcher) United Statesko1124 (1 kills)
Backburner United KingdomxG:A | Stargazer (3 kills with backburner) United StatesMOOK (13 kills)
Backstab Kills United StatesHermit (47 Most backstab kills) United KingdomxG:A | Stargazer (48 Most)
Baseball Player United StatesDissimulate (8 kills with bat) United StatesDissimulate (1 kills)
Bat Outta Hell Not awarded Not awarded
Batsaber Not awarded Not awarded
Bazaar Bargain United StatesHermit (40 kills with bazaar bargain) CanadaMediWolf26 (5 kills)
Beggar's Bazooka United StatesVaporeon (3 kills with dumpster device) United States(SH) Dragonslayer190 (2 kills)
Best Latency United States[xG] nuen (14 ms average connection) United States2Drunfk4Name (33 ms)
Best Sentryguns - Level 1 United KingdomxG:A | Stargazer (2 kills with sentrygun (level 1)) United KingdomxG:A | Stargazer (8 kills)
Best Sentryguns - Level 2 United StatesMistahM (2 kills with sentryguns (level 2)) United StatesAquaSpartan (5 kills)
Best Sentryguns - Level 3 United StatesQuackson (3 kills with sentryguns (level 3)) United StatesAquaSpartan (16 kills)
Best Sentryguns - Mini United StatesVaporeon (11 kills with sentryguns (mini)) United KingdomxG:A | Stargazer (2 kills)
Best Sniper United StatesBags (74 snipings as sniper) United StatesxG:M Semper #SandCrusade (88 snipings)
Big Earner United StatesHermit (13 kills with big earner) United StatesZer0suitSAM980 (2 kills)
Black Box United StatesMEEEEEEEEEEEEDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC! (9 kills with black box) United States(xG) Kelly The Soul Collector (17 kills)
Black Rose CanadaFroof (3 kills with black rose) United KingdomxG:DM | Tekk (16 kills)
Bleed Kill United StatessᴛᴇᴀᴍᴘᴜÉ´ᴋKnight (3 bleed kills) United StatesLuxuria (1 bleed kills)
Blutsauger Not awarded United StatesLuxuria (3 kills)
Boston Basher Not awarded Not awarded
Brass Beast United StatessᴛᴇᴀᴍᴘᴜÉ´ᴋKnight (5 kills with brass beast) United StatesChaos Dragonheart (4 kills)
Bread Bite United StatesComic Sans (2 kills with bread bite) Not awarded
Bushwacka United Statesjay highwind (1 kills with bushwacka) United StatesLuxuria (7 kills)
C.A.P.P.E.R United Statestree (2 kills with capper) United StatesAquaSpartan (1 kills)
Candy Cane Not awarded Not awarded
Captures Blocked United StatesBags (1 captures blocked) Not awarded
Claidheamohmor Isle of Manbagggel (44 kills with claidheamohmor) United StatesLuxuria (1 kills)
Cleaner's Carbine Not awarded United Kingdom[xG:DM] Kypari! (6 kills)
Connivers's Kunai United StatesHermit (4 kills with conniver's kunai) Not awarded
Conscientious Objector United StatesEd-Boy (9 kills with conscientious objector) Not awarded
Cow Mangler 5000 Canadaxgm red (23 kills with cow mangler) United States[xG:A] Soma (16 kills)
Crossing Guard United States[xG] nuen (19 kills with crossing guard) Not awarded
Crusader's Crossbow United StatesClokworx (1 kills with crusader's crossbow) United Statesvrb2642 (2 kills)
Dalokohs Eaten Not awarded Not awarded
Decapitation Isle of Manbagggel (1 kills with decapitation) Not awarded
Degreaser United States$16 Lobster Roll Donakonda (13 kills with degreaser) United StatesxG:M Semper #SandCrusade (8 kills)
Detonator United StatesMistahM (4 kills with detonator) United StatesToastastroodel (2 kills)
Diamondback United Statesjay highwind (1 kills with diamondback) United KingdomxG:DM | Tekk (4 kills)
Dischord Not awarded Not awarded
Disciplinary Action United StatesxG:M Semper #SandCrusade (1 kills with disciplinary action) United StatesxG:M Semper #SandCrusade (1 kills)
Doctor's Certificate United StatesBox (4 kills with bonesaw) Not awarded
Dominator United StatesBags (32 dominations) United States[xG:A] Krampus (27 dominations)
Enforcer Not awarded United StatesSteelwill (1 kills)
Eureka Effect Not awarded Not awarded
