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  1. Division: Counter-Strike: Source In-Game Name: Sparky (Yifferz) Offender's Steam ID: Minecrack Rules Broken: Mean, rude, human-like behaviour Evidence: Hello dear friends, it saddens me today to have to make a forum account just to post a thread against this really big troll. I came (lol came, yiff yiff) onto xG because I thought this was a very friendly place and I really enjoyed the friendly furries of xG on the other servers, but today in your servers, Minecrack started making fun of me for constantly saying Yiff. I was not spamming, I was mearly saying it as Canadians say Eh? all the time, and he told me to stop or he'll put me back in the dog house. I found this offensive because dogs being leashed up is a cruel punishment, how would you feel if dogs just randomly started leashing us? Serves you right... Anyways I found out the upsetting nature of this being even on teamspeak. I was nearly wagging my tail from channel to channel and I messaged minecrack after he messaged me rude things on CS and this is what he responded to me. c4552531743d4e2a8373d6b7c4b940c0.png I find this to be very unwelcoming, and I can probably bring more of my fellow friends I met from brony-con this year to your wonderful servers if we didn't have these kinds of trolls. I hope you all use your paws for good and not evil and agree with me. Thank you for reading. ~Sparky, yiff yiff