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  1. Bump. Yes, Joker's explanation is correct. What further steps would I have to take to get a ruling? Am I posting in the correct place? Thanks,
  2. More Details for "Ban Reason" I was perma-banned from CT because of an accidental freekill of 5-7 Ts in one round. The warden gave an order along the lines of "when I say go, leave your cells, etc" and a T, while speaking over the warden (his voice icon was simultaneously active), perfectly imitated the warden and said "GO" repeatedly. I waited for the grace period to expire and started to shoot Ts who I was certain (at the time) were not complying with orders. More Details for "Unban Reason" Obviously this was unintentional, and I felt terrible after having done it. I thought I had been following the warden's order, but was most definitely proven incorrect. I enjoy playing as a CT, and would appreciate another shot at it. I have never been CT banned before, and I play on the xG server a decent amount, so I'd like to not have to find another server to play on. Thanks for considering, cheers. Summary/closing Not much to say other than what's up in the description, but I would like to have another shot. This was my first CT ban of any kind, and I didn't know 5-7 accidental freekills meant CT perma-ban on this server. Thanks for your time.