Eviction Notice Not awarded Not awarded
Execution Not awarded Not awarded
Family Business Not awarded United StatesPapasFritas (9 kills)
Fan O'War Not awarded United StatesBlacktheMew (1 kills)
Fencing Not awarded Not awarded
Fire Spitter United StatesElusion (7 kills with flamethrower) United StatesMegamaw (17 kills)
Fists of Steel Not awarded Not awarded
Flags Captured Not awarded Not awarded
Flags Defended United StatesEd-Boy (1 flags defended) Not awarded
Flare Gunner United States[xG] nuen (1 kills with flare gun) United StatesComic Sans (3 kills)
Flying Guillotine Not awarded United StatesComic Sans (1 kills)
Force-A-Nature United StatessᴛᴇᴀᴍᴘᴜÉ´ᴋKnight (22 kills with force-a-nature) United StatesxG:M QueenOfHearts #SandDuchess (10 kills)
Freedom Staff Not awarded Not awarded
Frontier Justice United StatesMistahM (4 kills with frontier justice) United StatesAquaSpartan (16 kills)
Frying Pan United StatesChinchillidawg (4 kills with frying pan) United States[xG:A] Krampus (21 kills)
Gloves of Running Urgently United Stateskliffer66 (2 kills with gloves of running urgently) Not awarded
Golden Frying Pan Not awarded Not awarded
Goomba Stomp Killing United States[xG] nuen (4 kills with goomba) United Statesdwane eats em (5 kills)
Grenade Launcher United Statesim ael, fjordling (9 kills with grenade launcher) Player is banned by VAC for at least one gameUnited StatesLynn (36 kills)
Gunman United States[xG] nuen (7 kills with minigun) United KingdomxG:A | Stargazer (41 kills)
Gunslinger United StatesMistahM (3 kills with gunslinger) United KingdomxG:A | Stargazer (1 kills)
Hadouken Not awarded Not awarded
Half-Zatoichi Isle of Manbagggel (2 kills with half-zatoichi) United StatesSkorchingboar (22 kills)
Ham Shank Not awarded United States[xG:A] Precious (15 kills)
Headshot Kills United StatesBags (60 Most headshot kills) United StatesxG:M Semper #SandCrusade (72 Most)
Hitman's Heatmaker United Statesim ael, fjordling (74 kills with pro-rifle) United Statesim ael, fjordling (85 kills)
Holiday Punch United States[xG] Lightning Mcqueer (4 kills with holiday punch) Not awarded
Holy Mackerel Not awarded Not awarded
Home Run United Statesbojangles chicken sandwich (1 kills with home run) Not awarded
Hungry Heavy Not awarded Not awarded
Huo-Long Heater United Statesboca raton (1 kills with huo-Long heater) United StatesHermit (6 kills)
Hwg Shotgun United Statesz1z4g00n (6 kills with shotgun hwg) Not awarded
Iron Bomber United States30 fps guy (18 kills with iron bomber) United States[xG:A] Krampus (277 kills)
Iron Curtain United StatesxG:M Semper #SandCrusade (3 kills with iron curtain) Not awarded
Jag United StatesMistahM (3 kills with jag) United StatesAquaSpartan (1 kills)
Kamikaze United StatesDissimulate (1 kills with kamikaze) Not awarded
Kill Assists JordanCaribou (44 kill assists) United States[xG:A] Krampus (86 kill assists)
Kill Assists - Medic United StatesCretin (20 medic kill assists) United States[xG] Citizen Ekat (30 medic)
Knife Maniac United StatesHermit (35 knifings) United KingdomxG:A | Stargazer (51 knifings)
L'Etranger CanadaFroof (10 kills with l'etranger) United StatesFestive Grape (1 kills)
Liberty Launcher Not awarded United Statesko1124 (3 kills)
Loch-n-Load Not awarded Not awarded
Lollichop Not awarded Not awarded
Longest Death Streak United Statesz1z4g00n (28 deaths) United StatesMyagic:Ë£ᴳM (42 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak United States$16 Lobster Roll Donakonda (23 kills) United StatesFestive Grape (27 kills)
Longest Play Time United Statesz1z4g00n (04:01:36h hours) United StatesxG:M Semper #SandCrusade (05:54:24h hours)
Loose Cannon United Statesbojangles chicken sandwich (2 kills with loose cannon) United StatesStarfishprime69 (3 kills)
