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  2. John Galt beat Geno in an one vs one. 

  3. Today
  4. just speak english to them
  5. those first 2 are from when someone joined as me a bunch of times the last one.. it's just true
  6. Yesterday
  7. almost 8 year gang

  8. gl chief we'll miss you while ur gone
  9. ITS A GLANDULAR PROBLEM!!!! Hurry back daddy.
  10. Goodluck with school hope everything works out, till next time bullsex
  11. It's been fun but I am really busy with school and work and have no time to play. I would also like to focus on school more so I will be gone for a bit and plan on coming back.
  12. Do you remember how to do mouse over events?
  13. Aegean

    Mordeau Server

    @Sojodak Thanks for the meaningful post! I'll send you a message soon if we proceed further. @Rhododendron and @virr if you have any opinions or we can talk in private. I don't mind funding it either depending on how setup for custom servers work.
  14. Dannypicacho


    -1 convinced everyone to vote for bunker
  15. @Roosty is roosty. Hes never been on JB afaik @Roosty is roosty. Hes never been on JB afaik
  16. Ask them if they could speak in your native language since you are more coherent with it and then proceed to use Google translate to send messages in an obscure dead language
  17. zzz can we get some more responses
  18. Egossi

    Mordeau Server

    fuck the mouse dragging mechanics of chivalry i can confirm i stopped playing it because the game turned into "who can do a more retarded looking attack and somehow stab the other opponent from seemingly within the ground", after putting 50 hours into it back in 2014, i even bought a few skins
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