xG-News Summer Is Coming, A May Update!

Discussion in 'xG News' started by Aegean, May 9, 2017.

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  1. New Raffles incomingggggggg
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    Aegean The Hero of Time

    Jan 4, 2011

    Hello Xeno Gamers!

    You ever heard of that PUBG game?

    What's New This Month?

    • New Raffle! We understand how popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has become, and we want to give back to the people who have supported us! We are giving away 1 copy of PUBG in our raffle that you can enter if you're a sponsor or donator of Xeno Gamers! Sponsors get 20 entries, donators get 5, and the draw is at the end of May! PLAYERUNKNOWN'S Battlegrounds! | Xeno Gamers
    • Profiles now are much quieter if they have custom music playing. We reduced it to 0.2 from the initial default (which is 1 I believe). We have also added covers for your profile, default and custom. Defaults currently are just different colors (which is also free), and custom (that you can purchase for 2500 credits) lets you upload your own banner, the dimensions currently are about 1370px x 210px but will be changed to be something more standard and bigger. They can also be gifs! (Fyi, you only need to purchase once and can change it as many times as you want!)
    • Badges have been updated. New badges are the [GiftR] badge that you can get by providing a raffle prize that we use, or by gifting the raffle prize to another xG member if you win it from the raffle.We also have a hump badge for 5000 credits. Shoutout to Cyanide and Happiness. Refer to this guide Badges if you want to know what is available. If you have any suggestions, please post here Badges Megathread!.
    • Minecraft is going to be worked on, but we need your help! Tell us what you would like on this thread! Minecraft, What Next?
    • Mod Applications are now open to members who are 14 years or older! We are reducing the age from 16 to 14 due to an overwhelming response from the community and the higher ups agree that 14 should be the starting age.
    What's Coming Up Soon?
    • More Events! Have an idea for our next event in xG? Let us know and if your event gets selected we will gift you 5000 credits if it's a successful night!
    • Youtube! Xeno Gamers Subscribe to us now if you want to be the first person to watch our newest content coming soon tm
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