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  2. I agree with pretty much everything you said here, but would still like to point out the fact that the people with 4-5+ pages of warnings either have meme warnings or their warnings are over an extended period of time. In Crow's/Decidueye's case, he has received multiple verbal or text warnings within the span of 2-3 weeks. I'd also like to mention that there were some problems with this specific player back in 2017 which form the very foundation of this ban request. I find it odd to compare someone who starts arguments on the daily to someone who occasionally and jokingly says "TF2 dead division" or the hard r n-word. This^ Currently, these are the problems with Crow- He's a member of the community (as of 2017) and fails to meet the standards that we hold any and all of our members to. (Read his member application in one of my previous posts if you haven't already.) He has openly expressed his hatred for the community, including the players and the servers. He constantly starts arguments in the Discord due to his inability to take other people's opinions into mind. If he were able to have a civil discussion on the topic, none of us would have any reason to hate him, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Constant general player disrespect
  3. Omgomgomgomg robots omg bots omg i have an opinion i am different i am not like u npcs omg i hate this community omg brainwashed omg how did i get here but i lowkey have nothing else in my life omg i am so smart and woke omgomgomgomg +1 bruh
  4. *4chan buzzword* *4chan buzzword* *4chan buzzword* That's all this dude consists of from those screen shots. +1 for spergin out and using shitty overused memes while being an edgelord.
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  6. yeah i found that out after I checked if he has nitro i retract my previous post i would have never guessed that's a coincidence
  7. I hope you know that his tag was pure coincidence
  8. Nevermind his tag is #1488 and after talking to him he seems to be a degenerate at heart, I change my vote to +1 Pretty much this
  9. Reminds me of myself a few years ago, but I'll go with a -1, honestly I dont think any amount of toxicity should warrant a direct ban, targetted harassment and bigotry would be different but he doesn't seem to be doing anything besides being a toxic edgy retard all the time Most you should do initially is warn him, doubt that'll do anything but at least you can say you warned him when you ban him after he doesn't stop being toxic
  10. +1 for member removal at the very least, if not ban has been a massive pain for anyone around him whether it be on tf2 or discord, constantly trying to shut people down for any meager reason, causes trouble rather than meaningful discussions in terms of walls of text, etc etc ive been so lenient to the point where im mentally handicapped
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  12. I don't really interact much but I didn't know he was really on this "opinions contrary to mine are from bots" shit. For someone who seems to know what constitutes a bot he seems extraordinarily bad at recognizing one in-game badum-tsh
  13. While I haven't spoken with Crow personally, I have looked at the screenshots and scrolled through messages of his. He seems to pick a fight within any conversation. Maybe a final warning then ban?
  14. after seeing all the screenshots and my personal experience from talking with him, +1
  15. Kirby's Epic Yarn division when?

  16. This is the main reason why I dont agree with a ban at this time. Yeah, he behaves like an edgy, angsty raging teenage shithead, but there are members who've been given a second (dare I say third) chance. Official warnings should be dispensed from now on and not only verbal.
  17. While his toxicity warrants some sort of warning, I feel that a ban is disproportionate to what he's actually doing. If we held this precedence of members getting banned for these levels of toxicity, we would ban every person who's had a bad day or two. Also, jumping straight to a ban seems a little unwarranted when he has no discord warnings whatsoever. While I know he's received numerous verbal warnings, he isn't a person who has, say, 5+ pages of warnings like some members do. In conclusion, banning someone outright seems unwarranted, when they have received little to no warnings whatsoever. While his actions still warrants a warning, I feel his actions have been blown out of proportion. I would warn him, and if he is to continue for an extended period of time, a ban would be warranted.
  18. that won't be a problem anymore because I stepped down
  19. i didn't know he had more than one discord account, closed the thread because I thought he deleted his account, and then the other monkeys told me he had a 2nd account and I reopened it (this all happened within the span of like 20-30 minutes last night) anyways, it's a +1 from me, dude seems to be able to find a fight in any discussion he's in and is generally an ass to others
  20. neutral you seem to have improved but I'll wait it out further before I decide to change to a +1
  21. +1, he seems to hate xG and make fun of the people in it consistently, he often rants about meaningless shit and it's annoying
  22. Evidence that I was sent, but the user is a noob and didn't post it.
  23. +1 if you take a step back and look at all the arguments he’s in, with everyone. He starts them with toxic behavior and the other person doesn’t start slinging out aggressive and rude tone/behavior until after dealing with it for several minutes. Should they have walked away? Yes. But does that allow him to continue being toxic? No. Personally while evidence is a good thing to have, in this case I think the users behavior speaks for itself.
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