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  1. welcome back, sethbling here
  2. @DrLee @LeToucan @Pepper @Chrono idk the tags of the other boys or if they are still around
  3. you ever just get the chance to do something youve wanted to do your entire life but now cant because of a global pandemic

    1. Semper


      i can still call you bad so no

  4. how many xg bans can you get wr any%
  5. guys guys i got an ace on csgo guys guy i got an guys a g io got a guyu ace igu dac a i got i got an ace in ace in csgo guys

    1. Jadow



    2. hongkongatron


      why cant you do this in actual games

    3. Dannypicacho


      adwjj wajdkjnkd awfw

  6. welcome back mini pear do you still bhop script
  7. There is no chance at redemption after the crimes you committed. #funny-cats is a holy ground and you violated the laws, thus your exile is required for the safety of xG's people.
  8. Congrats on world leader @Jadow