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  3. Bumpy


    my name is bumpy
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  5. is this still relevant considering the current times?
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  7. I missed you all, Also what the FUCK happened to XG once I left? It kinda died lmao
  8. Bonk


    considering it's been a little more than a year and you're still committed to coming back to our dead servers - unbanned ~sealed away forever in the great vaults of time
  9. Lean


    Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name Bowoof Identity STEAM_0:0:141130857 Ban Type Team Ban Information I want to be Un-CTBanned because I was CT Banned god knows how long ago and I feel it has been long enough. It is approaching 1 year ago if it hasn't been already. I also understand MFK'ing again will be a permanent team ban or worse
  10. I will discuss with some other people this week about the importance of the multiclanning rule. In the meantime, we can follow rules as they are written, and hope for all the best for ya @Lottamos. Don't be a stranger!
  11. “In order to become a member of xG, the applicant must meet the following requirements: You must be at least 13 years old. Not already a member of a different clan. Have minimum 12 hours on our servers (Subject to change at a later date) “ Multi-clanning has never been allowed here.
  12. I don't think that's a real massive concern as long as it doesn't affect xg.
  13. No I mean I wanna be able to join other communities and stuff without multiclanning and shit.
  14. you don't need to revoke you're membership to leave. having the member role doesn't tie you down lol. you can keep being a member, just not an active one
  15. Nothing to big I’m gonna continue my current activity (which isn’t much) but I am looking at pursuing other opportunities so I’m leaving member role. If servers become active or I see a reason in re applying I might.
  16. fuck you @hongkongatron

    disavow im just kidding disavow

  17. @hongkongatron hey buddy little buddy boy hey there fam maybe your admin roles would mean something if the thing that was fun was in the server sent form my google drive
  18. Bonk


    okay..? you may reapply in 30 days. ~sealed away in the great vaults of time
  19. coolduck


    ok whatever i just joined this cuz i was bored yesterday idrc about this server anyways lmao
  20. how many xg bans can you get wr any%
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