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    A question for YOU! (:O)

    Bring back random crits on tgh, bc you dweebuses are turning everything into a tryhard shitshow, bring back edventures bc meme maps are sometimes refreshing to play on, especially since most of the time you nerds are on the same 3 map rotation 24/7(more like 3/2 bc servers are dead as fuck anyway) I feel like admins should “abuse” (votes and shit)their powers a little bc you gamers are putting all of those epic plugins to waste if you’re not gonna use em, make it more fun, who gives a fuck if muselk joins in on 1400 sentries and 354 monoculi are blasting away at a large headed green pyro, that type of shit made playing on the servers fun. Also stop being tryhards you scum. It drives all the children away
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    Slightly important question?

    LOOOOOOOOL good one fuckwit
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    A little practice with Blender

    I don't think, many people appreciate the gravity of your post. Started to mess with blender - creates a perfectly proportional Lucario model. I'm coming from 3DS Max and could never even do anything basic with Blender! And the texture is pretty much perfect. ONLY... why are the bottoms of his "pants" darker? It almost looks like a bad smoothing group job. The only negatives about this are, that the Lucario seems just very stiff. (Which is likely due to the fact, that you just started with Blender) And the letters in the background. They overlap a little, and the light core doesn't look very good on the R and especially the K. Overall, really impressive. I'd love to see more of your stuff!
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    Saving For a New PC! Advice?

    If you're not opposed to building a pc yourself (this sounds super daunting but actually isnt that hard after watching some videos and doing some reading) here are some resources to get started: http://www.logicalincrements.com/ https://pcpartpicker.com/ https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/
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    dude wth is that? waht ever
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    Selfie Sunday

    is that elon musk in the picture
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    CN of March 2nd 3/2/19 - Minecraft

    finally a game I can run.
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    Mr.Gladîatør / Roy

    I honestly think CS staff should keep a close eye on him since he also likes to say stuff like this on servers. He also loves to scream.
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    GoOd tHINg - Counter-Strike

    Jaydow banned him but didn't close this. closed
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