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Participating Servers  (Miscellaneous Statistics)

Tracking 138,294 players (38 new players last 24h) with 5,209,483 kills and 553,528 headshots (11%) on 1 servers
Server Address Map Time Players
[xG] Surf - XenoGamers.com[xG] Surf - XenoGamers.com surf_quack_v2 00:28:50h 9/33
[xG] Surf - XenoGamers.com
Server Address Map Time Players
[xG] Surf - XenoGamers.com[xG] Surf - XenoGamers.com surf_quack_v2 00:28:50h 9/33
Server Info
# Player Frags Assists Lat Time +/- Skill Position
1 CanadaHydorHD 22 : 28 4 105 00:56:21h 223 78,701 31
2 United States:3 bumblebee :3 11 : 9 6 98 00:16:59h 144 23,847 117
3 United StatesHoodie7373 11 : 20 1 48 01:37:52h 776 15,538 173
4 United StatesZachinator 3 : 15 - 88 00:29:43h 69 32,957 87
5 Egyptlncelalimoodymi 0 : 0 - 387 05:47:21h 30 5,859 321
The BLU 47 : 72 - 145 09:08:16h - 31,380 146
1 CanadaRaindox 36 : 13 9 90 00:54:20h 983 21,659 133
2 United States[xg] ✧ fetus deletus ✧ 23 : 12 4 100 00:53:32h 278 77,588 32
3 CanadaSquid_Tiddy 15 : 21 6 63 00:39:10h 331 4,442 394
4 United StatesErrorName 13 : 8 4 131 00:29:26h 74 1,074 1,251
The RED 87 : 54 - 96 02:56:28h - 26,191 453

Daily Awards (Overview)

Award Winner (Monday, Jan 21, 2019) Today's Leader
Absolutely Stunning Not awarded Not awarded
Air Strike United StatesRadical Oil Drilling Propaganda (26 kills with air strike) United StatesRadical Oil Drilling Propaganda (2 kills)
Amputator United StatesVinebuggo (28 kills with amputator) Not awarded
Apoco-Fists United States^TYKZ^ (1 kills with apocofists) Not awarded
Armageddon Not awarded Not awarded
Atomizer United StatesGoldfish (3 kills with atomizer) CanadaRaindox (3 kills)
AWPer Hand United Statesfuck (32 kills with awp) United StatesNolanFett64 (1 kills)
Axe Man United States[xG] Aidyzap (6 kills with fireaxe) Not awarded
Axtinguisher United Statesseel (1 kills with axtinguisher) United StatesColonel (3 kills)
Baby Face's Blaster United StatesDerrall Sheets (27 kills with brawlerblaster) Not awarded
Back Scatter Israelnotzed247v (30 kills with back scatter) United StatesNolanFett64 (4 kills)
Back Scratcher CanadaSkyBlueFox64 (9 kills with back scratcher) Not awarded
Backburner United StatesAlchemiser (28 kills with backburner) CanadaHydorHD (10 kills)
Backstab Kills United States[xg] ✧ fetus deletus ✧ (99 Most backstab kills) United StatesLiteral Garbage (15 Most)
Baseball Player United States[xG] Lightning Mcqueer (2 kills with bat) Not awarded
Bat Outta Hell Not awarded United States[xG:M] Skelly (1 kills)
Batsaber United StatesLard (3 kills with batsaber) Not awarded
Bazaar Bargain United StatesThe GrandBull (6 kills with bazaar bargain) United StatesLiteral Garbage (4 kills)
Beggar's Bazooka United StatesQWIFJUEVHJI (1 kills with dumpster device) Not awarded
Best Latency United Statesfestive ramen #sandcrusade (29 ms average connection) CanadaAlex (35 ms)
Best Sentryguns - Level 1 Not awarded Not awarded
Best Sentryguns - Level 2 Not awarded Not awarded
Best Sentryguns - Level 3 Not awarded Not awarded
Best Sentryguns - Mini Not awarded Not awarded
Best Sniper United StatesNinMego (265 snipings as sniper) United StatesNinMego (34 snipings)
Big Earner United States[xG]SCP-049 (20 kills with big earner) Not awarded
Black Box United Statessitiaf (3 kills with black box) United Stateskat (3 kills)
Black Rose United StatesGerald the Holy Sword (5 kills with black rose) United StatesLeo (2 kills)
