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  1. It's ok ScottNi we still love you.
  2. If you cant tell big booty indian called scottni worst staff and a pussy and fern said the n-word
  3. ScopeyDope

    Steam Prices

    I agree. And I know some sites have them for less but steam is just reliable.
  4. ScopeyDope

    Steam Prices

    Are steam prices overpriced?
  5. ScopeyDope


    Does anyone even like sprays and are they worth it?
  6. What is required to make something a racial slur? I've asked people and they say the "n-word" and I feel like that isn't the only thing that is racist so i've been wondering what makes something a racial slur.
  7. In-Game Name XxScopeyDopexX Primary Division Counter-Strike Previous Member No Profile Steam (XxScopeyDopexX) Discord (ScopeyDope#1843) Age 14 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 10 hours Reason for Joining I want to join because ive played on your servers and I like them a lot and id love to help make them better and be apart of the group.