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  1. Thank you chrono for the answer i just didnt know if it got closed or not... thanks
  2. and darth if he wants to see me on im on right now
  3. it means 2.5 hrs per day... that is what a slash means i think
  4. In-Game Name BossStrafes Division Counter-Strike Previous Member No Identity 313927805 Age 14 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 2.5hr/day Reason for Joining I would like to be a member on the Xeno Gamers Jailbreak server because I have been very active and I'm very nice and respectful to all members that join and play on the xG server. I would love to be on the team, I will follow and respect all directions that I am given and will not hesitate in doing them. I will not disrespect any member or admin and I will comply with any response that is given to me.