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Found 1 result

  1. Game Name: Persona 4: Golden Platform: Playstation Vita Playstation TV Time Spent: (A rough estimate is fine if the game doesn't track it) 80 Hours Do you recommend? Yes What you rate the game: (1 to 10) 10 Initial Thoughts: I loved persona 3 so much that i couldn't help but get excited for a game that i heard (and is) better in almost every single way. The only problem was that i didn't own a PS Vita. I just thought about getting Persona 4 on PS3. However i said screw it and ordered a playstation TV(pretty much a 45 dollar vita) and bought the game and it was worth every penny. When people say that this is the only reason to buy a vita, they have a solid argument. However i believe that is more true for a Playstation TV. For some reason on amazon, it's listed at 80 dollars but everytime i looked at the price of it, it's cut by at least 44% so you're more than likely to purchase it for almost half of what it's worth. WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you plan on buying a vita or a playstation TV, DO NOT BUY THE GAME DIGITALLY IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SPEND 45 DOLLARS ON A 16 GB SD VITA CARD. For some reason the PS Vita uses a special SD card that are disgustingly expensive, a 32 gb sd vita card is as of this review over 80 dollars, do yourself a favor and buy the game physically so you won't need to worry. The 1 gb sd card they provide at the start (dumb, i know) is enough for the patch and save data. Pros: (At least 2 reasons) First of all, the combat. As i mentioned before in my previous review, it's a turn-based RPG life simulator in which you balance high school life with fighting personas and investigating a serial murderer. The combat is the same but also improved at the same time. Perhaps the biggest improvement on the combat is the fact you are able to control your party members. DO THIS IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOU GET A NEW PARTY MEMBER. Another improvement over the previous game is every character in my opinion are interesting, (many people would argue Yukiko is the weakest in this category but again, i didn't feel it.) This also leads into the fact the game is also fairly light-hearted. When you compare the tones of persona 3 and persona 4, it's almost night and day. This isn't to say there aren't serious moments in 4 or no humorous in 3 but 4 definitely seems the most happy. I mean the mascot character is a literal mascot character. Persona also improves on what persona 3 lacked, and that is events. This in my opinion is a positive because there were days, weeks infact where nothing would happen and i would be doing the same thing over and over such as trying to get my skills up, social links and so one. While in persona 4, there's definitely a balance. There are events such as the Ski trip, the trip to port island, the trip to the beach and so on. The music in the game is phenomenal. There's not much else to say but the focus on pop music to add to the more upbeat tone of the game was a great touch. It seems persona 5 will be all about jazz. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oIWGlbl92k In my previous review i talked about how the interiors of the dungeon were the same and there was little to no variety. This was changed dramatically and each dungeon has a layout that exposes the trapped character's true feelings about certain subjects. You will understand this more when you play the game. Cons: (At least 2 reasons) There aren't really any cons that take away from the experience of this master piece however, since i have to find something i will try. The battle song can get really tiring. for over 70 hours you will hear the same song for your basic enemy encounters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YK9Y1EqjDpY Again another very minor point is that the game can be a little to easy even on normal but there are 5 difficutly options and when you beat the game, you can actually adjust some of the game options to make the game you want. Final Thoughts: This game is tied for #1 on my greatest games of all time list and it's really obvious that a lot of love was put into this game especially when the original was already a master piece. There are some major differences between golden and the original, golden includes: enhanced graphics 2 new social links new events such as halloween Able to choose what skills go into your new fused personas instead of shuffling like in the original persona 3 (and FES) and 4 New epilogue Chie's much MUCH better voice actress. a new dungeon Literally the best girl in the entire persona series, Marie. (she's not in the original) If you have the opportunity to get persona 4 golden then do that right now, there are just so many more good things about golden that it makes the old version such a downgrade you can never go back. However, if you cannot get golden, then just get 4 and experience this masterpiece, but again, I HIGHLY reconmend golden. Thank you for reading my review hope this helped you. Marie is best girl. Deal with it nerds.