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    Re-add masscc to TGH

    Alright, gonna keep my case stupid and simple. History: This was on our non-TGH trade server, and was added to TGH by request when that went down. A while back, someone whined it wasn't 'gaming history', and it's been off rotation for a few years. First- - This is a trade map with a lot of fun extras and mini-games for events, like a functioning Connect 4 board. Deathmatch is fun, but this allowed for a wider variety of TGH community events. Second- - What if I told you this map could constitute as gaming history? Let me explain. No, it's not from a classic N64 or PS1 era video game, but MassCC is a map from a defunct TF2 server that used to be large eight years ago. Furthermore, while not traditionally fallling under TGH map guidelines, the fact it represents our own defunct general trade server means it, in some regards, represents a part of XG history. Also, even if we ignore all that, there's still references to a game older than anything currently in our map rotation. Yes, Connect 4 was first released as a board game in 1974, and was later used in first-party a Nintendo game in the Switch sequel to classic NDS title 'Clubhouse Games'. No, it's not as 'in-theme' as a lot of other TGH maps, but it also wasn't a bad map, and it was an important part of both TF2 and XG history.
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    Re-add masscc to TGH

    frankly seeing a lot of cool maps taken down for that reasoning over the years while we still have shit like airstrip in active rotation, and we've not added any new maps in several years? maybe not the right thread, but, please for the love of Christ loosen the theming a little
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    MvM Maps/Missions Requests

    dust 2
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    Division Discord In-Game Name Flareon Identity https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198152453070 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers since 2014 Information Applying for discord mod, since i’ve been more active on there than on tf2. p.s virr is smelly I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
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    closed by OPs request
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    For my friends on Steam

    It seems that my account was blocked by accident because a friend of mine reported it as a "scammer" so right know my account do not exits it seems like Also, be careful with trying to get help from "Steam support" using Discord, turns out they are pretty much scammers, they wanted me to create an account on a website to buy bitcoins, luckily for me, I block everything related to my card just in case So yeah, if you see anything suspicious with my account, that is not me right now, I will try to recover as soon as possible
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    A long return

    fuck you bitch
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    TF2 Division News 3/28/2021

    Stopped voting early as there were a lack of votes. The polls showed a majority of people were in favor of removal of those 3 servers. As for the merger, again, it's an idea, but from what we saw in the votes people seemed postively in favor of the idea. We'll keep you updated in the upcoming weeks.
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    TF2 Division News 3/28/2021

    Hello Everybody, I am Tanman Tanner, the Division Manager of the great TF2 Division and I bring gifts. In the works as we speak, we have plans to add a new server to our collection, a MvM server, with eventually a thread for the public for map and mission suggestions to be added. I hope for this MvM server to be our great new addition and an attention attracter to our great division. Beep boop. Onto the polls. As many of you may note, we have a lack of population, particularly in Deathrun, Freak Fortress, and Jailbreak, all 3 of which struggle to bring in players at all weekly, let alone daily. I will have polls for all 3 asking you, our playerbase, whether you think the servers should stay or go. When you vote for these 3, please do not let nostalgia influence your decision. Jailbreak: Removal in Favor Freak Fortress: Removal in Favor Deathrun: Removal in Favor Now, onto a slightly experimental suggestion that I know will be controversial. Many of you who play Trade Gaming History and Pokemon Trade should at least hear me out. How would a merger sound? TGH would gain the maps from Pokemon, and the Pokemon server would stop existing. To some who like only one of those servers, feel free to provide your input here, I welcome it as I do know both servers are not exact twins of each other. Alongside that, take part in the poll after this wall of text. The reason I would suggest a merger in the first place is due to the fact more population on one server will lead to more players joining out of interest. I intend this solely to be a population-encouraging move, however I know just as well if done wrong it may harm us even more. To be clear, unlike the polls above, the poll below will not be the set-in-stone decider, but will give us the stance of the community on the subject for consideration if we go further into the idea, if at all. Merger Poll: Positively to a merger, read above, this is not a set in stone idea but an idea. Thank You, and keep gaming with XenoGamers!
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    TF2 Division News 3/28/2021

    I don’t agree on the removal of the Pokémon server. A lot of people have tons of points there, not only that but whenever Pokémon is discussed, TGH regulars tend to roll their eyes. I can just see the server dying the moment the maps change. Keep it separate so everyone can be happy.
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    -1 being active isn't a justification for being staff, multiple instances of immaturity IMO about basically any time someone does something dumb by either joining in or trying to start a "fuck them" bandwagon to ban etc. I don't think you would rationally moderate discord imho
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    -1 considering we have numerous discord moderators already doing a fine job and you aren't particularly better than them also this:
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    I see a lot has changed

    Been a while since I last checked in here, but I am sad to see that the tf2 server is empty all the time, spent most of my teen years meeting new friends, but i am happy to see many new faces that have joined xG, just happy to finally be back.
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    This the homie

    This the homie
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    Of course doing something “dumb” should lead to someone getting punished accordingly.
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    Racism or slurs of any sorts is not tolerated. I banned you myself, it was not an automated ban. ~closed
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    Update Thread

    Lazy Update Xmas Server -> Rats Server Now Rats Server server opened! with Special days RPGSurf -> 1v1 Server 1v1 Someone Noob steam://connect/xenocsgo005.game.nfoservers.com:27015 Challenge someone with !challenge
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    Last comment wins

    this thread fucking blows
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