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  1. Dannypicacho

    Info on Building PC?

    I've begun to do research on parts and PC building and I would love to make a PC, but I am fairly new to this and would love to know some info about it before I blow $2000 on my first ever build and possibly fr*ck myself over. When building a PC rather than buing prebuilt, what are the... Pros & Cons Risks etc.
  2. RIP my mans XXXTentacionย 

  3. Dannypicacho

    Populate jailbreak?

    I don't know who you're responding to but whenever there's people on CSGO JB we often say "join jb" in the xG discord in #csgo
  4. already passed 666 profile views and didn't even get to celebrate smh

  5. Dannypicacho

    Populate jailbreak?

    I understand that but I'm just saying that TF2 in jailbreak just doesn't really work so well
  6. Dannypicacho

    Populate jailbreak?

    recently we've been able to get a decent amount of people on
  7. why not just yeet on the haters

  8. Dannypicacho

    Populate jailbreak?

    Populate CS:GO jailbreak instead I've tried jb in about 3 or 4 different games, and all I can tell you is that in TF2 it just doesn't work very well. TF2 can have so many different minigames and custom gamemodes but jailbreak just isn't that good in TF2 than it is in CS or Gmod, mostly due to weapons and not having classes.
  9. Dannypicacho

    Terraria Build Thread

  10. Dannypicacho

    Terraria Build Thread

    For all of you epic GAMERS who are really good at building, or an amateur like me who just wants to show off what they're proud of, post pictures of your terraria builds. (If you don't know how to capture a build in terraria, press F1, set up a frame, and click "take snapshot" then go to steam library, right click terraria, and view screenshots). Modded builds are okay too, because some extension mods (like Chad's furniture and more, I LOVE CHAD) add amazing blocks and decoration. Just say which ones are modded so if anyone wants to get inspiration (or blatantly plagiarize) they know not to look forever in builder's workshop or whatever. My first "real" build. It's a strip club, no mods. Mods used, it's a fire temple or something. I had mods enabled for this one, but I don't think I used any. (it's a helicopter btw) By the way, "Cheat Sheet" is a great Terraria mod for building, it's basically Minecraft's 'creative mode' but for Terraria.
  11. lol

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  13. got 3 final exams wish me luck

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