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  • Division
    Team Fortress 2
  • In-Game Name
    Tanman Tanner
  • Identity
  • Position
  • Time Active on Servers
    105 Hours Roughly
  • Information

    I want to join the xG staff for the sole reason to make the server more enjoyable and more fun. That means I would make sure the rules on sprays, trolling, and other would be enforced respectively. I also feel there's a small lack of moderators and admins that pop into the TF2 server, not a big lack, just one that can be filled with one or two people. I also want to make sure that some complaints on sprays be answered, as I feel like at times there's a good amount of questionable Objectors or Sprays on the server when there are no mods around.

    I am aware I do not have the 50 post requirement fulfilled, but I'm hoping that's not too big of an issue.

  • I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for.

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Considering forums are basically only used for staff/member apps and status posts, I'm perfectly fine with ignoring the post requirement completely

Pretty easy +1 from me as you're one of the more active members on the servers and have been around for a fair while + clearly demonstrate a thorough understanding of the rules

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DiaperHyperWolf approved the submission




Your Moderator Submission has been accepted!




Please remember to be...



-Active on discord, forums and servers

-a Positive role model to the other players in our servers

-Taking initiative and making sure our servers are #1



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