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Game Name:

Persona 3 FES






PS3 (Virtual Console)


Time Spent: (A rough estimate is fine if the game doesn't track it)

63 hours in 1 playthrough

90 hours in total


Do you recommend?



What you rate the game: (1 to 10)



Initial Thoughts:

I was always curious about the persona series. I have never been a big JRPG fan even though i had tried multiple times playing the likes of Final Fantasy 4, 7, 13, 15, Golden Sun, the Dragon Quest series to get into the genre but they have never clicked for me. So i was cautious and so i decided to purchase Persona 3 FES (FES being the enhanced port of the original) which was only 10 dollars.


Pros: (At least 2 reasons)

First of all, the combat is fantastic. Like most of the popular JRPG games, it's combat is turnbased where the Characters use their persona's abilities to deal damage, buff opponents or debuff enemies. Most enemies and allies included have weaknesses that can be exploited for another turn.


Perhaps the biggest reason for it's popularity, is it's characters. The main protagonist has no voice lines however his diloug choices are up to the player's discretion. Your allies and side characters are all very interesting and you can get to know them via social links. Social links are these events you can do to A. get to know the characters more and B. When you reach rank 10 the social links, you get a persona for their respective Socal link. Example: Getting Ranked 10 with the Magician Social link, gives you the opportunity to fuse certain demons and create Surt (one of the most overpowered persona in the game). down below is each of the social links that you can rank up throughout the game (some level up only through the story mode).




The music in this game is phenomenal. I understand music is subjective and people won't like everything i like but i find it hard to believe that anyone can actually actively dislike a very unique soundtrack.




Cons: (At least 2 reasons)

If you want to max EVERY single social link you may have to follow a VERY strict schedule with a guide. While it is much easier to do with FES than it is to do with the original, it's still a real pain. That means exploring Tartarus ( the games dungeon) only once or twice a month. For this reason i recommend playing on easy if you wish to go this route, so you do not get overwhelmed by some of the bosses.


Another minor negative is Tartarus its self. You will be scaling a 200+ floor building and the floors don't have much change of scenary to them. This isn't a very major point, especially if you plan on doing all the side missions and scaling to the next road block in a single night or two but after playing persona 4 (which i will probably review later) it at times can get mind numbing seeing the same layout.




My only negative of the game is FES's 'The Answer' story. It's an extra of 10 to 30 hours of just fighting very frustrating enemies because fans of the original 2 persona and shin megami tensei series thought the game was too easy. It takes place after the game and that's all i will say about it because it's major spoilers. There's not much story and in my opinion just very boring. DO NOT LOOK UP ANYTHING ABOUT THE ANSWER UNTIL AFTER YOU BEAT THE ORIGINAL GAME.


Final Thoughts:

This review might look like there are some more negatives than positives, but that is NOT the case at all. There is just so much good about persona 3 that made me fall in love with the series, as well as got me to try multiple other Atlus JRPG series such as Shin Megami Tensei and its spin offs. Demon fusion is very confusing and overwhelming at first, but you start to feel like a total bad ass, when you get more and more persona. The voice acting is actually top-notch. I'm not sure why everyone has such a problem with Fuuka's voice acting. Some have said that she just sounds so bored and tired, but i didn't really get that feeling. Now there are multiple versions of Persona 3, the PSP version of persona 3 which i have not played but it comes with a female route, so instead of a male protagonist, you can choose a female route that changes some things about the game. Some major actually. Persona 3 FES is just persona 3 but better. you can look up some of the changes but anyone will tell you, to get FES because it adds some more content, social links are easier to complete and it's 10 dollars on PS3.


I hope you all enjoyed reading this review and if you have any questions about persona 3 or anything about persona just ask in this thread or add me.




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