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Discussion in 'Member Submission' started by Rhododendron, Dec 29, 2010.

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  1. Rhododendron

    Rhododendron I can't stop eating cheese.

    Dec 13, 2010
    So, you've decided that you want to join xG?

    Before you begin filling out a membership application, please make sure you meet the following requirements first:

    * To become a member, you must be at least 13 years old.
    * Here at XenoGamers, we do not allow our members to multi-clan. If you are already a member of a different clan, you will not be allowed to apply.
    * If you are declined membership for any reason, you may not reapply for a minimum of 30 days.
    * After receiving the minimum number of vouches, you will be accepted as soon as possible. You may tag a Division Manager in order to close your member submission.

    Age Policy:
    All users applying must be age 13 or higher. If a user is under that age, BUT was a member previously, left the clan and was not kicked out, they can create a member submission. The rest of the criteria still applies to that user.

    If you have left or got kicked out of xG, and are allowed to re-apply, you must have
    - Double the amount of vouches said requirement needs.
    - A Division Leader from the respective division to agree on your return 01/13/14
    - Have waited a minimum of 30 days from the day you have quit/left xG

    • Members are allowed to provide a -1 toward a re-submission under the reasoning that the applicant left XenoGamers in order to join another clan.

    Failure to follow this setup will result in the rejection of your submission.

    The Vouching Template:

    Decision:This will be the "+1" or "-1" you give a member

    Why: Why did you give this member a “+1" or a "-1"

    -Be respectful with your comments.
    -Explain why you feel the user should or should not become a member.
    (Include maturity for your positive/negative vouch)

    Activity: What servers are they on the most? What server do you see them on? What games are they on the most? CS:S, TF2, Minecraft etc.

    An example of the template:

    Decision: +1

    Why: Hes a good person, he respects others, he does what he can to enforce the rules, hes contributing to the clan by posting ideas on how to make the servers better.

    Maturity: He tends to talk when its not really needed but stops when someone asks him to, he doesn't contribute to trolls when they are on the server, he keeps his cool most of the time

    Activity: Hes active on RPG surf, and jailbreak, he is also active on the saxton hale server

    INCLUDE A NUMBER SCALE FOR ACTIVITY AND MATURITY, 1 BEING ON THE LOW END (immature, not active), 10 BEING ON THE HIGH END (very mature, very active)


    If you don't want to write it that way, you can make it something like this:

    "-1, serbian does not know the MOTD very well. Even though he is very active on the jailbreak server, he has been CT banned for freekilling too much. He also mic spams, talks over warden almost every round, and is not respectable with people he plays with."

    That would be a relevant vouch. We are not asking you to write a paragraph, summary, or essay describing the player, you just need to include the necessary parts in order for your vouch to count.


    Minimum Vouching Requirements

    • You need 7 vouches including 1 admin+ vouch as of 11/24/16 for TF2
    • You only need 4 vouches from members for the CS:GO division as of 11/10/2016
    • You only need 2 vouches from members for the Minecraft Division

    [Vouching - Yes&No's]
    You should vouch for a player if:
    • You've played with him/her.
    • You are a part of that division - represent!
    • And obviously if you want them to be a part of us!
    You shouldn't vouch for a player if:
    • You haven't played with him/her.
    • You're not a member of XenoGamers - sorry, but we need our communities voice.
    • You have no idea how this person acts/plays within our servers/community.
    How to properly vouch
    Here is where I'll explain how to vouch for a player, and what to do&not do.
    When vouching +1/-1s for any applicant - you should at least have these following reasons:

    • Is he/she active? Or not.
    • Does he/she listen to rules or admin directive when given? Or disrespect & break rules?
    • Is he/she fun? Or way too obsessed with his/her scoreboard?
    We want cool, relaxed, nice members, not good players.
    So, when vouching +1's - we don't need things like "Good warden, cool guy or good player" by itself - we are not a skill based community.

    You should only -1 if at least the above requirements are met & based off at least the three reasons above - not if you hate the person, or based from skill.

    Tips for getting vouches/ quicker answer to your Application

    As many of you see we're a popular community and have many applications to deal with. Sometimes so many come in & we lose track of who is looking to get in, pushing theirs to the bottom, but there is a easy way to fix this and help us both, and that is "bump" your thread. Simply by posting "bump" - doing this will bring your thread to the top of the list so we can notice & respond! :D

    Another tip is if you are in need of more vouches why not join one of our servers with members and play with them. Get to know them than send them to your app and ask if they could vouch for you. This will help you get enough vouches to get in.

    Hope you like these tips :).

    Please keep in mind that any member submission that is up for a month will be automatically declined if it doesn't meet the requirements to be accepted. 20/11/2012

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