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  1. Congrats on world leader @Jadow
  2. very very hot take: murder is bad

  3. Dannypicacho


    I propose a solution: replace the higher ups with little children.
  4. @Bonk are you getting a sleeve

    1. Bonk


      are you gonna pay for it

    2. Dannypicacho


      only if it's entirely made up of my name

    3. Bumpy
  5. You doxxed people's numbers lmaooo
  6. genocide give admins their discord perms back
  7. Dannypicacho


    If you wanna be discord mod you're gonna have to forget about family God bless, and keep away from #anime
  8. +1 elderly man with more than enough wisdom to moderate Also ban jadow
  9. Division Discord In-Game Name Server Admin Role Identity everyone with the server admin role Position Moderator Time Active on Servers too long Information Hello, As you may know, people with the "server admin" role used to have discord permissions until @Genocide got them taken away from us. I represent all the xG discord server admin role gamers whose powers were unfairly removed because of one man's doing. I propose that we ban genocide, and give us server admins our moving privileges back. It is unfair that despite making up only 13% of the server admins, he is responsible for 52% of our suffering. We humbly request to regain the ability to move people in discord voice calls. Also, ban genocide. Sincerely, Every server admin. I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes +1 fuck @Genocide - he doesn't even have a minecraft account
  10. I pray for all the discord moderators that will have to go on #anime