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  4. Thank you for your input. Yes, I think for the longest time we've followed too hard on that theming, but at the same time I've also noticed we just haven't added maps that don't follow that theme, we really haven't tried to get rid of any maps that didn't follow the old strictly enforced theming (however I may very well be wrong). Additionally, I think a few of the maps that were 'removed' from TGH were simply just taken out of map rotation and nomination, and I think if the push for some of those maps to be added back in were present (like here), I think we'd look at it at a case-by-case basis, as I can't say all of them didn't deserve it, but some like masscc didn't need it. Anyhow, take a look at Cyberpunk and it's 2nd version, which of course predates a game of the same name, and has been a part of the server long before it was even announced (despite removal during that time period and re-adding). I think we should allow the 'gaming history' thing to be applied to maps of old that had been influential in xG's history, not just old games, like Cyberpunk or masscc.
  5. frankly seeing a lot of cool maps taken down for that reasoning over the years while we still have shit like airstrip in active rotation, and we've not added any new maps in several years? maybe not the right thread, but, please for the love of Christ loosen the theming a little
  6. I can get behind this. It's not the most game themed map in the world but it was an awesome one. I'm considering maybe being a little looser with the gaming theme for TGH. Most of the maps there could/should be gaming related but if there's a really good map that would fit the server pretty well then the fact that it isn't necessarily under the theme of gaming, that shouldn't stop it from getting in.
  7. Edited your thread to add a poll. Either way I'm personally all in favor of it.
  8. Alright, gonna keep my case stupid and simple. History: This was on our non-TGH trade server, and was added to TGH by request when that went down. A while back, someone whined it wasn't 'gaming history', and it's been off rotation for a few years. First- - This is a trade map with a lot of fun extras and mini-games for events, like a functioning Connect 4 board. Deathmatch is fun, but this allowed for a wider variety of TGH community events. Second- - What if I told you this map could constitute as gaming history? Let me explain. No, it's not from a classic N64 or PS1 era video game, but MassCC is a map from a defunct TF2 server that used to be large eight years ago. Furthermore, while not traditionally fallling under TGH map guidelines, the fact it represents our own defunct general trade server means it, in some regards, represents a part of XG history. Also, even if we ignore all that, there's still references to a game older than anything currently in our map rotation. Yes, Connect 4 was first released as a board game in 1974, and was later used in first-party a Nintendo game in the Switch sequel to classic NDS title 'Clubhouse Games'. No, it's not as 'in-theme' as a lot of other TGH maps, but it also wasn't a bad map, and it was an important part of both TF2 and XG history.
  9. If nobody responds by April 20 this will be the last comment
  10. Hello everyone! It is I, your local Division Manager. Last night, we introduced our MvM server to the public for everyone to enjoy. We are still gauging the community's view on the new server, and determining if it's a good fit for our community. For now, we are still asking for map and/or mission suggestions from the community at this thread: https://xenogamers.com/topic/24770-mvm-mapsmissions-requests/ Now, let's get to what y'all are here for: The Stock Gamemode Rotation Server. Many of you older players may remember it fondly, some of you may not even known it existed. I've recently seen a community interest in it's return. That's why I think a trial run is in order. Stay tuned, we should eventually have a follow up within a few weeks. Until next time, keep gaming with Xeno Gamers!
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  12. Red

    Septik u gotta control your anger towards people from the past. Like its not healthy brother take care of yourself and don't worry about what other people think cause it's "their" opinion and if you feel like I have targeted you in some way just tell me. (Not sure if its cause of an forum emoji). I don't know cause I guess everything is dead that you just want to use your discord mod powers for sake of coming at people cause you dislike them or something idk you have to elaborate on it cause you never came to private messages to talk to me or anything. Idk pretty sure u have me blocked on discord for some reason but hey u do what u like cause I don't have a say at anything. Just saying a single word like "tranny" can get you instant ban without no warning or context nor did I try to use it in a disrespectful way..

    even though people have said that word multiple times and in derogatory way they didn't receive any repercussion. 


    image0 (2).png

    1. TBOHB


      This ban wasn't personal to me at all and it wasn't done out of anger. I banned you because you've had multiple warnings and have been given many chances but you couldn't keep your mouth shut. You have a history of harassing people and have gotten away with it most of the time. In regards to what you said, whether you meant it in a "good" way or a bad way doesn't matter, you're going to be punished for saying shit like that. In regards to the people in the screenshot, I wasn't a mod when they were around but I know Jackie has been dealt with a few times before. As for Bags and Kiyo, I haven't seen them say anything since I became a mod. The reason I didn't take it to your DMs is because you should know better. I shouldn't have to have a sit down with you about something like this. If you really want to get unbanned you can do one of the challenges.


    2. Red


      It's 2021 I'm not out here harassing people for the sake of it. You should of just deleted me saying "Tranny" or warned me in discord like everyone else but it's whatever. Not like anything goes on in that discord anyways just lurkin.  Anyways I ain't appealing a discord ban shit is dead anyway, just wanted to know cause I didn't context to why. ✌️

    3. Dannypicacho


      when the imopstor 

  13. We have several of the potato mvms maps added, although we have not added skullcove yet. Thank you for bringing that map up!
  14. I miss my boys 0rr, sodium, and scooter.

    1. Dannypicacho


      didnt 0rr get banned for bhop scripts

    2. Abstract


      he did but we left on good terms so I miss him. plus didnt whats-his-name also? forgot its been so long. pear i think?

    3. Dannypicacho


      classic pear

  15. Perhaps some maps that were featured in potato's mvm servers, like that skullcove map which has a few custom wave 666 missions.
  16. E27CF287-BCC6-4369-B85C-00CD61F7B40E.MP4 E27CF287-BCC6-4369-B85C-00CD61F7B40E.MP4
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  18. Oh Reiki no… why did you believe them Support for Steam on Discord is 100% scammers, the only real support is on the official website.
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