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    General Server and Community Guidelines



    1. Admins must follow the rules and have final say about decisions on a server.
    2. No advertising in our servers.
    3. Do not encourage other players to break the rules or attempt to trick them into doing so.
    4. No cheating on our servers. This includes wall hacking, aim bots, transparent texture packs etc.
    5. No impersonating admins or other members.
    6. No trolling whatsoever. Verbally attacking a person will get you banned.
    7. Keep all language PG- 13 on the servers, forum, and Discord. *You will not be kicked/slayed/banned for cussing. However, if you are doing it excessively to troll or abuse someone it will have repercussions.
    8. Do not bring up or make remarks to political stances, religions, leaders, nations, or touchy subjects.
    9. Do not whine or suck up to admins.
    10. Do not argue with admins.
    11. All sprays cannot contain nudity or derogatory content. This includes any spray that depicts sexual content or anything else that may be deemed inappropriate by Staff.
    12. Racism and sexism is frowned upon in our servers, using it excessively or in an insulting manner is not allowed at all. IF a mod or higher warn you to stop (by gagging, muting or simply messaging you) , you must stop. This is the first and only warning you get and it must be in this manner. If you do say something racist or sexist, it must be very minimal and not in an offensive way and if not stopped after a warning, you will be punished severely. The person these comments are directed to and any staff member can at any time state that these are offensive and you must stop immediately.
    13. No using voice changers ingame, if a mod or admin asks you to turn it off, you must turn it off. (must be obvious ie. autotune)
    14. No special characters in your in-game name, you can have some but there has to be enough legible characters (a,b,c,d etc.) in order for an admin or mod to target you, if you are asked to change your name by an admin or mod, then you must change it, punishable by kick/ban if you don't. (This rule does not apply for CSGO or TF2)
    15. Any unspoken loopholes in any of these rules are up to the discretion of staff members, if you try to use loopholes intentionally, you can be punished.
    16. Bans from one account carry over to other accounts, meaning if you are banned for a week on one account and you join the server while you're still banned on your other account(s), you will be banned on that account as well.
    17. If you are a staff member (mod, admin, etc) and you are on an xG server that you have powers in, you MUST wear your admin tags in your STEAM NAME, this is no exception, failure to follow this rule will lead to a demotion. [Undercover admin is the exception, but if there is staff on with tags, or you have no reason to be undercover, you may get in trouble.]
    18. No teamkilling
    19. Spawn killing is never allowed unless specified as legal by a server's MOTD.
    20. No links of any form via chat or spray
      Edited: 26/5/18.
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