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  1. Division: Garrys Mod In-Game Name: Cum Guzzling Whore,Mcgee (Cris) Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:89323646 Ban Type: Server Ban Information: One of my friend told me to go on this server to play with him, after a couple of hours on the server he had to get off. The next day I went on the server it said that i was banned for racial slurs,disrespect and RDM/Leave. I don't know were the disrespect claim came from but I know were the racial slurs was from, and maybe the RDM part. I killed my friend a couple of time because i did now know what i was doing a first but I don't know were the killing some one and leaving part came from. The racial slurs part I could say i deserve that one because i call the aliens space niggers for a joke for my friend and through the whole time I was on the server i called the aliens space niggers for a joke, the admins or who ever they were told me to stop and I did. So from the server I, had fun playing on it with my friend and I wanted to play it again but i could now because of the ban. I would like to get unbanned to play on the server again.