Bleed Kill United States[XG:REP} Duck Dude (4 bleed kills) United StatesFlint (2 bleed kills)
Blutsauger United StatesJust Straight Up God (12 kills with blutsauger) Not awarded
Boston Basher United Statessanity (1 kills with boston basher) Not awarded
Brass Beast CanadaSkyBlueFox64 (26 kills with brass beast) Canada[xG] Meaty #SandCrusade (57 kills)
Bread Bite United States^TYKZ^ (2 kills with bread bite) Not awarded
Bushwacka CanadaSkyBlueFox64 (12 kills with bushwacka) United States[xG] Lightning Mcqueer (8 kills)
C.A.P.P.E.R United StatesxG:M QueenOfHearts #SandCrusade (1 kills with capper) Not awarded
Candy Cane United States[XG:REP} Duck Dude (3 kills with candy cane) Not awarded
Captures Blocked Canada[xG] Meaty #SandCrusade (8 captures blocked) CanadaRaindox (4 captures blocked)
Claidheamohmor United StatesLizard Soldier (4 kills with claidheamohmor) Not awarded
Cleaner's Carbine United StatesNekro (Not fucking around) (1 kills with pro-smg) United StatesDr. Doofenschmirtz (1 kills)
Connivers's Kunai United StatesTAoW Hunter (25 kills with conniver's kunai) United StatesLiteral Garbage (16 kills)
Conscientious Objector United StatesJust straight up Jesus (6 kills with conscientious objector) Not awarded
Cow Mangler 5000 United StatesYeetus the Fetus (10 kills with cow mangler) Not awarded
Crossing Guard Not awarded Not awarded
Crusader's Crossbow United StatesNo (6 kills with crusader's crossbow) United States[xG] Virtarch (12 kills)
Dalokohs Eaten Not awarded Not awarded
Decapitation Not awarded Not awarded
Degreaser United StatesDr. Doofenschmirtz (58 kills with degreaser) CanadaSkyBlueFox64 (11 kills)
Detonator Not awarded Not awarded
Diamondback CanadaDo The ROAR (5 kills with diamondback) United StatesBomber (1 kills)
Dischord Not awarded Not awarded
Disciplinary Action United StatesJoshua | No voice chat (18 kills with disciplinary action) CanadaSkyBlueFox64 (1 kills)
Doctor's Certificate United StatesQWIFJUEVHJI (4 kills with bonesaw) United States[xG] Virtarch (2 kills)
Dominator United StatesNinMego (41 dominations) Canada[xG] Meaty #SandCrusade (8 dominations)
Enforcer Germanymae (3 kills with enforcer) United Statessidencent #FortniteIsForLosers (1 kills)
Eureka Effect Not awarded United StatesxG Donakonda (1 kills)
Eviction Notice United Statesstardog (1 kills with eviction notice) Not awarded
Execution Not awarded Not awarded
Family Business United StatesDr. Doofenschmirtz (3 kills with family business) Not awarded
Fan O'War United StatesAlchemiser (2 kills with fan o'war) Not awarded
Fencing Not awarded Not awarded
Fire Spitter United States^TYKZ^ (38 kills with flamethrower) United StatesSonic3120RBLX (10 kills)
Fists of Steel Not awarded Not awarded
Flags Captured Not awarded Not awarded
Flags Defended Not awarded Not awarded
Flare Gunner United StatesPlayer 2 (11 kills with flare gun) United Statesinsertcreativenamehere (3 kills)
Flying Guillotine United States(TGS)KenKaneki (2 kills with guillotine) Not awarded
Force-A-Nature United States[XG:REP} Duck Dude (214 kills with force-a-nature) United States[XG:REP} Duck Dude (14 kills)
Freedom Staff United StatesZyconyx (5 kills with freedom staff) Not awarded
Frontier Justice United Stateszombiebrainblaster (5 kills with frontier justice) Not awarded
Frying Pan United StatesMortal #Sand Crusade (50 kills with frying pan) United StatesErrorName (3 kills)
Gloves of Running Urgently Not awarded Not awarded
Golden Frying Pan Not awarded Not awarded
