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  1. Division: Garry's Mod In-Game Name: Feat Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:12121184 Banned: No Previously in xG: No Active on Teamspeak: No Age: 13 Further Information: I have only been on the sever for about 1 day, but I enjoy being on the server, the staff is friendly and knows when/how to enforce the rules. I would enjoy being accepted because I plan to be playing on this server a lot more, thank you for taking the time to read my short application, Feat.
  2. I'm sure most of you have heard my somewhat squeaky/squeaky voice on the server already. I'm 13, member of multiple forums(Not server forums, but gaming forums, stuff like that). I enjoy playing TTT, and sometimes CSS minigames. Thats all I really have to say, bye!