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  1. I dont need help simple review the ban and do your jobs
  2. whoever banned me just got an unusual spy hat at the time
  3. if it helps I think I was banned ~october 2012 if not 2013
  4. where the hell is the proof do you not keep track of this? shouldn't there have been a report stating those involved and what happened like wtf is this do you even have sourcebans
  5. I thought this was over but how am I to be banned when all you guys do is contradict yourselves where is the proof for which made my ban valid and what exact reason was I banned I wasn't warned just because some squeaker comes in the server crying about how I threatened him after he was talking about DDoS'ing me this happened forever ago and I was told to speak to the admin who banned me but african hasnt said a damn thing since whenever all I have is you all making excuses for an unjust ban make up your minds what the hell do I need to do there was no proof on the server it all happened over steam direct chat with me and that individual. You are all so sensitive about something that didn't happen on the server
  6. Im done here I don't see why the hell I would need proof of anything if I was banned wrongfully and there was no proof presented at the time of the ban it is completely bias and this is bullshit its been far too long
  7. nothing happened on the server at all of this happened out side of game in steam chat this kid didnt like my prices and started hinting at DDoS'ing me so I said if he DDoS'd me I would hit up his computer hard thats it and then he cried about it in game and I got banned shouldnt that have been put up somewhere if there was any screenshots or does your 420noscopeblazeit clan not have that?
  8. Im angry with the situation not any of you I've been banned for sometime now because a situation was handled wrongly and how am I to remember who it is? You should take a look at your own staff instead of them getting lazy and banning people without looking into anything what so ever and I don't know what your +1 -1 stuff is
  9. yes I was on the server but the discussion happened in steam and the kid cried about the possibility he may not have a computer if he DDoS'ed me
  10. "Likely" this isn't just I was banned for something out of context
  11. no he didnt I was banned a minute or so after he cried to african without warning I did it but there was no investigation I was just banned the way I see it, it was justified the other individual was never questioned thats why I know there isnt any proof
  12. are you kidding me I dont recall who it was but he said some stuff too he hinted at DDoS'ing me and thats little baby stuff I was defending myself and stating what I would do back he was probably some little kid has LOIC going around acting like a god I cant wreck him why would I say that without a reason if I were to cry to an admin first would he have been banned there was no he said she said there was no investigation african just took the word of the other individual involved
  13. How is it right to ban someone for something that didnt even happen on the server and in no way did I ever threaten any of your servers just because whoever it was cried about it I got banned thats exactly what happened
  14. I didnt threaten the server I threatened an individual and it wasnt on the server
  15. If you dont understand why I was banned I don't understand why I am still banned or even banned in the first place this is ridiculous