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  1. You degenerates make fun of me for supposedly storing milk in bags but you put milk in CARDBOARD BOXES!!!
  2. Ever thought of being part of the Teen Titans??

  3. +1 extremely toxic A: like a solid 7 M: a roller coaster (pretty fun and easy to rebel against +1 a7 m8)
  4. @Bumpy 1v1 me portal 2
  5. I'll make jb_teamfortress__csgo_v1 in golf @Jadow
  6. Was confused at first until I realized this was Phoenix. Take care of yourself.
  7. Count me in, chief. Also I'd reccomend the GEN6 rule set for the general smash rules: Genesis 6 Smash Ultimate Ruleset - Google Docs DOCS.GOOGLE.COM Genesis 6 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ruleset A. Tournament Rules�� Set Length� All tournament sets will be a best-of-3 games, until Top 64 at which point tournament sets will be best-of-5 games...
  8. Dannypicacho


    ~0 does not fit the requirements for this divison
  9. Okay well just remember to read the rules PRIOR to joining the CT team.
  10. Okay just don't get CT banned again
  11. "Is that bot?" says Danny Pistachio.
  12. I definitely understand but the problem is when people refuse to mature. From what I've seen with depressedneonnep, he's definitely gotten much better. Goldfish has had a LOT of trouble maturing or even admitting he's wrong for a while but I can see him slowly changing. Dukey is pretty much just a meme, we only don't like how he used to play in 10mans because he team killed the entire team because he was being toxic and had to leave. Icy being a bad DM was a meme. He wasn't, as far as I could tell. The problem with icy was being an adult and refusing to change the way he acts. Apart from being toxic as fuck on 10mans and DMing me with disgusting fucking pictures, icy was usually a pretty chill guy. Kind of like CT_SLAYER, he was chill but then left in a temper tantrum.