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  1. subscribe to my yt channel for more
  2. Alright, legit introduction. You'll see me in-game as Sir Herpicus Derpington, as stated before. I've played on the Gaming History for a while but never got invovled in the community, but I'm interested to see what you're all about. A little bit about me; I'm a fatass living in the beautiful US of A, my interests include video games (obviously) and I've gotten into SFM recently and I like to say to myself that I'm getting good. I've already seen a bunch of you around but it'll be fun to really get to know you guys, too, yeh?
  3. hi all i'm a l33t hacker here to take down ur site lel jk i'm just a guy u'll see me as sir herpicus derpington in-game (i lack originality it's a srs disorder) and i mainly go to the tf2 gaming history server bcuz nostalgia u better not fuck with me bcuz i'll hack ur acc k? thx nice to meet u all - anonymous