JailBreak Report

Discussion in 'General' started by Samantha, Mar 18, 2011.

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  1. Member

    Mar 13, 2011
    Some of you might not know me but i recently joined xG after meeting silence. I have been playing on the Jailbreak server and here are some issues of seen that if we fix, the server would be a lot better. Here is my report:

    - Admins abusing their powers for their own good.
    - Slaying a CT for killing , claiming it is free kill. ( Severe punishment on that)
    - People dont know who admins are. Either create a command that tell you that, or enable the who command for all.
    - We also need admin training, some admins seem very promising.
    - Some admins suck.

    2. Freekills / Freeshots
    - Freekills happen, so the slay punishment is good for one kill, every long period of time. However too many kills = CT ban which is already there.
    - Freeshots , major problem
    1. We dont know who did it.
    2. It happens a lot.
    3. It ruins the T chances of a longer life.
    - Therefore, i think a system that prints all shots to the shooters + players console + admins is best
    Well they both can easily read it to see who shot who. Then the victim can tell the admin that he is abusing.
    Some times shot happen for a reason i understand, but this way we dont have to guess who did what.

    3. CTs Breaking Vents
    - Can be really bad, and ruins Ts chances
    - Preventable by notifying everyone when a CT breaks a vent.

    4. Gun Planting
    - No issues there, i did not encounter that.

    5. Warden
    - We should add a random warden system, with a yes / no thing, so if no players want to be warden, it will declare a freeday.
    - Maybe if the warden succeeds he may choose to stay as warden.
    - Also maybe a menu with a list of predefined objects he can print to chat, ( we could hook voice commands and change them )
    so that everyone is clear of each objective.

    6. Time limit
    - Ts dont wanna wait more than 5 minutes for a round to end. Some wardens just take so much time, therefore either end the round,
    or make a progressive round time increase system.
  2. Friend of xG


    Dec 21, 2010
    ummmm... for admins if they're abusing for there own good peolpe can alway report that admin to admin abuse and follow the template just make sure you got evidience of that abuse.

    We know theres freeshooting and freekilling go on thats why more admins need to watch orders and kills more often because when someone said they got freekill many admins just ignore them which isn't so good. Also i dont know about the shoot print thing because alot of shooting and killing goes on which would probaly spam the chat :(.. so just watch The Ct's as i do and find the freeshooter

    Also , we don't need a command which tells People if there is any admins on the server because some people massive freekill when there isn't admin on so if there is a way to tell if admins are on, it wouldn't do any of us good

    A warden random chooser seems a bit hard in my eyes, so i don't know about that.. so we can just stick with having Wardens call for wardens at the beginning of a round

    also Ct's breaking vent is a slay/teambannable so if u see that person do it just slay him/her and give warning , if they do it again just teamban and make sure they dont get Ct again.. if you don;t know who did it just go to spectate and watch the vents and make sure noone on Ct's side broke it
  3. Banned

    Feb 16, 2011
    Silence can get all xG members' Steam IDs from there profile and get let them be able to type "!who [Target]" to know who has admin and who does not.