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    News post, What works easier

    So you're suggesting like the first Tuesday of every month guaranteed aside from the very first day of every month. Virr made up a test schedule and for all of 2019 at least the news will never collide with promo/demo in the sense that they will both be on the first day of the month. That's still a good point to consider, thanks.
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    TTT Map Request

    Steam Workshop :: ttt_clue_pak STEAMCOMMUNITY.COM Steam Workshop :: ttt_motel_b4 STEAMCOMMUNITY.COM
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    Lottamos - Counter-Strike

    Honestly +1 tolerable enough to keep unmuted. I think he finally understands the concept of community and maturity enough
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    Bringin it Back - Tabletop CN 5/4

    if we dont play munchkin im gonna rage
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    Remove Random Crits on Surf

    lol ok tryhard seesh go play mge you trihard lmao seesh team fortress classic sounds like thame for you lime scout
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    PC or Laptop

    as someone who was stuck on a laptop for ages, im never going back. pc > laptop for life
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    Lottamos - Counter-Strike

    You have to be member to vouch on applications
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    +1 Very cool girl, follows the rules and is F.U.N F is for friends who do things together, U is for U and meeeeeee. N is for Nyone anytime at all, down here in the deep blue seaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. A:10 M:9-Cause you did something to me...
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    enable more guns on scrim server

    the lack of negev really makes it hard for me to do my favorite play: smoke a hallway, spray, and pray. +1 on negev +1 zeus 0 on auto I couldn't care less if it is added or not
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    Old Names

    supershadower and wayyyyy back i named it after one of the characters for the comic im making which will never come out btw: supersonier
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