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    Asock - Forum

    It should be one all together. You've caused enough harm to this clan that it's not even funny.
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    Asock - Forum

    Division: Forum In-Game Name: Asock Offender's Steam ID: Irrelevant Rules Broken: Harassment, bullying, trolling Evidence: So, I've decided to make a ban request on Asock (as if that isn't obvious already). Why? Because ever since I joined this clan, he just lurked the forums and trolled. This resulted in: Shitstorms, harrassment and just plain trolling. This would be a great clan without him, in my opinion. Many would agree. Recently, in the Criticism Thread, Asock verbally assaulted me and @Kypari. Telling us to kill ourselves, picking out small mistakes and using it against us, insulting us and more. He has been in trouble several times before. What would happen if he were banned? xG would be a perfect community with happier people. I personally believe that this is unacceptable and behaviour like this has been coming from him for too long. There has been many shitstorms or events where similar actions have occurred from him. And before you say something like: "The Criticism Thread was made so everyone could insult each other, grow the fuck up", remember a key quote that @Forest said:
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