xG-News Haha Suhh Dude! An April Update!

Discussion in 'xG News' started by Aegean, Apr 20, 2017.

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  1. New Raffles incomingggggggg
    Donator Co-Leader Member

    Aegean The Hero of Time

    Jan 4, 2011

    Hello Xeno Gamers!

    Haha April 20th am I right fellas?

    What's New This Month?

    • The Official Noob Guide is out. The Official Noob Guide! If there's anything you feel is important to add, please comment on the guide and I'll make the changes! Anyone who is new to the forums will hopefully see this now before doing anything else.
    • Badges are now out on users. Refer to this guide Badges if you want to know what is available. (Will be finished within 2 days as the badges interface got fixed less than a day ago) If you have any suggestions, please post here Badges Megathread!.
    • For Staff: "Unless a Player is explicitly affecting the Servers (or is otherwise harassing a Player on our Servers) then there is no reason to ban a Player for their actions outside of the Servers. In other words, in order for a Player to be punished, they have to be affecting the Server as a whole, or, and this is a big 'or', they have to be a danger (IE. [verbal] harassment, threats, etc) to any of the Players in the Server (including Staff). Anything above or beyond this is an abuse of power from the Staff (depending on the situation)." Quoted from @Forest, we discussed as higher-ups that this is in fact the best course of action. This debate was sparked due to a ban last week so this should hopefully clear things up, and if you have any questions as moderators/admins, do not be afraid to ask the higher-ups on clarification.
    • TF2 Staff can now choose to use staff titles or tags in servers, instead of just the steam tags that we've done since the beginning of time. This is subject to change at a later time, but for now the division managers and leaders agreed that as long as it's not confusing they have 0 issues with you guys using the staff-specific titles on our servers.
    What's Coming Up Soon?
    • Revamping CS:GO, Minecraft, GMOD will begin May, school will be finished for many of us so expect a ton of events, badges, credits and giveaways within the next month to help repopulate our servers and prepare for the long awaited summer! Minecraft specifically is being looked at right now, as we have a few members interested in helping run the division, and we will make sure to choose the best course of action to keep the community happy. @SuperMaddud said he will be back in a few weeks so we will talk to him as well and then go from there.
    • Youtube will be started earliest May or latest June, so if you're someone who thinks you have good content for xG's official youtube channel, be sure to prepare your stuff and message me when the time is ready!
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    1. Feel tired, feel dried and you wanna die Pride fried, closed eyes and you start to cry
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      Dec 30, 2010
    2. Math final Thursday but otherwise ya boy is finished
      Donator Member Server Mod

      Moosty Actual SJW

      Sep 6, 2013
      Solid update, now to find ways to make my name/title combo work as a sentence.

      Server Moderator in the sheets, Moosty on the streets?

      Nah too long, but I'll find a good one.
    3. hurray school's over
      Friend of xG

      KSPlayer1337 The Meme-stronaut

      Mar 3, 2016
      whoah minecraft server isnt shut down?
    4. Why are robots so adorable?
      Donator Member Server Admin


      Aug 25, 2016
      Some exciting stuff to look forward to and a very useful clarification, all in all a wonderful update :)
    5. Member Server Mod

      sick41057 Bad at TF2

      Jan 20, 2017
      Does this mean that staff members aren't required to wear tags as long as they use the Server Mod/Server Admin titles on the servers?
    6. Girl you got me in a trance, please take off your pants
      Donator Division Leader Member

      Bello G59

      Feb 5, 2014
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    7. *DEAD* The Scotsman Rhetorical : SUPREMES A FURRY?
      Donator Member Content Creator Server Mod Social Media

      TheSupremePatriot A Derpy Braixen

      Jul 22, 2015
      Glad we finally have a solid ruling on situation of the such. ^_^
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    8. F the fidget spinner where are the slap bracelettes at
      Donator Member Content Creator Server Mod

      NitNat that skeleton in your closet

      Nov 4, 2014
      Gmod hype
    9. Just doing what I can, when I can.
      Donator Member

      Forest Coffee Lord

      Jun 18, 2012
      Just a thought: whenever an update is published here on the Forums, maybe one should be Announced via the Xeno Gamers Steam Group? Not as in depth, just like a short bulleted list of updates and a link to the thread or something. Ensures deeper saturation and it might encourage more Players to apply, especially with the latest Member Submission(s) update.
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