Kakaguy ban protest

Discussion in 'Ban Protest' started by Kakaguy, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. Kakaguy

    Kakaguy Guest

    Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:34858918

    Your Nick Name/In-Game Name:Kakaguy211

    Reason why you were banned(If you don't know this put n/a): Mass freekill then left when admin arrived

    Why should you be unbanned?: Because when the round started Quarantine wanted to be warden then he passed it to me and then I said "I am going to be your warden today" "If you are outside your cell you are a rebel" then I got to a spot then I opened cells and then a few people ran out of there cell and said it was a freeday and then I killed them then my Mom wanted her laptop back so I closed it and gave it to her and I guess that is when Duckii came in and I got banned for a fricking week when Freekilling then left is supposed to be a 1 day ban obviously. Also whoever banned me from the forums I don't care if I get admin or not I like to post on the forums.
  2. Friend of xG


    Dec 21, 2010
    ummm all i heard from nickname was u freekilled and he asked me to come in so i came in and he said u left so i asked people multiple people said u had freekilled and than left when i came in and no its not obviously 1 day ban from mass freekill and disconnecting its a 1 week ban. I'd say not to be lifted unless theres proof of him warden or so because there is to many people saying u freekillled.

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    alright ur unban i've got enough information but also u were ban on ur other acc becase of spamming forums so ur ban for 2 days on it

    so please stop spamming the forum as in posting on old threads thnx :)