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    The situation as I see it

    So I just read your whole post, and I have a few comments. 1. I appreciate you actually taking the time to laying out your thoughts like this, it not only shows you care, but you're also trying to improve xG which is where your frustration comes from so I honestly want to say thank you for that. 2. Higher ups having their own stuff to deal with always comes at the price of xG. I think some of it comes from it school, waiting for the forums to be fully functional, and of course complacency which I don't think anyone is fully innocent of (including me) aside from Virr and Rhodo. I think keeping communication active is key as a higherup, and if you can't be reached or participate in important discussion based on your area, you should at least have a valid reasoning for it. Not communicating or responding to messages isn't right. 3. The higher ups need to make themselves stand out more. This can be in terms of communicating with the community more on forums and discord as it's already a given that they play on their servers. Just talk to your community, share ideas, ask questions etc. All in all a good post, and definitely something for us to improve on as a whole in xG
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    The situation as I see it

    If only there was more discord activity especially in the voice channels and the higher ups actually used them aside from the OG crew that used TS. I personally think the lack of official communication within discord among the higher ups and even just staff/members puts a strain on the community as a whole. (some people use their own discord with their own friend group which while not against rules of life or anything does put a strain on what they are communicating. it censors out things they dont want to hear that may not agree with them since they can pick and choose who they chat with even more so than just ignoring them) If there is that much of a lack of communication between you guys as higher ups on issues, that is something I would bring to Aegean and Virr because there is really no reason that a legitimate issue/conversation should go over a week with no response whatsoever. Perhaps just having them step in, talk about it with the other staff/higher ups and seeing what the issue is and why there is no solution/why there is no response to the issue. While I understand that life gets in the way and there is poop that people have to take care of over xG, I find it hard to believe (barring huge family/life-death/grieving/broken PC) that there goes a week with no answer. (I had full time college schedule, almost full time work hours, a girlfriend, real friends, and family poop I was doing all at the same time, but could still manage to come on and read forums/respond to PMs/message other higher ups if they were on not that everyone could or should be doing all of the above).
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    Minecraft or Gmod BotM?

    You've never played gmod before have you? Advanced Duplicator, It's a staple mod for any build server, darkrp, or otherwise known game mode that is build intensive, it allows you to copy entire builds and it creates a file for it. It copies every prop/entity that is welded or otherwise attached. (pulley, rope, etc.) it even copies the functions of tools such as doors etc with the proper key input (and keypads/buttons that activate it as well)
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    Week and a half left of classes, so ready for it to be over
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    I am the birthday noodle 😄

    I am the birthday noodle
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    Lyrical vs Mumble

    I'm going to go of the basis of that awful comparison video, since that seems to be the focus. I'm also going to go off the base of lyrical meaning that the lyrics of the artists are deep and meaningful, while mumble is just a good beat with some repetitive lyrics that follow suit (i.e. Lil Pump-Gucci Gang). Eminem, Logic, Tech N9ne, and especially Hopsin are like the Wal-marts of "lyrical" rap. Yeah everyone might listen to them once in awhile, but they're afraid of being judged by it. Eminem has some deep lyrics, but eh. Logic is the same way; He rubbed me the wrong way when he released his "Suicide Prevention Hotline" track. Saying "Woo!" after asking if anyone else feels the same over a suicide focused song just makes it seem like he is mocking those. Post Malone-Rockstar should have been put into mumble. I'd personally even consider Congratulations into mumble just for the flow and repetitive lyrics. The mumble portion felt fine although I'm surprised they didn't stuff Lil Uzi Vert in there. Lyrical Rap isn't bad and neither is mumble rap, but it honestly just depends on mood. Are you being a big brained king? Then go with lyrical. If you're being a deep fried brain king? Then mumble rap is your pick. Both are great, and I will continue to bump to either of them. Except Eminem, Tech N9ne, and Hopsin. They're just awful in my opinion.
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    Stock is better. DH is super satisfying but stock is superior in almost every fashion
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    bungy bungy bungy i dont want to leave the chungy
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    General Update Thread

    Guess I forgot to post changes. Oops! Anywho, here are some update notes! ALL SERVERS - Updated rtv plugin - Added spin and greentext to the servers that didn't have it Freak Fortress Maps - added vsh_spacestation_a2s to rotation - added vsh_snowdown_v8 to rotation Weapons - Gas passer now explodes (MvM upgrade) - Thermal Thruster has air jump enabled and a slightly faster charge - Nerfed .50 cal shot - Nerfed radius of homing projectiles Bosses - Brought back Bloodrider, Heavydile, and Bread Spy - Fixed Zerstorer's melee swing speed, reduced speed and fire rate of his gun to compensate. - Buffed Sewer Medic's hp and pomson, no longer the weakest boss - Reduced hp and rage duration of Hatsune Miku - Nerfed The Knight's rage damage and range and increased damage needed before he has it - Buffed Bowser's rage damage - Reduced hp of Terminator and James Bond - Nerfed Rage build of butt pancakes - Reduced hp and frequency of rage of Blood Rider - Buffed health of Bread Spy - Nerfed health of demopan - Increased rage build of Hitler (known bug: his flamethrower doesn't throw flame properly) - Re-enabled Gaben's rage - Reduced duration of Gaben's rage - Reduced number of minions Admin spawns - Gave Sonic.exe his second life - Gave the Rocket his shotgun back - Buffed Sewer Medic's sounds Pokemon Trade - Added pkmn_sootopoliscity_b1 to rotation Surf - Added surf_serene_a1 to rotation Deathrun - Added bhop for now • maxspeed set to 520 for now (subject to change) • Autohop Disabled
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