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    A little practice with Blender

    Well, I started practicing with Blender a few days ago Here is my customized Lucario made in Blender, Reiki! Made by me using Blender
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    YeEternalTuna more like YeEternalFurfag
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    A taunt command

    I personally completely disagree with the addition of any kind of command that gives you in game items that other people have had to pay for. People have spent countless hours, pounds/dollars/whatever to obtain some of these TF2 items. The very definition of a massive middle finger is to add free item commands.There's a server I've been on a few times when xG isn't populated and they have a command that can give you Australiums, Unusuals, taunts, etc, to use on their server, yet it is the number one thing that turns me away from playing there. Not to mention that the taunt command is a feature of being a donator. Making perks that people have previously paid for into perks that anyone could have is a big no zone because people have, once again, paid real life money in order to get these perks (or just to straight up support the clan). Making these perks into regular player commands would highly encourage players to think twice about donating as they would be constantly under the fear that the perks they have paid for would end up as a regular player perk. Massive -1 from me.
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    Life pro tip: Don't be bigoted. My heart goes out to all my people injured and killed last night in the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting and the officers who lost their lives to stop it.
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    It's like there is only handicap parking around here. I swear.
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    CHALLANGE Post ALL your attachments

    Most of mine are just screenshots from arguing with Rabid like 4 years ago. Holy fuck. mass.dempanda.demshotgun.dem
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    Osrs mobile

    The fastest way to make money is to kill cows for ~2 years then sell all the hide you have collected and boom you made 20k username : BullseyeXYT
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    A little practice with Blender

    >computer can run 3d modeling/rendering software with dynamic lighting >computer can't run tf2 and record demos at same time but that's really awesome reiki!
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    I have a shit ton of plot armor rn.
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