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  1. Today
  2. Pepper


    Why did you leave me bb
  3. james8470

    Halloween Special

    awesome! wish I was this good with blender!
  4. Caleb956


    Requested to be closed by submitter. Closed~
  5. Caleb956


    Caleb956 denied the submission
  6. Caleb956


    Unfortunately, your application has been denied. Closed~
  7. damn, it 🅱️ ya own

  8. Dannypicacho

    I swallow dick - Counter-Strike

    Honestly though that pic plus all the witnesses shows a really strong case and I'd say +1 to banning
  9. Tatost

    I swallow dick - Counter-Strike

    he did something wrong as CT, and instead of slaying he walked to the side of the line and shot everyone in the fucking head.
  10. virr


    hey qt, missed you
  11. james8470

    Which Coding Language Do You Like The Most?

    java cuz minecraft plugins
  12. james8470

    Random Crits on Surf

  13. james8470

    Am I a good boi?

  14. Spoopy

    Am I a good boi?

  15. I just told him "Not use the Boo ability of the map to hurt or kill players with it", and this is the kind of answer that I was expecting.

    It's a shame that my word doesn't matter on the server.







    1. james8470




      report him

    2. Kypari


      /motd it's literally in there

  16. Roy

    Am I a good boi?

    I’m fat, cute, homo(not really), eat weeboos for dinner, play csgo and forhonor, smell saitain ass, and ready for Christmas and waiting for Santa to give a present or coal(maybe a dead body). yours truly, Mr.Gladiator
  17. Roy

    Sniipz - Counter-Strike

    +1 Hard-core evidence here that he is mass-free-killing.
  18. Roy

    I swallow dick - Counter-Strike

    +1 I wasn’t there but it’s solid evidenced but a video is more recommended of someone freekills, but hey, he massed freekilled.
  19. Roy


    Oh hi
  20. Tatost

    Sniipz - Counter-Strike

    +1 massed multiple rounds in a row complaining about how bad the server was.
  21. Tatost

    I swallow dick - Counter-Strike

    +1 I was actually one of the people who got massed
  22. Thanks for the pic bb

    1. virr


      no problem qt

  23. Hg2CI2

    I swallow dick - Counter-Strike

    +1 I was there when it happened I think he gave up trying to be a CT and just massed
  24. Dannypicacho

    I swallow dick - Counter-Strike

    context is everything and that just isn't enough
  25. ScottNi


    The fact that it has taken you this long to simply type in !rules is sad. However long the ban is deserved. Take this time to watch how other Ct's play and try to model yourself after them.
  26. Rabidtoken


    Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name SuperMaki Identity STEAM_0:0:454691914 Ban Type Team Ban Information I did not read rules and played as a ct i apologize for my stupid behavior. I have read rules now and i deeply apologize for my actions
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