Ban request format and Rules (read first)

Discussion in 'Ban Request' started by Rhododendron, Dec 18, 2010.

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  1. Rhododendron

    Rhododendron I can't stop eating cheese.

    Dec 13, 2010
    When requesting ones ban, we require a few things.
    Please make a new thread, and use this format.

    Players SteamID:
    Players IP: (If you have this.)
    Players Nick Name/In-Game Name:
    Your Name:
    Reason why:

    Any demos or attachments please attach them.
    We will review when we get time.
    When you request a ban you must show a little respect, and not appear to want a ban simply because the player is better than you.

    Few rules are needed.

    * ONLY-POST-ONCE: Just because you post a million times - does not mean we'll see it any faster - multiple posts will be ignored.

    * Provide the correct format WITH proper information, attachments and reasons - failure to do so will result in the closing of your request without action done.

    * Please do not request bans on a player just to get him banned for no reason - sure he is a better player, its no reason to ban him.

    * READ THE RULES - make sure the reason you are requesting the ban is a legit and proper request - check the MOTD and In-Game server rules forums to be sure.

    * STAY CALM -- Lying or stretching the truth won't help your case.

    If the user is being requested for:
    Hacking, exploiting, scripting, mass spawncamping/killing or greifing.
    You will need to get a DEMO or visual proof of the act.
    Either record or screenshot him/her and attach it for proper examination or else your request will be ignored.