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  1. dude stop giving me bad reactions dude stop dudeeee

  2. Congrats on temporary Gmod moderator @Jadow
  3. +1 plays minigames and joined discord a: 8 m: 8
  4. +1 we need another mexican in the staff team
  5. +1 he plays when my internet goes out
  6. -6 omg omg guys he called me a j*erk and he is not invited to my birthday party please tell your moms guys
  7. +1 plays 10mans A: lol surf M: screams when dying to rabid/mudkip
  8. Dannypicacho


    Didn't Segal say he was only taking mod apps
  9. omg omg pyro from team defence fort sequel would never do this its photoshopped omg im cryn n shakn in me boots rn