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  1. Mogar

    What Happened To Xg?

    Oh ok may have to install tf2 again. That's expected I played quite a bit on the CS GO jailbreak server two years ago but it was in the less populated hours because of living in New Zealand.
  2. I used to be a active member but going to uni and not really playing on any the servers I come back and the group is kind of dead. What happened? o_O
  3. Mogar

    BF3 Division?

    Cool idea i am not active on pc bf3 but like ps3 version but +1
  4. Mogar

    yo what the fuck

    +1 my kind of pickle
  5. +1 active on team speak and in game. Knows his shit. But apparently a dirty Mexican.
  6. Mogar


    So yeah just joined... Hi Everybody
  7. Mogar


    -1 Line is a great guy people just hate him because he is strict
  8. sadly toob i was in the game and no one heard you say crouch and the majority of players agreed with the slay. To make matters worse for the next 30 mins you moaned and whined in chat spamming it. Instead of just letting it go you subsequently ruined the game for over half an hour with whining who cares buddy ...
  9. use the trusty falcon punch it always works [ATTACH]4242.vB[/ATTACH]
  10. Hi i would love to join xenogamers i have been playing on the CS GO jailbreak server mainly for a while. I am usually on late because of the time zone difference here in newzealand but i enjoy playing with some xG members and would love to be a part of the community. real steam id thanks stephano id:STEAM_0:0:29044528