Member Protest Format/Rules.

Discussion in 'Member Protest' started by Rhododendron, Jan 21, 2011.

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  1. Rhododendron

    Rhododendron I can't stop eating cheese.

    Dec 13, 2010
    Your SteamID:
    Your Nick Name/In-Game Name:
    Reason why you don't want this member in our community?
    His/her SteamID:
    His/her In-game/forum name?

    Anything else we should know?

    When you request a ban you must show a little respect, and not appear to be an butthole just trying to get the guy that pwns your butt banned just because you can never beat him.

    Few rules are needed.

    * ONLY-POST-ONCE: Just because you post a million times - does not mean we'll see it any faster - multiple posts will be ignored.

    * Provide the correct format WITH proper information and reasons (THIS INCLUDES PROOF)- failure to do so will result in the closing of your request without action done.

    * STAY CALM -- Being an butthat won't help your case.

    * Be patient! - We'll get to the appeal asap.