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GMod CN 8/3 - WarioWare

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Apologies for my continued absence in terms of community events, no real excuse this time other than my birthday is coming up, I've been busy with my current job, and the free time that I do have I've chosen to use with my responsibilities in TF2 Div + enjoying GTA V lately:

To tie into its recent creation, and to give it the attention it deserves, the newest GMod server will be in the limelight of the next Community Night during this upcoming Saturday.

Any questions, comments, feedback, etc. is much appreciated, and will be responded to below.

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1 hour ago, hongkongatron said:

what, with your broken ass kneecap little bitchboy DWEEB

I replaced my leg with one that can rotate 360 degrees. Once I hone my ability to spin it as fast as humanly possible I will turn into a fucking helicopter and kill you

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