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Discussion in 'Rules' started by Rhododendron, Dec 27, 2010.

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  1. Rhododendron

    Rhododendron I can't stop eating cheese.

    Dec 13, 2010
    Last updated on June 23rd, 2012 (By PapiChulo)

    So, you are wondering what it means to be a Moderator on Xeno Gamers. This thread will answer many questions people are having about the Admin system that is in place on our servers.

    How do I become a moderator?
    As of 02/02/2012 a few things have been changed and things have become stricter.
    To get Moderator in the Xeno Gaming community will require a multitude of things.

    To get Moderator - please follow these tasks.

    *-Forum Activity: You want moderator, or to KEEP moderator... you must become active here, we don't demand EVERY DAY, but at least a bit more effort and a moderate amount of activity - Failure to do so will result in removal of admin or removed from the community, if you are going to be inactive for a good reason - Post on the forums and let us know!

    *-Server Activity: Play in our servers, get them populated - if you'd rather play on another's, don't bother being here.

    *-Contribute: Donate, help out, post, suggest maps, servers - WHATEVER; help out in the community - you'll get noticed.

    *-SPEND TIME AND BE PATIENT: - As of now, joining xG the first day And asking for Moderator repeatedly will keep you from getting it. Apply for Moderator on the forums when you meet the qualifications, spend time here, get to know each other, contribute and be active.

    *- Teamspeak ACTIVENESS: - All Moderators and up need to USE Teamspeak, if you can't let a higher-up know! - use it or lose it.

    *-RECRUIT NEW MEMBERS: , AND HAVE THEM REFER YOU - Send them here to sign up and apply, have them refer your name in their submission, every recruit could lead to rewards!

    *-HAVE FUN!: - being a raging tyrant gets you nowhere here.

    Are there Staff rankings?
    Yes there are. The staff ranking system goes as followed:
    (Lowest to highest)
    Paid Moderator
    Paid Admin (can be overruled by 2 Moderators)
    Division Manager
    Division Leader
    Community Leader
    These are the official staff ranks that you will follow when becoming an admin on Xeno Gamers.
    There are also some unofficial admin levels but we have yet to decide how they will play a part in the clan.

    What are the privileges of a Moderator?
    A Moderator will receive minimal rights on their designated server(s).
    They will receive the following flags:
    - Generic admin
    - Kick
    - Ban
    - Slay
    - Mute

    What are the privileges of an Admin?
    An Admin will receive a generous amount of rights on their designated server(s).
    They will receive the following flags:
    - Generic admin
    - Kick
    - Ban
    - Slay
    - Start votes

    What are the privileges of a Division Leader
    A Division Leader will receive the full amount of rights on their designated server(s). This does not include the right to edit the server in RCON or launch any configuration files.
    They will receive the following flags:
    - Generic admin
    - Kick
    - Ban
    - Unban
    - Forum Mod
    - Slay
    - Admin chat
    - Start votes
    - Teamspeak A (You can kick, move and ban any Admin or lower on teamspeak)

    What does the Council get?
    The Council are of the highest command and responsibility.
    They have final say over any matter and are to act first on matters before anyone else.
    They have the following flags:
    - Generic admin
    - Kick
    - Ban
    - Unban
    - Slay
    - Admin chat
    - Start votes
    - Map Change
    - Server commands
    - RCON to an extent.
    - Teamspeak C (Complete immunity to everyone except Silence, can create rooms in TS, plus everything else previous levels can do)

    Co-leaders are Serbian, Brian, and Duckii
    Leader is Silence

    What if I catch an admin breaking the rules or abusing their privileges?
    If you catch an admin abusing their rights, do not be afraid to report them abusing. To report admin abuse, just make a thread in the Admin Abuse forum. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PROOF!!! If you feel afraid or just want to stay anonymous, contact any council member as soon as possible or talk with us privately on teamspeak and we will deal with the matter accordingly.

    I can't think of anything else to answer, so if I missed something, just make a post on this thread and I will fix or write up your suggestion.
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