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So many of you have wanted a jb repopulation going and im happy to say it seems to have started off nicely with a steady fruition because of Jb staff   @Jadow  (and anyone else i didnt mention. And its exxciting to see alot of the older members excited to play again. I am actually happy to see it flourishing, it feels fresh and new thanks to new additions of !cs and the chaos each member brings to the server.  

Just Tips for the future, the Server needs to be able to attract new people and get them to stay so that the older people dont have to always be on to attract people. Best ways to get them to stay is

  •  Server needs actual wardens who are excited in taking the role and are interested in having a good day, so try not to be samey  ie  frlr (scum game) 
  • Be sure to explain rules to both Ts and Cts, i seen a few people last night playing ct not knowing what to do and ruining the round, as well as Ts getting Gatted right away for the slightest movements, Try not to be so blood thirsty and explain how someone broke the rules. Often a few cts blasted Ts who jumped when a restriction was never in place, be sure to call this out, Blood thirst is kind of a mood killer
  • Mods Please Police who gets on Ct, anyone obviously new or a troll should be swapped before they end up ruining anything,
  • As well as mods please be a little quicker in taking action, Clear violators of the rules were not punished right away or at all despite constant outcry of the server to do so with eyewitness accounts.

Thats about all i can think of right now. Thanks All for boosting the server and having a good time on the server, Lets keep this up.


@Jadow @Lithium @Bumpy @coolduck @PolarCoded @Dannypicacho @Bonk   and everyone else i didnt tag cause ive got to go to work.

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