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  1. @yadingo yo wheres the bedwars server ????? fr tho add a 1.8 pvp server that would be pretty swag @Soulify hello????
  2. they think i shitted but i barely farted


  3. shut up scottni horse.mp4
  4. Invisibility Potion Be Like (Terraria).mp4
  5. Since this has apparently gotten a lot of attention, I will throw in my 2 pesos. First off, discord warnings on known users tend to often not be a good representation. As someone with multiple meme warns, I know this from experience. For example, being racist to a friend who doesn't genuinely find it offensive isn't an issue. I'm sure Jadow doesn't actually give a shit when I make Chinese jokes. It's the same as how if someone I know calls me a beaner I won't care but if it's some random person - then like yeah, wtf? Brady's bigotry is not a question. He is very openly an edgelord, for "comedic" purposes or not, and he does certainly INTEND to offend people. I can't really say much on the current company of Brady as I rarely join the voice chats anymore, but back in the days he was fun company, as dingo mentioned. The way he treats other members is obviously not okay, and I'd be all for muting him from text chat as he clearly hasn't been able to behave himself around other people. My opinion is going to be roughly the same as dingo's; +1 for membership removal, -1 for permaban. However, if you can prove that reddit post was him, that definitely warrants a permanent ban from the community. Going out of your way to target and harass someone should never be allowed, which is exactly what that reddit post was doing. we do a little bit of trollin