Goomba Stomp Killing Not awarded Not awarded
Grenade Launcher United States[xG}Geektapuss (6 kills with grenade launcher) United StatesMculbert07 (2 kills)
Gunman United StatesEggu-shi (28 kills with minigun) CanadaHydorHD (7 kills)
Gunslinger United States(TGS)KenKaneki (2 kills with gunslinger) Not awarded
Hadouken CanadaSkyBlueFox64 (1 kills with hadouken) Not awarded
Half-Zatoichi United StatesToxin (15 kills with half-zatoichi) United StatesColonel (1 kills)
Ham Shank United StatesQWIFJUEVHJI (4 kills with ham shank) United StatesHoodie7373 (26 kills)
Headshot Kills United StatesNinMego (229 Most headshot kills) United StatesNinMego (26 Most)
Hitman's Heatmaker United StatesBobert (8 kills with pro-rifle) United StatesDr. Doofenschmirtz (4 kills)
Holiday Punch United StatesFish (3 kills with holiday punch) Not awarded
Holy Mackerel Not awarded Not awarded
Home Run United StatesHits Blunt (2 kills with home run) Not awarded
Hungry Heavy Not awarded Not awarded
Huo-Long Heater United StatesRaddad2004 skinhub.com (2 kills with huo-Long heater) Not awarded
Hwg Shotgun United StatesEggu-shi (14 kills with shotgun hwg) Not awarded
Iron Bomber United Statesfestive ramen #sandcrusade (33 kills with iron bomber) Canada[xG] Meaty #SandCrusade (12 kills)
Iron Curtain SerbiaNo'2 (3 kills with iron curtain) Not awarded
Jag United States[xG:A] Krampus (4 kills with jag) Not awarded
Kamikaze Not awarded Not awarded
Kill Assists CanadaSkyBlueFox64 (59 kill assists) Canada[xG] Meaty #SandCrusade (21 kill assists)
Kill Assists - Medic United StatesZyconyx (14 medic kill assists) United States[xG] Virtarch (8 medic)
Knife Maniac United States[xg] ✧ fetus deletus ✧ (81 knifings) United States[xg] ✧ fetus deletus ✧ (13 knifings)
L'Etranger CanadaSkyBlueFox64 (5 kills with l'etranger) United StatesBirdo (1 kills)
Liberty Launcher CanadaSilverSpeed™ (25 kills with liberty launcher) CanadaAlex (1 kills)
Loch-n-Load United StatesAccurate_at_DEATH (2 kills with loch-n-load) Not awarded
Lollichop United StatesWeebtrash™ (5 kills with lollichop) Not awarded
Longest Death Streak United StatesNo (70 deaths) Egyptlncelalimoodymi (12 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak CanadaSilverSpeed™ (44 kills) Canada[xG] Meaty #SandCrusade (19 kills)
Longest Play Time United States[XG:REP} Duck Dude (11:51:15h hours) Egyptlncelalimoodymi (05:18:31h hours)
Loose Cannon United States[xG:M]ABlueSkittle123 (15 kills with loose cannon) United StatesLiteral Garbage (2 kills)
Lugermorph Not awarded Not awarded
Machina United StatesDjik93 (13 kills with machina) CanadaSkyBlueFox64 (1 kills)
Manmelter CanadaSkyBlueFox64 (1 kills with manmelter) Not awarded
Manslayer United StatesNinMego (12 kills with kukri) United StatesNinMego (1 kills)
Mantreads Not awarded Not awarded
Market Gardener United StatesMrPositive101 (21 kills with market gardener) United States[xG] Lightning Mcqueer (11 kills)
Maul United States[xG:A] Owlknight (3 kills with maul) Not awarded
Medic Killer United StatesNinMego (30 medic kills) United StatesLiteral Garbage (7 medic kills)
Medics Defended United Statesfestive ramen #sandcrusade (3 medics defended) United StatesHoodie7373 (1 medics defended)
Memory Maker Not awarded Not awarded
Most Deaths United States[XG:REP} Duck Dude (325 deaths) CanadaSquid_Tiddy (93 deaths)
Most Improved Player United StatesNo (2,863 points gained) CanadaRaindox (997 points gained)
Most Kills United StatesNinMego (376 kills) Canada[xG] Meaty #SandCrusade (87 kills)
