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Discussion in 'xG News' started by Aegean, Sep 26, 2017.

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    Aegean The Hero of Time

    Jan 4, 2011

    Hello Xeno Gamers!

    I'm sorry for all the goat memes.

    What's New This Month?

    • Raffles are out again, we have the newest One Piece game One Piece - Burning Blood | Xeno Gamers, and Goat Simulator Goat Simulator | Xeno Gamers. Be sure to enter in the raffles before time is up, it's totally free!
    • TF2 staff will now be required to wear their tags in their name again if they are playing on our servers (instead of just using the chat prefixes). We want you to be proud of having xG in your name while you are administrating our servers (exception to if you are undercover) and we want to revert the changes from a few months ago. Thank you for your understanding!
    • Discord as you know has been a huge change for us that I believe has been for the better as we have finally a platform for all our divisions to communicate amongst one other. We want our staff specifically to be more active on it, especially if they asked for their own channels but in the meantime we really enjoy the amount of discussion going on in each of the current text channels. If you have any suggestions to improve our discord, let us know!
    • Rust unfortunately did not have enough interest that we hoped for, so we will allocate the resources into CS:GO and hopefully get some more content on that asap!
    • Hate ads but still wanna help out? You can now support us on forums by mining crypto currency through your browser! As thanks for your help we'll hook you up with credits. Check this link out if you're interested!
    • Prefixes are now added to the forums for the public to use for their threads! You can use the serious tag or the real life tag so far. Hope this helps with furthering discussion!
    What's coming soon?
    • Movie Night will be happening in October! If you are interested in it, then post your opinions on what we should watch! xG Movie Night Interest Check | Xeno Gamers. Shoutout to @Hibiki for the idea!
    • Discord: we are still trying to figure out exactly how to reward the people who paid for TS channels, so stay tuned!
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    1. Happy Holidays Xeno Gamers!
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      Forest Coffee Lord

      Jun 18, 2012
      gosh darn goats.
    2. I showed one of my friend doki doki club and she said her cat died the other day... on the next day...
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      Jan 1, 2015
      When u get rust and server is getting shut down. :(
    3. Hoot hoot
      • M
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      TheSupremePatriot A Derpy Braixen
      No Mood

      Jul 22, 2015
      Can you guys put heavy warnings on the mining page so people who don’t know what it is don’t turn it on and wonder what the hell is wrong with their computer. Because I didn’t know it was bitcoin mining and turned it on while on mobile. Warnings are gud, thx :b
    4. ech
      • D
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      Jul 12, 2016
      Excited for that movie night
    5. du yu kno de wae


      Jan 19, 2015
      can we start that movie thing on my birthday? think of it as a gift :^)
    6. I'm gay
      • M
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      Krampus Supreme Catboy

      Jan 31, 2016
      Ha I never removed the tags from my name anyway so I lost nothing
      • S
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      Chrono Bigger Jew than Silence

      Aug 13, 2011
      when will we know more about the mining?
    7. Forums are being completely recoded from scratch, so except bugs in the next few weeks as Rhodo is focusing completely on our new forums!
      • CL
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      Aegean The Hero of Time

      Jan 4, 2011
      @Rhododendron if you can explain in detail that'll be great :)
    8. time for me to break the world record of fastest suicide attempt
      • CL
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      Rhododendron I can't stop eating cheese.

      Dec 13, 2010
      Just go to mining and enable and while on the website it mines.
      You build up your balance and I'll finish coding withdrawal which will get you credits for it at some conversion rate I have to determine.

      Pretty simple :)
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