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  1. Dannypicacho

    Possible new CS:GO gamemode?

    We already have minigames, jailbreak, and surf. But if xG were ever to expand the csgo div a little more, what do you think would be a good gamemode to add? I personally think TTT (trouble in terrorist town) would be great because of how well it works in csgo. What are your thoughts/opinions? Maybe in a few hundred years the xG gods will take this into consideration.
  2. a year later and it did ecks dee
  3. Dannypicacho

    Is Virr real?

    nice try, bot
  4. Dannypicacho


    Identitiy Link isn't complete.
  5. Dannypicacho

    Is Virr real?

    I've heard stories about some human named "virr". I've never seen virr. Not in a CSGO server, or in real life. Just in the discord, but then again it's probably just an AI. So... is @virr real? Or is Virr just a distraction to hide the fact that Aegean is a terrorist? asking for a friend
  6. Dannypicacho


    why is this a thing
  7. the past tense of yeet is yote

    1. Tatost


      you disgust me

  8. still no server mod circle thing on forums profile feelsbadman

    1. virr


      it broke

    2. Dannypicacho


      understandable have a nice day

  9. Dannypicacho

    Worst JB map?

    stop hiding lith, we all know that somewhere in shitbox you hid a tiny button that teleports everyone to a great ass map
  10. Dannypicacho

    Worst JB map?

    What do you guys think is the worst jailbreak map that can be RTV'd in xG's jailbreak server for CS:GO?
  11. Dannypicacho

    How do I get free robux?

    buy robux with robux
  12. Dannypicacho

    Is Aegean really a terrorist?