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    Almost two years
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    Hello, I have been apart of xG (now xB?) for a while now its a great community and I love to help when i can. I have previously been staff on the server at the rank of Admin. I was demoted for inactivity due to real life problems and inactivity in the CSGO servers. It would be awesome to come back and start helping the community once again. I see i have a lot if new faces to get to know. I hope to start to be more active again.

  • I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for.

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I'm staying neutral because I seen you in discord once and never in servers but from what I hear you were a great admin in the past I just feel as you should re-familiarize yourself with rules and get more connected with the community again before applying for staff again.


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You were mistaking rules earlier

After such a long time I recommend that you re-learn rules and take some time to be known in the community other than the few people who you have talked to as of recently

4 hours ago, Savage_Pear said:

This guy is pretty lit I know it doesn't matter but +1 for this dude i loved him for the past 3 years

You need to be member to vouch

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