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About Me

Found 1 result

  1. WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING: IF YOU HAVE ANY INTEREST IN THIS SERIES DO NOT, LOOK AT THE COMMENTS IN THE VIDEOS I POST AND DO NOT LOOK INTO ANYTHING ABOUT THE STORY. YOU WILL BE SPOILED AND I VERY MUCH RECOMMEND AVOIDING ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE SERIES IF YOU PLAN ON COMPLETING IT. Game Name: Dangangronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Platform: PC PS4 PS Vita PSP (Japan only) IOS/Android (Japan only) Time Spent: (A rough estimate is fine if the game doesn't track it) 18 hours Do you recommend? Yes What you rate the game: (1 to 10) 8 Initial Thoughts: After spending hours during the summer doing nothing and finding something to play, i wanted a game to play that would captivate me as much as Persona did. A game with good story, great characters and fun gameplay. I first heard of the series from @Kyuubey and he wanted me to play it really badly after i was discussing games i wanted to play. It turns out multiple friends of mine had played it and really enjoyed. After some convincing from @Sesh, @Kypari, and @Kyuubey i said fuck it and started playing. It was a pleasent experience and one ride that i was glad to be a part of, with some minor bumps in the road. Gameplay and Story: The story tells of students who attend a school named "Hope's Peak Academy". In this school, you must be the best of the best in what you do, for example, a student is given the title "The Ultimate (activity here)" these include The Ultimate Lucky student, The Ultimate Pop sensation, The Ultimate Programmer, and so on. Your main protagonist is Makoto Naegi, a student who is selected at random to join Hope's Peak academy, allowing 1 random student who has no special ability to join the school thus deeming him the Ultimate Lucky Student. Soon, you are found unconcious after walking a few steps into the school and you meet your main antagonist, Monokuma, who says they must either live there forever or kill someone, and not get caught and convicted in a trial by your peers to leave the school (the rest of the students who fail the trial die). The gameplay of this game is divided between the free time, investigation, and class trial. Free time, is essentially that, free time you can use to either go to sleep to get to the next event, or you can use to spend time with your fellow students and get to know them more. After perhaps your favorite student dies you will be given time to find ALL evidence relevant to the trial whether it be how the victim died, what the perpatrator used as a weapon and so on. Do not worry about not finding any evidence, the game will not proceed to the trial until you found EVERY piece of evidence relevant to the case. Class trials are where you use your evidence to uncover who the killer is in your group. You use truth bullets (your evidence) to fire bullets at statements to counter the story when you notice a contradiction in their statements. The trials have a few mini games, including the one mentioned before, and the game brings more and more challenges to said mini games as you progress through your deadly school life. Pros: (At least 2 reasons) The game's art style is really unique. Everyone looks like they are made of cardboard and while that may sound like a negative it really enhances everything and is quite refreshing to look at. The soundtrack of this game is also phenominal, when executions happen you really feel the dread of certain people who are sent to their doom (i won't post for fear of spoilers), and even after completing the anime, the game, it's sequel and prequel/sequel i have it stuck in my head. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V61l6A3_6uA The gameplay can be either very fun or very frustrating depending on the case however it really requires you to use your head and that is refreshing. the closes comparison i can think of is Pheonix wright. Most of the characters are interesting. Some you may start out disliking, you could be missing by the end of the game or they get better as the game goes along and that is very rare, especially for characters who might seem a bit boring when you first meet them. There is a lot of story and a lot of content including a School mode included in the PC version and Vita version. Essentially this is a What If? story that's non-canon and is unlocked after completing the first game. It's pretty much a resource gathering/Dating Sim where no one dies and is just there for fun. So have fun trying to bang your waifu while creating dolls for Monokuma. Cons: (At least 2 reasons) After a case is complete, new class rooms open up such as the Dojo, Piano room, Etc etc and they are obviously there for future cases. Many of the rooms you see you will never return after completing a case. For example, in chapter 3 you can go into the rec room, and it's very important in the next case, however after that, there's no point in going in there. I wish there were some activity in each room rather than just being there just to further the next case. The washing room is never used, not once. (at least from what i can remember), it's just there to be an explanation for why kids keep their clothes clean (some don't even use it). I don't even know why you need certain gifts, nor do i really understand them. Basically you can give gifts to people you hang out with during free time to boost their relationship with them to get new skills that will be useful in trials later on. But even then, when you give a gift to someone, there is hardly any difference especially when you give them a gift they love and like and even then i believe you can still get the skills by just hanging out with them and not giving them anything. Keep in mind this criticism is for the main game, i'm sure they mean more in school mode ( i haven't played it thoroughly but i will eventually). As i mentioned before, you have to be very precise on what you use your truth bullets on because while in your head the certain counter point may make sense in your head, chances are they aren't. While you can argue back and forth about this being a con, my only complaint is that some of these bullets can sound correct but in the end are wrong so you have to keep guessing. Be very careful. Final Thoughts: You will get frustrated. Especially if you see a character you like die very early, but keep moving forward! its very much worth it in the end. By the end of the first game i was hooked and i had to play the sequel, the prequel/sequel and watch the anime. And as i said before THIS SERIES WILL FRUSTRATE YOU. Just remember to have fun with it and when you beat the game, you can play school mode and hang out with your favorite waifu or bro. Thank you for reading my review. Hope you enjoyed the game like i did. REMEMBER DO NOT LOOK UP ANYTHING ABOUT THE STORY OR CHARACTERS, YOU MAY AS WELL GO IN BLINDLY SO YOU WON'T BE SPOILED.