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  4. It really do just be like that sometimes 🤔

  5. @Dannypicacho ~closed you need to have at least 12 hours on our servers which can be found here! @Jef you can join the discord if you're looking for people to play with! Join the Xeno Gamers Official Discord Server! DISCORDAPP.COM Check out the Xeno Gamers Official community on Discord - hang out with 769 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.
  6. +1 will be nice to have old maps back
  7. Last week
  8. In-Game Name Jef Primary Division Counter-Strike Previous Member No Profile Jef#7066 Age 13 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers Brand New Reason for Joining Looking for people to play with, I am a casual player, but can clutch games when necessary, just wanted to play with new people and have good times. Also open to playing serious games.
  9. TBOHB

    1080 or 1080ti

    i mean ive been using a 1070 for 2 years and its served me well. I'm able to run vr games on my oculus quite nicely. Sometimes you don't really need anything super powerful. Like ive been able to run GTAV on high graphics and average about 60fps. Like I said you don't really need anything super crazy. If you want the power though by all means go for the TI. Though the 1080 would save you money compared to the TI.
  10. +1 playing this map has convinced me to pirate and emulate the ed edd n eddy game
  11. haven't seen you in a while but then again jb is dead so
  12. +1 for black guy eating cereal room +1 because friends are there to help you
  13. @Rhododendron this is what defines my being DL now hope you’re proud
  14. drink water

  15. Edventures is a classic map on TGH and I don't think it should have been removed, A ton of people want the edventures map and surges of players come back on when that map is manually put on because people remember it so fondly. Before you say it isn't gaming related it is based roughly off the ed edd n' eddy game. At this point it would be good to add back these old classic maps to revive the player base.
  16. If you get accepted; you will have the ability to apply for staff if that interests you and you’re vouches/opinions have more ‘weight’ when it comes to changes in the community as well as member/staff applications. You also get to wear the [xG] tag if you choose to do so to rep the community.
  17. Hi guys I'm building a new pc. Do you think I should get a 1080 or 1080ti? Is the extra performance worth the price?
  18. What is the point of applying for membership. What happens if you get accepted??
  19. add me on steam if you're interested: Steam Community :: Google Docs STEAMCOMMUNITY.COM ːcsgocrossːTrade Linkːcsgocrossː • Admin on largest anti-scamming group worldwide 999k+ members • ːsteammockingː Rules: Comment below why u added me BEFORE adding me I know all scams. Don't...
  20. sup im google docs. I play jailbreak a lot and im gonna be active on the server. Don't @ me if u like Word.
  21. back in my day we wore stupid hats on jailbreak on maps like avalanche and lego, we also were cooler because source was better 

  22. Earlier
  23. jubens45

    Minecraft server

    @Fink Due to the lack of play in modded get me 4 other people who want a plain survival server and ill change the modded server.
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