Lugermorph United Kingdom[xG:DM] Kypari! (1 kills with lugermorph) United Kingdom[xG:DM] Kypari! (15 kills)
Machina United StatessᴛᴇᴀᴍᴘᴜÉ´ᴋKnight (1 kills with machina) United StatesFestive Grape (12 kills)
Manmelter Not awarded Not awarded
Manslayer United StatesElusion (2 kills with kukri) United StatesPapasFritas (5 kills)
Mantreads United Statesdwane eats em (2 kills with mantreads) United Statesdwane eats em (1 kills)
Market Gardener United Statesdwane eats em (16 kills with market gardener) United Statesdwane eats em (12 kills)
Maul Not awarded Not awarded
Medic Killer United Statesim ael, fjordling (8 medic kills) Canadaxgm red (14 medic kills)
Medics Defended United States30 fps guy (4 medics defended) United States[xG:A] Krampus (5 medics defended)
Memory Maker Not awarded Not awarded
Most Deaths JordanCaribou (238 deaths) United States[xG:A] Krampus (273 deaths)
Most Improved Player United StatesDissimulate (2,303 points gained) United StatesxG:M Semper #SandCrusade (2,824 points gained)
Most Kills United StatesBags (347 kills) United States[xG:A] Krampus (390 kills)
Most Points Healed United StatesBox (9,868 points healed) United States[xG] Citizen Ekat (25,049 points healed)
Most Suicides United Statesim ael, fjordling (55 suicides) United StatesxG:M Semper #SandCrusade (22 suicides)
Most Valuable Player JordanCaribou (2 wins as mvp) Not awarded
Natascha United StatesVaporeon (1 kills with natascha) United StatesLuxuria (4 kills)
Necro Smasher United Statesbojangles chicken sandwich (1 kills with necro smasher) Not awarded
Neon Annihilator United StatesMistahM (4 kills with annihilator) Not awarded
Nessie's Nine Iron Not awarded Not awarded
Organ Grinder Not awarded Not awarded
Overdose Not awarded United States[xG:A] Precious (6 kills)
Panic Attack United StatessᴛᴇᴀᴍᴘᴜÉ´ᴋKnight (8 kills with panic attack) United Statesko1124 (3 kills)
Persian Persuader Isle of Manbagggel (2 kills with persian persuader) Not awarded
Phlogistinator United StatesClokworx (17 kills with phlogistinator) United Statesazul (4 kills)
Pistol United StatesVaporeon (5 kills with pistol) United KingdomxG:A | Stargazer (8 kills)
Player Extinguished United StatesCretin (19 players extinguished) United States[xG] Citizen Ekat (26 players extinguished)
Player Teleported United StatesFestive Grape (20 players teleported) United KingdomxG:DM | Tekk (8 players teleported)
Points Captured United States$16 Lobster Roll Donakonda (2 points captured) Not awarded
Pomson 6000 Not awarded Not awarded
Postal Pummeler Not awarded Not awarded
Powerjack United StatesComic Sans (1 kills with powerjack) United States[xG] Lightning Mcqueer (2 kills)
Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol United StatesBags (45 kills with pep-pistol) United StatesBags (19 kills)
Primary Shotgun United StatesSkipjer (9 kills with shotgun primary) United States[xG:A] Precious (3 kills)
Prinny Machete Not awarded Not awarded
Puncher United StatesBluez (9 kills with fists) Not awarded
Pyro Shotgun United StatesSeptik (4 kills with shotgun pyro) United StatesMOOK (16 kills)
Quickiebomb Launcher Not awarded United Statesko1124 (4 kills)
Rainblower United StatesMistahM (37 kills with rainblower) United StatesxG:M QueenOfHearts #SandDuchess (16 kills)
Rescue Ranger Not awarded Not awarded
Reserve Shooter Not awarded United StatesEldritch Fox of Love (1 kills)
Revenger JordanCaribou (16 revenges) Player is banned by VAC for at least one gameUnited StatesLynn (14 revenges)
Righteous Bison Not awarded Not awarded
Rocket Launcher JordanCaribou (84 kills with rocket launcher) JordanCaribou (137 kills)
Sam's Revolver Not awarded United StatesStarfishprime69 (2 kills)
Saxxy Award Not awarded Not awarded
Scattergunner United StatesBags (193 kills with scattergun) United KingdomxG:DM | Tekk (112 kills)
Scorch Shot Not awarded Not awarded