Most Points Healed United StatesZyconyx (9,155 points healed) United States[xG] Virtarch (5,076 points healed)
Most Suicides United States[XG:REP} Duck Dude (209 suicides) United StatesDr. Doofenschmirtz (120 suicides)
Most Valuable Player CanadaFroof (3 wins as mvp) United StatesNinMego (1 wins)
Natascha United States[xG:A] Krampus (41 kills with natascha) Not awarded
Necro Smasher United StatesBandit (1 kills with necro smasher) United Statessidencent #FortniteIsForLosers (2 kills)
Neon Annihilator United StatesZachinator (39 kills with annihilator) United StatesMortal #Sand Crusade (7 kills)
Nessie's Nine Iron United States^TYKZ^ (2 kills with nessieclub) Not awarded
Organ Grinder Not awarded Not awarded
Overdose Not awarded Not awarded
Panic Attack United StatesDerrall Sheets (24 kills with panic attack) United States[xG:M] Skelly (13 kills)
Persian Persuader United States(TGS)KenKaneki (2 kills with persian persuader) Not awarded
Phlogistinator Canadapablo.gonzales.2007 (5 kills with phlogistinator) CanadaSquid_Tiddy (4 kills)
Pistol United States:3 bumblebee :3 (12 kills with pistol) United Statesテクノアンドロメダ (2 kills)
Player Extinguished United States[XG:REP} Duck Dude (17 players extinguished) CanadaRaindox (7 players extinguished)
Player Teleported United StatesNullAndVoid (1 players teleported) Not awarded
Points Captured United KingdomThunderDart (32 points captured) United StatesTheDinoSavior (10 points captured)
Pomson 6000 Not awarded Not awarded
Postal Pummeler United StatesVedit (2 kills with mailbox) Not awarded
Powerjack United StatesPlayer 2 (15 kills with powerjack) Not awarded
Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol United StatesNekro (Not fucking around) (5 kills with pep-pistol) Not awarded
Primary Shotgun United States:3 bumblebee :3 (19 kills with shotgun primary) Not awarded
Prinny Machete United StatesOrbital Icarus (36 kills with prinny machete) Not awarded
Puncher United Statesstardog (1 kills with fists) United StatesEggu-shi (2 kills)
Pyro Shotgun PeruVacindak (58 kills with shotgun pyro) United StatesSonic3120RBLX (7 kills)
Quickiebomb Launcher FranceThusthus69 (16 kills with quickiebomb launcher) United StatesNolanFett64 (1 kills)
Rainblower United Statesmonstrosity (1 kills with rainblower) United StatesThe Terroriser (1 kills)
Rescue Ranger Not awarded Not awarded
Reserve Shooter United StatesQWIFJUEVHJI (1 kills with reserve shooter) Not awarded
Revenger United States[XG:REP} Duck Dude (7 revenges) United Stateskat (3 revenges)
Righteous Bison Israelnotzed247v (1 kills with righteous bison) Not awarded
Rocket Launcher United StatesNo (103 kills with rocket launcher) United StatesJoshua | No voice chat (1 kills)
Sam's Revolver Not awarded Not awarded
Saxxy Award Not awarded Not awarded
Scattergunner CanadaRaindox (61 kills with scattergun) CanadaRaindox (59 kills)
Scorch Shot Not awarded Not awarded
Scottish Handshake BulgariaSwordManBG6 (1 kills with scottish handshake) Not awarded
Scout Pistol United StatesNinMego (16 kills with scout pistol) United StatesNinMego (3 kills)
Shahanshah United StatesAxsyeh (9 kills with shahanshah) United StatesxG Donakonda (1 kills)
Sharp Dresser United StatesMortal #Sand Crusade (13 kills with sharp dresser) Not awarded
Sharpened Volcano Fragment United StatesOrbital Icarus (44 kills with sharpened volcano) Not awarded
Shooting Star United StatesFlint (12 kills with shooting star) United StatesFlint (6 kills)
