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    1 Surf-specific rules:

    • Spawnkilling/Spawncamping is not allowed.
      • Airblasting and/or doing damage to other players in the enemy team's spawn is considered spawnkilling, this includes using sandman, holiday punch and jarate/mad milk are examples of spawnkilling.
    • Killing from spawn is not allowed
      • The exception to this rule is surf_halloween_v2b.
    • On Linear maps: Do not prevent players from progressing on the surf tracks.
    • Do not build Engineer buildings anywhere that would be obstructing other people's gameplay.
      • Ex: Surf tracks
        • You may build Dispensers in spawn, as long as they aren't an inconvenience to spawning.
    • Do not use any map specific objectives to end the round. 
      • Ex: Capping points at the end of the surf track.
    • Do not use !cptele to escape fights, or to gain a combat advantage.
      • Ex: Quickspawning and using cptele

    2 General Rules

    • Staff members always have the final say in an argument. Please respect their decision.
    • English is the only language allowed on xG servers.
    • Soundboards, voice-changers and TTS are allowed. However, you may not use any of the above (or similar) excessively or with intent to ear rape to a point that may annoy other players.
    • The [xG] tag is reserved for members only. If you are not a member, please visit www.xenogamers.com and apply for membership!
    • Sprays, avatars and items that are able to be customized cannot contain the following: genitalia/explicit nudity whatsoever, racism, hate symbols, gore, derogatory content and images of sexualized minors (this includes drawn images)
    • Racism is not allowed.
    • Disrespect, harassment or trolling is not tolerated and may result in a punishment.
    • Exploiting bugs, glitches, or known problems to your advantage is prohibited.
    • We do not allow advertising or external links of any kind within our servers. (This includes Twitch channels)
    • Cheating and hacking are punishable offenses that will result in permanent bans!
    • Trolling is unallowed. (The definition of trolling is to the discretion of the moderator, and can include intentionally being annoying, antagonizing players, impersonation of staff members, spoiling the ending of games or movies, etc.)
    • If a staff member is not online when you need one, please use the !calladmin plugin to call an admin to assist you!
    • Abusing the !calladmin plugin will result in a minimum of a day ban. Please do not use the plugin unless an issue needs to be immediately solved!
    • Do not impersonate staff members.
    • Scamming in any way, shape, or form is a heinous notion, and will be met as such within our servers. If you wish to report a scammer, please contact a staff member immediately.
    • Please keep all trading to text chat. 
    • No Random Trading. Please have the common courtesy to work out a deal with someone in chat before sending a trade request. It will not be tolerated.
    • Building and Body Blocking are not allowed on our servers. (Intentionally getting players stuck with your body or with Engineer buildings.)

    3 !friendly rules

    • If you do not wish to be killed, please use the !friendly plugin.
    • Do not complain about deaths if you aren’t using the !friendly plugin.
    • If you are using the !friendly plugin, do not interact with map buttons.

    4 Useful information

    There are three types of maps:
    Linear Maps:

    If you finish the map or fall off of the surf track, you will end up in the jail; however, if you beat the map you will receive powers to use or end up in secret places in the jail.

    Arena Maps :
    There isn't a jail nor an end, you need to use your surf-skills to survive!
    Bi-linear maps:
    Map may start as an arena map, but may have parts or segments that lead to linear areas.

    How to get back to your spawn:
    It is highly suggested that you bind /kill or /explode for a quick return to spawn. Or, you can use !cpsave to set your teleport position at spawn as well, if you do not wish to set it somewhere else in the map.
    Please follow the !cptele rules!

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