Scottish Handshake Not awarded United States[xG:A] Owlknight (9 kills)
Scout Pistol United KingdomxG:DM | Tekk (6 kills with scout pistol) Canadaxgm red (28 kills)
Shahanshah United Statesdethzen (1 kills with shahanshah) Not awarded
Sharp Dresser Not awarded Not awarded
Sharpened Volcano Fragment Not awarded Not awarded
Shooting Star United StatesIronKnightStone (3 kills with shooting star) United StatesBlacktheMew (1 kills)
Short Circuit Not awarded Not awarded
Shortstop Not awarded Not awarded
Shovel Beating Not awarded Not awarded
Showdown United States[xG:A] Owlknight (16 kills with showdown) Not awarded
Skewer United StatessᴛᴇᴀᴍᴘᴜÉ´ᴋKnight (7 kills with skewer) Not awarded
Snack Attack Not awarded Not awarded
Soda Popper Not awarded United KingdomxG:A | Stargazer (8 kills)
Soldier Shotgun United StatesDissimulate (27 kills with shotgun soldier) United Statesvrb2642 (16 kills)
Solemn Vow Not awarded United StatesLuxuria (2 kills)
Southern Hospitality United StatesTheComedian101 (2 kills with southern hospitality) United StatesSupremeO_Boi (1 kills)
Spinal Tap United States[xG] Lightning Mcqueer (1 kills with spinal tap) Not awarded
Splendid Screen Isle of Manbagggel (3 kills with splendid screen) Not awarded
Spy Power United StatesHermit (11 objects killed as spy) United KingdomxG:A | Stargazer (4 objects)
Spy-cicle United Statesstormheat (14 kills with spy-cicle) United StatesPapasFritas (7 kills)
Stickybomb Launcher United States30 fps guy (18 kills with stickybomb launcher) United States[xG:A] Krampus (65 kills)
Sun-on-a-Stick Not awarded Not awarded
Sydney Sleeper United StatesShadow (1 kills with sydney sleeper) United States$16 Lobster Roll Donakonda (10 kills)
The Ambassador United StatesHermit (5 kills with ambassador) United KingdomxG:A | Stargazer (39 kills)
The Classic United KingdomxG:DM | Tekk (6 kills with the classic) Not awarded
The Direct Hit United Statesbootleg direct hit only (27 kills with direct hit) United Statesvrb2642 (16 kills)
The Equalizer Not awarded United StatesEldritch Fox of Love (4 kills)
The Escape Plan United Statesim ael, fjordling (1 kills with escape plan) JordanCaribou (2 kills)
The Eyelander United Statesbigboom (19 kills with sword) United StatesHermit (20 kills)
The Huntsman United StatessᴛᴇᴀᴍᴘᴜÉ´ᴋKnight (7 kills with sniper bow) United StatesMirage (10 kills)
The Killing Gloves of Boxing Not awarded Not awarded
The Original United Statesvrb2642 (23 kills with original) Canadaxgm red (96 kills)
The Sandman Not awarded United StatesLuxuria (1 kills)
The Scottish Resistance Not awarded Not awarded
Third Degree Not awarded Not awarded
Three-Rune Blade Not awarded Not awarded
Tide Turner CanadaAlexander (The Wolfman) (1 kills with tide turner) Not awarded
Tomislav United States[xG:A] Krampus (6 kills with tomislav) CanadaCorb on the cob (8 kills)
Ubercharger United KingdomxG:A | Stargazer (39 ubercharges) United States[xG] Citizen Ekat (6 ubercharges)
Ubersawer United KingdomxG:A | Stargazer (2 kills with ubersaw) CanadaMediWolf26 (2 kills)
Ullapool Caber Not awarded United StatesQuackson (3 kills)
Ullapool Caber Explosion United StatesBox (1 kills with caber explosion) United StatesQuackson (1 kills)
Unarmed Combat Not awarded Not awarded
Vita-Saw Not awarded Not awarded
Wanga Prick Not awarded Not awarded
Warrior's Spirit Not awarded Not awarded
Widowmaker United States[xG:A] Krampus (14 kills with widowmaker) United KingdomxG:A | Stargazer (32 kills)
Winger United StatesBattle Bus (2 kills with winger) United Statesim ael, fjordling (3 kills)
Wrangler United Statesjay highwind (1 kills with wrangler) Not awarded
Wrap Assassin Not awarded United Statescutiebuns (1 kills)
Your Eternal Reward United StatesHermit (3 kills with eternal reward) United StatesFestive Grape (5 kills)