Short Circuit United States(TGS)KenKaneki (2 kills with short circuit) Not awarded
Shortstop Not awarded Not awarded
Shovel Beating Canada.[@@@@]''♣ (7 kills with shovel) United Statesbigwhiteandsexy (1 kills)
Showdown Not awarded Not awarded
Skewer Not awarded Not awarded
Snack Attack Not awarded Not awarded
Soda Popper United StatesJust straight up Jesus (4 kills with soda popper) United StatesNeocto (2 kills)
Soldier Shotgun CanadaSilverSpeed™ (9 kills with shotgun soldier) United StatesNinMego (5 kills)
Solemn Vow Not awarded Not awarded
Southern Hospitality Not awarded Not awarded
Spinal Tap Not awarded Not awarded
Splendid Screen Not awarded Not awarded
Spy Power United States[xG}Geektapuss (1 objects killed as spy) Not awarded
Spy-cicle CanadaSquid_Tiddy (41 kills with spy-cicle) United StatesDr. Doofenschmirtz (2 kills)
Stickybomb Launcher United StatesxG:M Semper #SandCrusade (8 kills with stickybomb launcher) United Statessidencent #FortniteIsForLosers (1 kills)
Sun-on-a-Stick Not awarded Not awarded
Sydney Sleeper United StatesZachinator (2 kills with sydney sleeper) United StatesxG Donakonda (2 kills)
The Ambassador United States[xg] ✧ fetus deletus ✧ (9 kills with ambassador) United StatesLiteral Garbage (7 kills)
The Classic United StatesAxsyeh (28 kills with the classic) Not awarded
The Direct Hit United Stateskat (16 kills with direct hit) United Statessidencent #FortniteIsForLosers (2 kills)
The Equalizer United StatesNo (2 kills with pickaxe) Not awarded
The Escape Plan United StatesTAoW Hunter (3 kills with escape plan) Not awarded
The Eyelander United States[xG:A] Krampus (8 kills with sword) CanadaSquid_Tiddy (1 kills)
The Huntsman CanadaSquid_Tiddy (11 kills with sniper bow) CanadaSquid_Tiddy (13 kills)
The Killing Gloves of Boxing United StatesGerald the Holy Sword (1 kills with gloves of boxing) United StatesxG Donakonda (5 kills)
The Original United StatesxG:M Semper #SandCrusade (12 kills with original) CanadaA TF2 Player (30 kills)
The Sandman United States(TGS)KenKaneki (5 kills with sandman) Not awarded
The Scottish Resistance Not awarded Not awarded
Third Degree United States(TGS)KenKaneki (3 kills with thirddegree) Not awarded
Three-Rune Blade United StatesNinMego (1 kills with three-rune blade) Not awarded
Tide Turner Not awarded Not awarded
Tomislav United StatesYeetus the Fetus (11 kills with tomislav) United StatesWitherWolf02 (11 kills)
Ubercharger United StatesZyconyx (4 ubercharges) United StatesWitherWolf02 (4 ubercharges)
Ubersawer CanadaSilverSpeed™ (7 kills with ubersaw) United StatesWitherWolf02 (12 kills)
Ullapool Caber United Statesmonstrosity (2 kills with ullapool caber) Not awarded
Ullapool Caber Explosion CanadaRaindox (1 kills with caber explosion) Not awarded
Unarmed Combat Not awarded Not awarded
Vita-Saw United StatesJust Straight Up God (1 kills with vita-saw) Not awarded
Wanga Prick CanadaSkyBlueFox64 (15 kills with wanga prick) CanadaSkyBlueFox64 (4 kills)
Warrior's Spirit United StatesPeter Griffin (5 kills with warrior's spirit) Not awarded
Widowmaker United Statesテクノアンドロメダ (7 kills with widowmaker) United Statesテクノアンドロメダ (5 kills)
Winger CanadaRaindox (20 kills with winger) CanadaRaindox (3 kills)
Wrangler Not awarded Not awarded
Wrap Assassin United States[XG:REP} Duck Dude (5 kills with wrap assassin) Not awarded
Your Eternal Reward United StatesSirboneurmother (47 kills with eternal reward) United StatesColonel (4 kills)