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  1. +1 He is always on, and most of the mods seem like they don't come on as often. Also when people are arguing he settles disputes pretty well.
  2. +1 We play league all the time while talking with our homies in teamspeak. m:10 a:10
  3. +1 Your awesome on ts, i see you all the time and you have an amazing sound board for TS3!
  4. +1 Its always active. and knows the rules, and i play L.o.L with you all the time :D TALK
  5. I see him from time to time. Seems like a cool dude. m: 9/10 a: 8/10 +1
  6. +1 Maturity:8 Activity:9 I know him in real life and he is awesome. Most of the time im Voice chatting on steam with him while we are on surf and i fianlly convinced him to make a xG app.
  7. Activity: 9 Maturity:9 He is always on surf and is fun to play with. He is a good player and would make a great addition to xG. +1
  8. +1 m: 10 a: 9 He is fun to play with. Talks alot on mic. And is overall a cool dude :D Good luck getting in bro! :P
  9. +1 hes very active and awesome. Ive seen him on the xG servers since i came here. +1
  10. Hey, just needed a new spray. If anyone wants to make me one, im not offering anything but a trail on one of the css servers. i would take one for free too! :D Reqirments: Looks nice Incorperates my name and the [xG] tag has a backwards R in riddle wolf uses the colors black and red Thanks, RW:welcoming:
  11. Ewwwww.... Is that winodws 98 i see?
  12. I love this idea. I rembered last time karma participated in a scrim. It was so fun, and it would be even better with surf! +1+1+1+1+1+1